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Any Blu Ray box set slip covers or artwork?


Hi guys I have constructed my boxed set for the despecialized trilogy and now I just need some artwork to stick to it. I cant seem to find anything that fits my box. My box is for 3 UK 14mm blu Ray cases. I was just wondering if there were any floating around that I cant find. Note that I am trying to create my own as well and then share it with the community 😃

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Captain Danielsan’s Disc printing Service thread


There are many box sets and 3-in-1 covers in here mate:-


Hopefully you’ll see something that catches the eye, though there are some some decent art/poster sites in that link too. It may also be worth having a look at Star Wars book box art or audio art for ideas and inspiration (and maybe other sci-fi content too).

Something like this, maybe:-



Good luck with it 😃

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