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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Hal 9000 said:

I’m not going back to TLJ, and am not interested in substantial alterations to suit this movie.

The feeling is mutual. Why retcon TLJ because of a faulty storyline. Fix the story first, then see if a retcon is really necessary.

One of the main issues with TROS was the non starwarsy beginning: a music video of Kylo on Mustafar leading to the jolting scenes with the Emperor. The beginning needs breathing room and coherence. This can be fixed.

The Rise of Skywalker: RESURGENCE (Released)

FreezingTNT2 said:

Same with Billie Lourd.

Billie should stay because to me she’s royalty (and provides continuity). Klaud isn’t so funny since he’s really a repackaged Porg. I was fine with the Porgs in poppasketti’s version of TLJ (the best version of TLJ imo). But Klaud is too distracting much like the monkey elf who welds things…

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

Hal 9000 said:

It’s not worlds themselves, sir, it’s their… people.

I think just saying “countless [disparate] worlds” implies organized political actions rather than what the ‘civilian army’ we see at the end.

Star Wars crawls are fun when the grammar is treacherous. I like writing formally and with an archaic flourish when at all appropriate.

Hal for my own personal edit I would like to use this crawl or a variation as long as you don’t mind me using some of your ideas:

The legend of LUKE SKYWALKER has sparked A NEW HOPE across the galaxy. Countless planetary systems now rise up in defiance of the diabolical FIRST ORDER.

REY, the last chance for the survival of the Jedi, seeks to commune with heroes of the past, while Supreme Leader KYLO REN prepares to destroy the planet CORELLIA and with it all memories of his father.

Meanwhile THE RESISTANCE dispatches secret agents to gather intelligence, desperate to end this long war…

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

The Horror said:

I suggest putting a clone of Luke in a tank on Exogol. That would imply the Luke we saw in TLJ was actually a deranged clone - maybe Luuke from the Thrawn Trilogy survived and tried to train some Jedi.

That’s hilarious and I kind of actually like the idea but would prefer it to be a clone of Palpatine. That way no gravitas is taken away from Snoke while explaining how Palpatine is still annoying the Galaxy.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

NeverarGreat said:

Anything to lessen or remove the lightspeed skipping would be a plus. It’s the most patently absurd part of the movie, and that’s saying something.

Agree. But only because Poe keeps doing it over and over. Does he want to die? One skip should be enough to lose the tie fighters who will all kill themselves if they attempt the ill advised stunt. Plus there’s that ridiculous talking tree alien in the last skip who should be cut anyway.

The Rise of Skywalker: RESURGENCE (Released)

idir_hh said:

Great follow up on his characterisation from TLJ, just wonder how you’re going to implement it.

Having Kylo Ren destroy the planet (now repurposed as Corellia) at the beginning to “let the past die” will be challenging but possible. It will require moving the First Order’s use of the superweapon to the very beginning. The result of the First Order board meeting (where Kylo forces the guy onto the ceiling) would then be to destroy Corellia. The tough part is it’s definitely going to require some dialogue changes.

I considered cutting use of the superweapon altogether since it was so unnecessary. But now making it Kylo trying to destroy his own demons gives it a real dramatic purpose and makes him even darker.

Thanks for your feedback and please keep it coming as we go.

The Rise of Skywalker: RESURGENCE (Released)


Oct 6, 2020 ver 2.3 (final) released: final runtime 2h 9m.

*Improved audio levels for Knight’s of Ren voices
*Removed Finn’s loud grunting during lightspeed skipping
*Finn yells “Rey” one less time somewhere in the movie (does it matter where?)
*On Pasaana, stormtroopers no longer sound like slapstick droids when they die, including the one with the exploding jetpack
*Removed Poe saying “we only have 8 hours left”
*Improved Ach-to night regrade
*Darkened the flashback of young Luke and Leia, reduced/obscured footage of young CG Leia’s face
*When Luke raises the X-Wing, the sky is now blue instead of gray/overcast
*Removed some of the narration as the Resistance preps for the final battle
*Removed Poe exclaiming during the battle of Exegol, “they’re toast!”
*When Rey looks to the suns, extended the shot of BB-8
*Improved reverb sfx and audio level of Yoda’s voice during lightsaber burial

August 27, 2020: ver 2.2 released to fix a video cut error on Exegol when Ren takes the elevator down to see Palpatine. Also now released in 3 different filesizes in High Quality, Good Quality, and Tiny Encode Quality. See readme file in download folder for details.

August 24, 2020: ver 2.1 released with vastly improved video render from prores, no artifacts, with 5.1 channel audio and removal of brief but noticeable slow motion from 2 scenes: the force duel between Rey and Ren and the BB8 with suns. Filesize 10.4 GB.

