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Star Wars

Theatrical Cuts vs. Special Editions

A passionate topic of debate among Star Wars fans. Try to keep all discussions regarding old vs. new in this section.

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Memorabilia Discussion and Buying/Selling/Trading

Star Wars, along with tons of other films, has generated a huge collection of toys, posters, books, and other products based on its characters and story. This is a general purpose memorabilia forum, since a lot of Star Wars collectors are also collectors of other memorabilia. Use this forum to discuss such products, as well as to buy, sell, or trade your own stuff. We are not responsible for problems that result from bad deals made via this forum. Please use your own good judgment.

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Preservation Efforts, Fan Edits, and Other Fan Projects

Star Wars Preservations and Other Fan Projects

Discuss the preservation of Star Wars rarities. Share your own progress in restoring the original cuts or customizing the official DVDs.

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Star Wars Fan Edits

Discuss your Star Wars fan edits. Review your favorite "alternative" Star Wars DVDs or share your efforts to edit the prequels to your liking.

  • 815 topics
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Fan Edits of Other Films

Fan edits for films and TV shows other than Star Wars.

  • 1,118 topics
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How-To's and Technical Discussions

Get technical assistance on software and techniques related to digital video and DVD authoring.

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Fan Project Wiki

Discuss the development of the fan project database. This forum also contains the "talk pages" for discussion of individual wiki articles.

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Script Writing and Re-writing

Everything from Prequel and Original Trilogy rewrites and script adjustments to new Star Wars stories and fan films. Discuss alterations and revisions to non-Star Wars material too.

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General Chat

Off Topic (Unmoderated)

A place to chat about things other than Star Wars. This forum is unmoderated. Reports of problems in this forum are largely ignored. Proceed at your own risk.

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Forum Software and Web Site

Bug Reports

The new forum software is a beta product, so it's natural to encounter bugs and other issues. Please report any error messages or unexpected behavior in this forum.

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Feature Requests and Enhancements

Have an idea for a new feature that would make the forum software better, or maybe a request to implement a feature that you've seen elsewhere? Post it here so we can get it on the list.

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Suggestions and Ideas

Thoughts about enhancing the site outside the forum software and other ideas for content.

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