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AotC NTSC P&S + Pal Widescreen

I personally prefer the DVD master for AotC - Bluray detail harms the film more than helps (IMO), since it makes the quality difference between the Live action and the CGI more apparent. My guess is that’s part of why they opted for the teal-shift.

As for this project, I’m looking at which direction I want to go. I had never seen the PAL version and was incredibly disappointed to find that the video track is nearly 2gb smaller than the NTSC Fullscreen. The quality offset between the two is far more apparent than I had expected.

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AotC NTSC P&S + Pal Widescreen

Pal was only released in anamorphic widescreen with a vertical resolution of 430 lines. The NTSC Fullscreen version offers 480 lines of vertical resolution, as well as denser horizontal resolution since the initial 720 pixels are squished to represent 640 pixels worth of picture.

Essentially, the difference is the same 4:3 region is represented by 450x430 = 193,500 pixels in the PAL Widescreen, as opposed to 720x480 = 345,600 pixels in the NTSC Fullscreen.

Both are better than the 400x356 = 142,400 pixels that represent this same region on the NTSC widescreen release (The Full screen is nearly 2.5 times higher resolution).

Ideally we’d have a PAL Fullscreen but I don’t believe any were released (720x576=414,720 pixels).

  • The issue is of course finding a way to integrate this in without making the remaining 44% of the video look visibly worse in comparison. Integrating the HDTV stream (maybe 20 percent) into the widescreen portion should help without the broadcast pixellation issues interfering a whole bunch.

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AotC NTSC P&S + Pal Widescreen

Planning on trying to combine the NTSC Fullscreen release with the PAL widescreen release.

Will upscale the PAL to a cropped 1152x480 from 1024x430. Then split the film into shots and line up the 640x480 frame from the NTSC and merge it at approximately 95% (tests needed to guarantee improved quality without making center of the screen stick out). May potentially mix in schormanns hdtv preservation lightly to flesh out details near the edges if the quality difference is too noticeable.

Anyone who could pm me with access to the PAL dvd, I’d much appreciate it.

AotC green tint

You guys are looking in Alderaan places for a troll.

When we can’t lol freely, do we truly have freedom?

The correct response would’ve been “I’m confused, why are we loling?”, providing an adequate opportunity for response.

“Don’t shitpost” is a condemning response, providing little opportunity to proceed with the conversation civilly.

I’m all for an AotC 35mm scan, though was under the impression that the film prints were visually sabotaged to contrast with the DCP showings. With that in mind, I believe the PAL anamorphic DVD probably offers the highest quality near-theatrical source (AotC hdtv streams look good but suffer from pixellation frequently). The pal P&S probably offers the highest quality available for the visible picture.

Celebration 2017 Speculation

You’re all overcomplicating this.

  1. It’s Star Wars, people will but it, even not knowing it’s different.
  2. Casual movie fans almost always prefer a release with Theatrical and Director’s Cuts (which is far more accurate than the Special Edition moniker it has been given.) Two for the price of 1, awesome! I didn’t even know there were two versions, I gotta try it out.
  3. Mike Verta has Legacy ready. Empire requires the least theatrical replacement footage.
    Jedi Prints are still reasonable quality to scan for an easier restoration.

It comes down to Fox. I think potentially Lucas signed a secret agreement with Fox to keep theatrical Star Wars unreleased knowing Disney would never do a theatrical release of just ESB and RotJ.

I wish Disney would just flip them the bird, and release amazing restorations of ESB and RotJ in 2020.

Fox looks like dicks, screws over Lucas, buys Legacy from Mike, and releases a beautiful 40th SW anniversary set with tons of special features.

Fans are happy… except the set isn’t matching, with SW getting beautiful retro boxing and ESB/RotJ sold as a two pack in a single case.

Which means we have to wait until 2022 for Fox/Disney to release a trilogy set, and 2024 for a trilogy set with both versions (The 2020 saga set/2023 release featuring only the SE).

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The theatrical colors of the Star Wars trilogy

Maybe finding a shot/frame with as many colors as possible (I like the falcon cockpit wide shots for this) from the print-based LDs, you could average/median them and see what results you get. Might help remove the inconsistencies.

I still think one of our scripting/programming geniuses should look into writing a mode average plugin for avisynth or matlab, as the most commonly occurring pixel is more likely to be correct as opposed to the one in the middle or a combination of those available.

BD-Rebuilder: Multiprocess for SD?

Hi, I’m looking to run multiprocess on SD footage and for some reason, BD Rebuilder isn’t letting me (HD runs 4-way x264 just fine). My account has been waiting for approval on Doom9 for months, so I can’t post this in bug reports on the BD Rebuilder forum section. If someone could do this for me, that’d be great. (Log posted below)

[02/22/17] BD Rebuilder v0.50.23
[06:31:28] Source: JSCFINAL

  • Input BD size: 26.21 GB
  • Approximate total content: [02:01:08.010]
  • Target BD size: 4.36 GB
  • Windows Version: 6.2 [9200]
  • AVS Filtering is enabled
  • Quality: Ultra-High (Extremely Slow), Two Pass
  • X264 Tweak(s) enabled
  • Decoding/Frame serving: DirectShow [4-way]
  • Audio Settings: AC3=0 DTS=0 HD=1 Kbs=640
  • Resuming from previously started job.
    [06:31:29] PHASE ONE, Encoding
  • [06:31:29] Processing: VID_00000 (1 of 1)
  • [06:31:29] Reencoding video [VID_00000]
    • Source Video: MPEG-4 (AVC), 720x480
    • Rate/Length: 23.976fps, 174,258 frames
    • Bitrate: 4,084 Kbs
  • [06:31:29] Reencoding: VID_00000, Pass 1 of 2
  • [22:53:00] Reencoding: VID_00000, Pass 2 of 2
Song Of The South

Anyone feeling charitable? 20gb 1080p sounds like it’s be nice to acquire. Pm appreciated.

GOUT Technicolor regrade (single pass)

They look decent, but add me to the group that liked the previous grade better as well. These are coming through just a bit too dull, where the previous grade “popped” - Technicolor may have always been a bit green, but it was never dull or washed out looking.

Alternate Screenshot Site

My sincerest apologies 😨

I just was looking for a posting that has “vs” under it multiple times and compared the first image.

Mouse over is helpful for image distortion, but I thought this provided a nice opportunity for color comparison.


Jeebus said:

nightstalkerpoet said:

To fit with the Star Wars naming scheme, I think they should have gone with “The Last OF THE Jedi”.

Beyond that, I’m meh.

I think I’d like that more, they could even drop the first ‘the’

“Last of the Jedi”

But I suppose that’s too similar to “Return of the Jedi.”

I do dig the red logo, though.

I’m liking the Red Logo as well.

I think the placement of “the” is what’s bugging me

The - Last - Jedi is most similar to The - Phantom - Menace
Last - of - the - Jedi would be too similar to RotJ, and recalls Attack of the Clones.
Neither of these should be the films most brought to mind when reading the new title.

However, with the exception of Episode One, (and ANH, which doesn’t contain “the”), the titles tend to refer to topics without descriptors, ie:

Attack of THE CLONES
Revenge of THE SITH
THE EMPIRE Strikes Back
Return of THE JEDI

I felt something similar with the crawl in The Force Awakens.
Every other crawl was very formal, giving the impression of galactic importance and typically referring to characters by their whole names. TFA broke with that, referring personally to “Luke” and “Leia” repeatedly. This gave the story more of a shared family memory feel, as opposed to an important chapter in a history book.

… Hopefully that makes sense.

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