August 22, 2020: ver 2.0 released in stereo with voices for the Knights of Ren, runtime 2h 9m, filesize ~5GB.

PM me for link; by requesting a link you agree you own the HD version of The Rise of Skywalker, The Last Jedi, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and The Force Awakens. This edit uses audio and/or video from these films.

After viewing this fanedit, please post an honest review here:

In summary, this edit features:
-Rey’s parents were nobody
-Rey killed her parents (idea by idir_hh)
-Ben lives
-Complete restructure to move the Emperor reveal to later
-Ren is so tormented by visions of his father that he destroys Corellia, planet destruction moved to the beginning
-Finn is more serious, less sassy
-Jannah’s presence reduced
-No Klaud
-Rey-TIE Fighter showdown is more like the trailer
-Force ghosts vfx by jonh
-Palpatine clones, Imperial shuttle, Falcon ending shot vfx by poppasketti
-Many other changes, see changelist below for full details

Thanks to Axlanian for processing the vocals for the Knights of Ren and also thanks to him, his wife, Mr. Benjamino, and poppasketti for voicing the KoR.

Rey Forest Vision:
No lightspeed convo:
You remember what you did:
You wanted your parents dead:
I killed my mother:
Force Ghosts:
Falcon Landing:


All who dared to speak the name Luke Skywalker are silent, slaughtered by the merciless KNIGHTS OF REN. Yet whispers of the fallen Jedi Master still echo across the galaxy.

Sensing a sinister presence, General Leia Organa sent many spies deep into the UNKNOWN REGIONS, but none were ever heard from again.

Meanwhile, Supreme Leader Kylo Ren ordered all troops to evacuate Han Solo’s home world of CORELLIA. Its population now ignites into open defiance of the First Order. . . .

Changelist (scenes have been drastically reordered in the first act; changes are in relative order of edited chronology:

