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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Fan Edit Ideas thread...

Now that the appearances of Tarkin and Leia have been greatly improved. Has anyone experimented with fixing Tarkin’s voice?

Far more than his appearance, I’ve always found Guy Henry’s Tarkin voice the most off-putting aspect of the character in the film. He just sounds nothing like Peter Cushing and so it’s always been very weird for me to hear this wrong voice coming out of a face whose voice I’m very familiar with.

Now that can be remedied though. You might be familiar with the recent “AI Cover” song craze that exploded a few months ago (example). Basically with new AI tools you can now convert anyone’s voice into anyone elses. This has taken off with song covers but it can just as easily be used for regular speech as well.

The tools to do this are all free and the process seems pretty straightforward. There are a few different tutorials out there on how to do it. This one for example looks promising.

I believe using these tools to isolate Henry’s performance and convert it into Cushing’s voice is something entirely doable.

Unfortunately I don’t have enough free time these days to try experimenting with this myself but it’s something I’d love to see happen someday.

So if anyone else out there thinks this sounds like a great idea and has the time, I hope you’ll consider giving it a try.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

The diplomacy lines hit wrong for me. The Jedi can defend themselves and others sure but they’re not violent by nature. Before the rise of Palpatine the Jedi were negotiators/mediators that were sent out to settle disputes between different parties through non-violent diplomacy.

This new Luke line paints the Jedi as warriors first and that just doesn’t ring true.

The end of Star Wars physical media

erichf69 said:

Even if Disney as a whole completely stops manufacturing and marketing disc based media, it does not mean we won’t see disney titles on disc. They can always license out the work to other companies, and in fact I think for all parties involved, that is probably the best way to go.

Yeah and we’ve already seen the start of it with Criterion’s release of WALL•E.

What are you reading?

of_Kaiburr_and_Whills said:

Just finished Black Amazon of Mars by the late great Leigh Brackett.

Nothing groundbreaking or thought provoking, but really fun and pulpy all the way through. The oldest piece of fiction I’ve read (save for snippets of The Odyssey and Inferno) is The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, so perhaps I need more experience to gauge this correctly, but Black Amazon feels way ahead of its time.

I’d recommend checking out A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. One of the great scifi stories that influenced all scifi that came after it. Including both George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry.

And if you’d like to check out more classic pulp action, I recommend the Doc Savage stories. Starting with The Man of Bronze by Lester Dent.

American Graffiti - Original Cut Restoration (Mechanical Assistance/Telecine Experts Needed!) (* unfinished project *) - lots of information...

Fathom Events and Universal Pictures are celebrating George Lucas’ 1973 coming-of-age tale American Graffiti on Sunday, August 27th and Wednesday, August 30th. Recently remastered and including a brand-new sound mix, the film cruises back into theaters with a trio of special screenings.

<strong>Ahsoka</strong> (live action series) - general discussion thread

She’s not a Jedi.

Clone Wars Spoilers

She left the Order and renounced her status as a Jedi at the end of Season 5 of the Clone Wars.

That hasn’t changed and it’s why she has white blades. That Mandalorian episode title is written from the perspective of Din, he went in expecting to find a Jedi but instead he found Ahsoka. Same for the audience going into that episode.

The text in the trailer can be looked at in two ways. First, it can be seen as lazy marketing. Or second, they’re descriptors of things she’s been throughout her life. For example, the war is already over so she’s no longer a Rebel either.

So no, she’s not a Jedi.

Well, at least not yet anyway. There is that final line from Huyang in the trailer and her voice is featured in TROS. So perhaps she will become one again but if she does I expect to see that represented by the color of her lightsabers as well.

Star Wars <strong>Fan Films</strong> / Shorts - a general discussion thread

TUKK TALES: The Rescue - A Clone Wars Fan Film | Teaser Trailer

In a war filled with larger-than-life heroes, a rather unremarkable group of clones led by Captain Tukk proves that everyone has the potential to write their own legends. As the troopers find themselves trapped behind enemy lines, they must fight their way out of danger, forge unexpected alliances and discover the strength of compassion in a race against time.

Incredibly impressive teaser for an upcoming Clone Wars fan film. If not for the droid voice giving it away, I’d have believed you if you’d told me this was official. Fantastic stuff, I’m excited to see the full fan film.

The Weeb topic

StarkillerAG said:

Yeah, I’m pretty much on the same page as Superweapon here. I really like 80s and 90s anime, and some 2000s anime can be pretty great too, but it’s hard for me to find an anime from the past 15 years that I can unconditionally enjoy.

There’s still good stuff being made and even getting theatrical releases in the US. If you’re interested I’d recommend looking into the films of Makoto Shinkai. Especially his last three films (Your Name, Weathering With You and Suzume). I’d also recommend others like A Silent Voice and The Bear and the Beast.

And while you do have a point about the flood of isekai and fan service. There are still outstanding series being made like Your lie in April. You just have to keep an eye out for it.

