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Harmy's ROTJ DE v2.5 extraction issue


I’m having a hard time extracting ROTJ. Got it from The Ultimate Introductory Guide to Harmys Trilogy site. Downloading the MKV files. All of it downloads, but when I try to extract it using The Unarchiver on my Mac it says something is wrong with part 40. It looks like it starts to explain what’s wrong in the pop up window but then the window isn’t big enough for any info so the explanation cuts off.

I’ve deleted and redownloaded part 40 three times and always get the same message. It says stop or continue with the extraction. I continued once, and it completed the extraction. I played the movie, started fine, but then I try to fastfoward and it freezes. I haven’t sat down to watch it in its entirety to see what happens yet. What can I do here? Anyone else experienced this? What’s the fix? Thanks in advance!

Update: Fixed it by deleting all the files downloaded from ROTJ, downloading all again, then it extracted correctly.

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