  1. New opening crawl made in blender (template by jackpumpkinhead) to make the Knights of Ren the dangerous threat they are supposed to be, remove mention of Palpatine, and set up the destruction of Corellia.
  2. The original opening slo-mo music montage on Mustufar is moved to later.
  3. Ren’s Exegol field trip and the Emperor reveal are moved to later.
  4. First scene after the opening shot of the TIE fighters is now reforging Ren’s mask but with close-up shots of the monkey elf’s face removed, which reduces his chewing and grunting.
  5. Knight of Ren speaks during the mask reforging, “And may our bond never again be shattered.”
  6. Moved Ren’s flashback of Han Solo with Luke saying, “You killed him” to be during the mask reforging scene. This gives context as to Ren’s motivation in again hiding behind the mask.
  7. Cut any visual of the Knights of Ren’s junky ship.
  8. In the next scene, when Ren and his Knights walk down the hallway, cut the stormtrooper banter, narrating “the Knights of Ren…” Trimmed the stormtrooper reaction.
  9. Changed color of the decapitated alien head slapped down on the table to differentiate it from Boolio, who is still alive.
  10. During Ren’s “board meeting” with the First Order leaders, cut Ren’s line “…from what I’ve seen on Exegol…” In this edit he has not been to Exegol yet.
  11. Kept the force choke but cut the ceiling levitation of the guy asking (rather normal) questions.
  12. Cut Ren’s reference to hunting the scavenger, instead he ends his meeting with “Prepare to crush any worlds that defy us.”
  13. Right after the board meeting, the Star Destroyer arrives at Corellia (using Kijimi arrival footage) and lowers its super cannon. Added brief planet footage from the film, Solo, to slow the scene down.
  14. After Rey meditates with stones, cut her groaning and saying “they’re not with me”, and cut her walking like an ogre.
  15. Trimmed Leia just watching Rey, so her clunky insertion now looks natural.
  16. While Rey runs the training course, Ren meditates with Vader’s helmet as Corellia is then destroyed; he no longer induces a co-vision with Rey.
  17. Superimposed Han Solo’s fall into the abyss over the destruction of Corellia.
  18. Recut Rey’s vision sequence which now includes a brief flash of Palpatine, Finn about to die, and Palpatine’s evil cackling. Used a few of the key visuals (force lightning) that OT faneditor Dom so cleverly thought of for his edit. Changed the very quick shot of the fleeing ship to green to differentiate it from Ochi’s ship.
  19. Poe, Finn, and Chewy’s scene on the Falcon is moved to just after Rey returns the lightsaber and says “Yes, Master” to Leia.
  20. Moved chess scene to the end of the film.
  21. Cut Poe turning off the game.
  22. Cut Klaud (the weird alien tree monster) from the Falcon and from existence.
  23. Trimmed much of Boolio (the alien spy) so we see and hear just a little from him.
  24. Changed Boolio’s ridiculous fake Australian accent voiced by Mark Hamill to an alien language. Changed Boolio’s dialogue through subtitles to say, “They killed my son for this. Take it!”
  25. Cut sassy-pants Finn as he’s bumped around in the Falcon’s gunner seat.
  26. Used footage which digitally removed Klaud from the background in two shots of the Falcon. Vfx by poppasketti.
  27. Cut Finn’s sassy-pants agreement about “bouldering” the TIE fighters.
  28. Cut Finn’s line to Poe in the Falcon, “Get us back to base” and cut his glance over just before he says it.
  29. During the lightspeed skipping, cut Finn’s grunting and loud reaction, and replaced his loud lines, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” And “HOW DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THAT?” He’s now calmer and maybe more in tune with the force.
  30. Since Klaud doesn’t exist anymore he doesn’t scream during the final lightspeed skip.
  31. Cut Poe’s line before the final lightspeed skip, “hold on.” Klaud was screaming over him.
  32. Moved Rey reading Luke’s notes on the jungle moon of Ajan Kloss and the Falcon arriving there to just after Poe’s last lightspeed skip.
  33. Cut Rey greeting Finn and Rey’s extended argument with Poe over lightspeed skipping. This removes Finn’s sassy-pants line “always” referring to Poe being in a bad mood as well as Finn’s eye rolls, huffing, and acting like a sassy mother hen.
  34. Cut Finn’s useless line, “It’s true” to Rey after Poe storms off.
  35. Trimmed and completely rearranged the Resistance briefing scene to remove Poe and others’ references to Palpatine. Exegol is still described by C3PO as a Sith world and this is what scares/surprises everyone. Moved the line “secrets only the Sith knew” to be spoken as Rey is picking up her handy book the Dummies Guide to Finding Wayfinders. Baby Ackbar is cut from this scene completely!
  36. Cut Rey’s line to Leia “find the Emperor.” Now Leia is just saying no to an Exegol visit.
  37. The Falcon’s flight from the jungle moon to Pasaana is now one continuous sequence.
  38. Trimmed the amount of time everyone stares at C3PO after his lines about festival kites, and cut C3PO turning around. Now the humor has proper timing instead of becoming a bad, drawn out bit.
  39. Cut Finn’s useless line, “I’ve never seen so few Wayfinders” to depict Finn as more wise than wisecracking.
  40. Cut the close-up of the laughing baby puppet on Pasaana.
  41. During the first Rey-Ren force conversation, cut references to Palpatine, and cut Ren’s line about turning Rey to the dark side. He just says he’ll find her and she’ll take his hand. Also cut Ren telling her she can’t hide from him because this dialogue is now instead used for his force conversation with Palpatine.
  42. Cut the slapstick scream and head shake of the stormtrooper shot by Lando’s arrow.
  43. Changed the voice of Lando’s chauffeur to match the creature’s look.
  44. Cut C3PO introducing Lando and Rey saying “we know who he is…”
  45. During his conversation with Rey, cut Lando’s inappropriate little chuckle.
  46. Cut Rey’s ending conversation with creepy uncle Lando (we need pilots, give Leia my love, give it to her yourself); also cut him peering out the window a second time.