<strong>Ahsoka</strong> (live action series) - general discussion thread

Juno Eclipse said:

I_AmNoJedi on reddit made a watch/read list for people to get up to speed for the Ahsoka series! Hope this is helpful:

Oof, that is a rough list. It’s far too cut down in my opinion but it’ll get the job done for those that are absolutely rushed. And I’m honestly a little horrified that they’d recommend watching Practice Makes Perfect before the series. TOTJ should only be watched after one has seen the series proper. Also not a fan of giving one of the arcs a custom title that is very spoilerific.

A while back I created an essential Clone Wars watchlist for a friend who wanted to get his girlfriend into the show but didn’t want to get bogged down in the lighter episodes of the series. It turned out to be a huge success and I’ve continued to refine it, taking into account required viewing for later series like Mando and Bad Batch.

With so little time until AHSOKA begins airing it’s not the most expedient to get through before then. But I’d say it’s the more holistic route to appreciate the series as a whole and the connections that have sprouted from it to a lot of the current Star Wars storytelling.

So here’s my list for anyone that might be interested:

The episodes are listed in chronological order with one exception and are listed with a three digit code where the first digit is the season number and the following two are the episode number. While not essential I’ve also included the Genndy Clone Wars mini-series as a solid lead in to the era and a plug for some holes left open by the series that followed it. But it’s entirely optional.

Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars Volume 1 (listed on D+ as Clone Wars 2D Micro-series)
Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars Volume 2 up to 15:24
216 Cat and Mouse
116 Hidden Enemy
The Movie
301 Clone Cadets
105 Rookies
119 Storm Over Ryloth
120 Innocents of Ryloth
121 Liberty on Ryloth
122 Hostage Crisis
205 Landing at Point Rain
206 Weapons Factory
207 Legacy of Terror
208 Brain Invaders
212 The Mandalore Plot
213 Voyage of Temptation
214 Duchess of Mandalore
220 Death Trap
221 R2 Come Home
222 Lethal Trackdown
302 Arc Troopers
310 Heroes on Both Sides
312 Nightsisters
313 Monster
314 Witches of the Mist
315 Overlords
316 Altar of Mortis
317 Ghosts of Mortis
321 Padawan Lost
322 Wookiee Hunt
414 A Friend in Need
419 Massacre
420 Bounty
421 Brothers
422 Revenge
502 A War on Two Fronts
503 Front Runners
504 The Soft War
505 Tipping Points
506 The Gathering
501 Revival
514 Eminence
515 Shades of Reason
516 The Lawless
517 Sabotage
518 The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
519 To Catch a Jedi
520 The Wrong Jedi
601 The Unknown
602 Conspiracy
603 Fugitive
604 Orders
610 The Lost One
611 Voices
612 Destiny
613 Sacrifice
Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars Volume 2 starting from 15:25 or search Youtube for “Full Battle of Coruscant” (highly recommended)
709 Old Friends Not Forgotten
710 Phantom Apprentice
711 Shattered
712 Victory and Death
From here you can hop straight into REBELS and watch that all the way through and you’ll be 100% prepared for AHSOKA.

But if you had a good time making your way through this list and want to watch more. Here are some bonus arcs to consider:
The Malevolence Arc 102-104
The Citadel Arc 318-320
The Umbara Arc 407-410
The Zygerria Arc 411-413
The Deception Arc 415-418
The Clovis Arc 204, 605-607
The Bad Batch Arc 701-704

<strong>The Mandalorian</strong> - a general discussion thread - * <em><strong>SPOILERS</strong></em> *

BedeHistory731 said:

Exactly. Hell, TCW did a fine job trampling all over some very good Legends material. I miss Karen Traviss’ Mandalorians. One-dimensional, but still fun.

Karen Traviss was horrible to the fans and did more than her share of trampling on previously established lore. So when she had her meltdown it was one of the best instances of schadenfreude I’ve ever experienced. Still brings a smile to my face.

<strong>The Mandalorian</strong> - a general discussion thread - * <em><strong>SPOILERS</strong></em> *

Channel72 said:

NeverarGreat said:

And all this is ignoring the argument for historical preservation and simple decency in preserving the work of those who originally made the films, such as the craftspeople who did the matte paintings and model work that has been simply erased.

Just out of curiosity, do you recall off hand what matte paintings or model work was erased? I thought I was pretty familiar with the Special Edition changes, but I can’t recall off hand any actual models or matte paintings that were erased.

If you’ve never done so, I highly recommend looking through the visual comparison galleries compiled by doubleofive.

D+80 - Empire Strikes Back - 4K Theatrical Reconstruction (Released)

My advice would be to look into setting up a Plex media server. It’s free software that lets you stream your video and audio files to your devices and supports multiple audio tracks and subtitles. If your television supports native apps you might be able to stream directly to your television. If not I’d recommend something like an inexpensive Amazon firestick that you can load the plex app onto.