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Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set

darthrush said:

Blackout said:

Bidge1001 said:

I would prefer physical media. When I said purchase I mean the cost of the media, a persons time and the cost of postage.

I’m pretty sure this is still prohibited.

I’m curious if it is. I feel as if I read somewhere that it is NEVER ok to pay for the fanedit itself but it is okay to pay for postage and cost of discs/cases. Nothing seems wrong to me there. Your just reimbursing a person for the supplies and effort of getting it to you. No money for the fanedit itself. Not taking a definitive side but just curious.

My understanding is that it is the profiting from the sale of the project that is the issue; a simple reimbursement for materials seems to be within the forum/community rules, IMHO…

Other thoughts?

Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set

Bidge1001 said:

Hello everyone,

Can someone let me know how I would get a set of these? I don’t have a blu ray burner. If they are available for purchase as final discs, please let me know. Thanks so much for your time.

They are never to be sold, period. Doing so would jeopardize the entire community. If you do not have a burner, download the iso files and enjoy them on your computer.

Ranking the Batman films

TV’s Frink said:

I hated Batman. I hated Gordon. Joker was fine but everyone went crazy over him only because Ledger died. I barely remember the other characters (granted I have seen it exactly once and that was eight years ago, but still). And _ender raises good points as well.

Gary Oldman was probably my favorite Gordon so far, but I can dig it. I also thought that the film’s mytique was in a way boosted by Ledger’s untimely death, as morbid as that is.

As far as _ender’s points, they all make perfect sense. I guess for me, that characterization of the Joker kind of fit his personality found in the comics, so it wasn’t as much of a turn off.

The USB Box & Cover Thread...

That is a pretty nifty, or top, idea. Plus that Rogue 1 cover is awesome…I am going to have to download that one, great work brother.

Suicide Squad Extended Edition fan edit.

I made a 2.0 version in 720p. I was trying to get a more manageable file size, but it’s not much smaller, 17.3GB. Either way, I would be interested in your feedback. I looked at the project a bit like an attempt at polishing a turd; I liked the movie as it originally was presented, but I felt that it fell victim to the curse that is Warner Brothers. They seem to have a difficult time letting creators create.

Box Set and materials used thread

Wow, awesome work. The creativity of this community never ceases to amaze. The film reel shipping design idea is killer. Thanks so much for sharing.

Suicide Squad Extended Edition fan edit.

I grew up reading John Ostrander’s Suicide Squad, so when the movie was announced, I was pretty jazzed about it. However when it was released, even though I liked it, I thought that it could have been way better. So I purchased the Extended Edition Blu ray and decided to make my first fan edit. Basically I re-cut the first 1 hour and 30 minutes of the film. I deleted duplicate scenes and moved the beginning Deadshot and Harley scenes from their original opening position and placed them into the conversation that Waller has in the restaurant. I attempted to alter the relationship between Flag and Deadshot to make it more adversarial in nature, so I removed a lot of their buddy-buddy banter until later in the movie. Also, Katana’s entrance has been re-cut as well as the scene of the Squad drinking/talking in the bar. It is currently on the spleen if interested.



Box Set and materials used thread

oojason compiled this awesome list of resources and boxed sets. Thanks for the hard work:

"A list of box sets and 3-in-1 / Trilogy covers by users…

The list of users on here who have done box sets or 3-in-1 / Trilogy covers below is obviously incomplete - and apologies to anyone I’ve missed anyone out - though hopefully it’ll help people find some the various superb box sets etc… whether for ideas, inspiration or just to print out & use 😃

Please note - not all listed below are single box dvd covers - and some links have their own threads, others are just pictures or downloads links, and some people listed below have done a lot more covers and box sets than are linked below…

AvP (for Dark Jedi?) -

coov - &

crpl_hicks -

danielb -

detola -

EyeShotFirst - & Wars Despecialized.rar?dl=0

FrankT (various sets) -

G E Predator - Cover Slip_002_zpsi6rcqbfo.png

Harmy -

Mjvmovieman -

Morsoth -

natedeug -

njvc (by Stardork, based on phildesfr’s covers) -

one69chev -

oojason - (usb box) & (dvd)

parallel -

phildesfr -

railerswim -

RoccondilRinon -

ronwlim -

Spheretronic -!VEaY9jiKw/swdebrb-zip or

stardork -

Starwhore - &

Stealthboy -

toasterboy -

tommyauck -

vadersdad69 -

video collector -


unknown -


The Rikter Cover Collection Disc…

Box sets and 3-in-1 / Trilogy covers by the top man Rikter (and many other users at from back in the day) from his superb 2004-ish 1.42gb cover collection disc, are available here:- - anyone can view and download 😃

^ featuring the likes of Chrysophylax, Coffey, Fritzdog, FusionAddict, Laserschwert, Prillaman, Scaramanga, Stealthboy, and many by Rikter himself.

Word to those Spookies 😉


Willarob and Depheros have also uploaded the Rikter cover collection disc up on myspleen (with higher-resolution covers) - and with even more covers also added. It is also available at the superb:-

^ It’s a great site, easy navigation and lots of thumbnails and artwork - well worth checking out for all the other content on there too.

Well in, lads 😃


A few useful links…

It’s always worth checking out this section of the for covers etc, as well as…

the dvd covers thread -

the bluray cover thread -

Harmy’s DeSpecialized thread(s) -

njvc custom bluray thread -

video collector’s superb website here - (for a comprehensive list of many releases - with photos - on various formats down the years)

the Random “Star Wars” Pics & GIFs thread -

the Awesome Star Wars Art thread -

and also google images, deviantart, and the other great dvd cover sites out there for more quality covers…


If anyone sees a decent, different, interesting or unique boxset or 3-in-1 / Trilogy cover out there, please post or link to it below - thank you.

(and also let us know if you spot any mistakes on here, or if you find more quality work done by any of the posters listed above 😃)"

Where to get boxes?

I made my own and wasn’t satisfied with the result, so I ended up using boxes from Extended Editions of LOTR and The Hobbit on Blu ray. They were super cheap and for me, way easier than creating something from scratch. I posted some pics in my “Custom Box set and materials used thread” if pics will help you.

cheers and good luck

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