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Automated color grading and color matching with a Machine Learning Algorithm

Is this limited to color, or could you change other attributes? Like running say 5 different shots through PFclean, then letting the learning algorithm try and degrain based on the results.

Or using it to combine different sources- say you have two different sources, but one has more picture on the left and right or top and bottom (Fellowship of the Rings theatrical vs extended)

You manually combine a variety of the frames, adding as much extra picture as possible without causing uneven letterbox borders. You train the algorithm to accept the 2 source images, and a reference image with them manually combined.

Project Super Box

Rebels? Rogue One? Force Awakens? Last Jedi?

I’d also look into the Bounty Hunter game fanedit, and perhaps The Force Unleashed fanedit as well.

Project Super Box

I meant to add a 😉.

I’m all for you completing your project, just know that it’s easier to gauge interest after you release some work in progress stuff, box design, etc.

STAR WARS: EP V "REVISITED EDITION"**ADYWAN** - **Suggestions now closed**

Ronster said:

nightstalkerpoet said:

Ady, are you working in 8 or 10 bit color - and if 10 bit, will you be releasing a 10 bit version?

Although I think 10 bit is an improvement even if it’still an 8 bit source don’t you need a 10 bit source or raw scan to really make a difference?

I think changing to 10 bit depth does do something positive regardless although I don’t know the specifics… I think it just allows a better gradient?

If I recall correctly, Poita has provided Ady with raw 4k 16-bit scans.

ROGUE TWO - fanedit idea

Clearly, the title of this needs to be “Red 5”.

ESB and RotJ can then be combined into a single film.
Potential titles being “Slave 1” or “Tydirium”.

Something easily cuttable from ESB is the Han leaving subplot.
It cuts out good scenes but is pointless except to establish Han still didn’t pay his debt.

Space worm can go.

RotJ portion starts with a Jabba’s Palace title card over the external shot with the frog scene. Show the dance number, cutting out Leia, 3P0. Show Han on the wall, and Lando doing the visor lift thing.

Follow this with Luke talking to Yoda/death.

Next we see R2 and 3P0 arrive.

Then Luke builds the saber. Cut shots of droids.

Then Leia arrives.
Then Luke arrives and movie proceeds through the rescue.

Luke goes with to the Fleet.

This would require a lot of work, but if it could be done, Luke and Ben can talk on board the ship in his room or something.

Then the meeting and Luke comes in late- “I’m with you too”

Leia isn’t seen after she jumps off the bike until the Ewok village.

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