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Batman Forever : The Un-Official Director's Cut


Hello everyone!So i thought i’d just stray away from my burtonized version of BF for abit & bring up a director’s cut of said movie with all deleted & alternate scenes that are available that i’m currently working on.Now i’ve already finished version one which can be downloaded off my YT channel’s discussion section (just click “Newest comments” & you’ll see the link) but with that said i wasn’t too happy with the results & decided to go back make a revised version & take better care of the edit.

Link to my DVD cover :

So here’s the rundown of what’s been added & deleted (i know it’s a director’s cut but somethings had to go for the new scenes)

-The original timeline is restored
-Added EG’S music from BF,B&R,& Final Fantasy The Spirits Within expanded scores
-Added Arkham Break out deleted scene after main titles & altered it slightly
-Added Deleted scene of Nygma working on his invention before Bruce arrives
-Added Extended dialog between Ngyma & Bruce
-Added Extended shot of Bruce traveling from Wayne tech
-Added Deleted shot of the batsuit
-Deleted Batman putting on his boot
-Added Extended shot of batmobile igniting
-Added Deleted shot of crowd pointing at bank
-Added Alternate Batman entrance
-Deleted Batman grappling down to Chase & Gordon
-Added Alternate shot of Two-face laughing after wrecking ball crashes
-Added Alternate shot of Batman knocking down Two-face’s thugs
-Added Batman’s “Going down?” line after knocking down thugs
-Added Alternate shot of Batman catching the last thug
-Added Alternate shot of Batman taking down the last 2 thugs
-Added Alternate shot of Batman looking at the captive security guard
-Added Deleted shot of Two-face flipping his coin as the safe closes
-Added Alternate shot of Batman aiming his batgrapple
-Added Two-face’s “If the bat want’s to play we’ll play” deleted scene
-Deleted Two-face’s “This’ll show him” line
-Added Alternate shot of helicopter crashing through neon sign
-Added Several bits from the extended helicopter fight deleted scene
-Added Bruce’s first nightmare
-Added Deleted shot of Bruce waking up
-Added Exterior shot of Wayne manor during the morning from B&R
-Deleted Bad Day’s by Flaming lips
-Added Alternate shot of circus performers during introduction
-Added Two-face shooting down clown
-Rearranged 2 shots of Bruce during the circus raid
-Added Deleted shot of Batman driving to the police station
-Added Deleted shot of the batmobile turning during car chase
-Added Alternate shot of the batmobile driving up the wall
-Added Two-face’s alternate “Who the hell are you?” line
-Added Wayne manor shot during the day from B&R
-Added Dick’s pain [Altered slightly]
-Added Deleted shot of the batmobile driving into gotham
-Added Added Batman arriving at the salon deleted scene
-Added Deleted scene of Two-face knocking down the last security guard
-Added Alternate shot of batman crashing through skyline
-Added Deleted shot of batman turning to face two-face’s thugs
-Added Deleted shot of batman punching 1st thug
-Added Extended dialog between Nygma & Two-face
-Added Extended shot of Batman climbing u[ the balcony
-Added News theme from B89
-Added Bruce’s dilemma deleted scene [Altered slightly]
-Added Secret’s of the batcave deleted scene [Altered slightly]
-Deleted Bat-Ass shot
-Added Alternate shot of Robin in batboat during the assault on claw island
-Deleted Robin’s stunt double
-Added Deleted scene of Batman crashing into the ocean
-Added Alternate shot of Robin after his defeat of two-face
-Added Does it ever end? Deleted scene
-Added Batsignal in the sky (it’s the shot when Batman drives to the police station but has been moved here just to homage the first two film’s endings.)
-Deleted Batman & Robin running towards the camera

The edit will be available soon as i’m just making some modifications before i upload it so just check back here once in awhile to get the update!

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You either die a trilogy or live long enough to see yourself become batman & robin.


Good luck on your revised edit! 😃

Oh, and just in case you forget, be sure to include these shots from th U2 music video:
-Extended shot of the bat flying towards the camera
-Extra shot of the helicopter approaching the Statue of Liberty (I presume this may be difficult for you to implement, but try your best)
-Alternate panning shot of Arkham Asylum

Hope this helps! 😄


Great to see that this is nearing release - I really enjoyed the original version that you did, so looking forward to checking this one out as well!


Ladies & Gentlemen the edit is done!Head to my YT under the same name & make sure to hit “Newest Comments” in the discussion section in order to see the link!

Also review/feedback would be much appreciated too!

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You either die a trilogy or live long enough to see yourself become batman & robin.


Just saw it, and by far, it looks great! 😄

I enjoyed the tweaks you made to the deleted footage, and couldn’t help but notice a few differences.

You seem to have excised Two-Face’s laughter after he flips his coin in the helicopter, and I see you’ve added the panning shot of Arkham from the U2 music video (you forgot to add that to your list).

Nice job! 😃

Overall, I give version 2 a 9.5/10.

Hopefully this year, you can go back to your Tim Burton edit of the film. 😉

Oh, just to let you know for the future, there are a couple of shots from the U2 music video (which I indeed will be using for my edit), featuring an alternate shot of the bat flying towards the camera, and one including an alternate angle of Batman staring at the Statue of Liberty.

Right now, I don’t see any possibility of you using those shots now that you’ve completed work on the current version, but I thought I’d just let you know in case you do.

So that’s my review, and feel free to reply asap. 😃

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