  47. Cut Finn’s prolonged glancing at the rope before he throws it at the Stormtrooper speeder bike. This was overly showing us “hey look Finn’s getting an idea.”
  48. Cut the Stormtrooper’s blown up speeder landing on the ground in a fireball because this is now repurposed for a part of Rey’s memories. Re-foleyed so the stormtrooper no longer sounds like a slapstick droid.
  49. Rey does not recognize Ochi’s ship.
  50. Trimmed Rey and the gang flying through the air after their speeders are blown up so it looks less like they should have been badly injured by the fall. Also re-foleyed the final jettrooper blowing up so he no longer sounds like a slapstick droid.
  51. As Finn is sinking into the sand, cut his line about telling Rey something.
  52. Cut the mediocre sketch comedy when Leia tells the Resistance guy to be more optimistic. Now he just says “the Falcon’s not responding” and that’s it.
  53. Cut one of Rey’s obscenely feral grunts as she falls from the roof of the sand trap cave. Sounded like a voiceover by an ape.
  54. Reduced the slapstick sound effect when Poe turns on his flashlight after Rey tries to use her lightsaber as a flashlight.
  55. Cut Rey and Finn’s conversation about the secret he had to tell her.
  56. Removed the final time C3PO exclaimed “serpent!!”
  57. Rey does not heal the serpent, instead it senses her powerful dark side and leaves. To accomplish this: Cut all footage of the serpent’s wound. Made Rey vision shots using Exegol scenes, including the Sith throne. The vision ends with Sith Rey hissing. As the serpent slithers away, a short electrical shock sounds as Rey withdraws her hand from the serpent. This foreshadows the upcoming scene where that same hand shoots force lightning.
  58. In serpent scene, also added Luke’s line, “You went straight to the dark.” Cut Finn nudging Poe, and cut Rey timidly looking at the serpent after her vision, as well as her smiling as the serpent leaves. Closing music is changed to a more ominous track.
  59. Cut Rey Jedisplaining to BB-8 about healing snakes.
  60. Knights of Ren on Pasaana speak as they secretly stalk Chewbacca. One says, “Solo’s Wookie.” The other, “I get his teeth.”
  61. Incorporated better shots from the Rise of Skywalker trailer into the desert showdown scene between Rey on foot and Ren in the TIE Fighter. The main change is Rey not igniting the lightsaber so soon and seeing the TIE come into focus as she holds the hilt.
  62. Cut the first shot of Ren’s face (masked) in the TIE as he speeds toward Rey to be more like the (better) trailer.
  63. Trimmed Rey in the awkward runner’s pose waiting for Ren.
  64. Replaced the shot of Rey in an awkward superhero pose as Ren’s TIE crashes.
  65. Cut the shot of the Ren’s TIE exploding on Pasanna.
  66. Cut Palpatine’s line in the force conversation with Ren, “Kill the girl”, and cut Ren’s line saying he knows where she’s going. Ren then leaves to get the Wayfinder and goes to Exegol right after Palpatine threatens to turn the fleet against him.
  67. Changed Ren’s force conversation with Palpatine. After Palpatine says, “Don’t make me turn my fleet against you.” Ren responds, “No Palpatine. You can’t hide, not from me. Let’s finish this.”
  68. Added TIE Fighters establishing shot skimming the forest of Mustafar. Vfx by poppasketti.
  69. Cut Ren sticking an opponent with a pointy thing. Now he just uses his lightsaber on Mustafar.
  70. Cut several of Palpatine’s lines on Exegol which indicated too much that it was the first time he was speaking/meeting with Ren.
  71. Replaced the Snoke clones with Palpatine clones. VFX by poppasketti.
  72. When Ren threatens Palpatine with the lightsaber, Palpatine calmly responds “the Final Order will soon be ready.”
  73. Moved Palpatine’s line about Ren becoming the new Emperor earlier to when the fleet is revealed.
  74. Cut Palpatine and Ren’s dialogue about Rey not being what she seems.
  75. The Falcon towing scene now follows the Exegol scene but the “Chewy is still alive” reveal is moved to later.
  76. On Ochi’s ship cut Poe saying they only have 8 hours left and Rey and Finn’s dialogue about Rey recognizing the ship.
  77. Cut Zorii’s line about Poe’s brains in the snow.
  78. Knight of Ren speaks on Kijimi, “Palpatine wants the girl alive. Kill the rest.”
  79. Cut the sound flashbacks when Rey picks up the dagger in Ren’s chambers.
  80. During Rey’s force conversation with Ren while she is on the Star Destroyer, removed references to her parents being good and Palpatine killing them.
  81. During their force conversation lightsaber battle, Ren taunts Rey, telling her, “It was Palpatine. He was looking for you. You remember what you did.”
  82. Cut Poe asking Finn about his secret as they are about to be executed by Stormtroopers.
  83. Cut Hux’s line, “I’m the spy.”
  84. In the confrontation between Rey and Ren on the Star Destroyer, added new dialogue indicating that Rey wanted her parents dead and she sent their ship down (flashback of fiery debris with force lightning sound).
  85. Rey doesn’t tell Finn that Palpatine had her parents killed. She says “I killed my mother. And my father” and that she’s going to destroy Palpatine.
  86. Trimmed Jannah’s slumber party backstory with Finn while keeping Finn’s good monologue about the Force.
  87. Slightly trimmed the end of the Rey-Ren fight inside the Death Star so Ren brings up his saber faster, there’s less twirling around and it cuts before she jumps down after him.
  88. Cut Maz narrating Leia going to take a nap.
  89. Trimmed Jannah doing a fashion pose behind Finn on the Death Star wreckage.
  90. Trimmed Finn being thrown back by Rey.
  91. Cut Finn telling Jannah he can’t leave without Rey and screaming her name a second time.
  92. After Rey does her backflip fighting Ren on the high seas, cut her searching for an approaching Ren with the furrowed brow of an actor staring only at a green screen.
  93. Cut Maz’s goodbye princess voiceover as the Resistance first mourn Leia’s death.
  94. Cut some of Palpatine’s lines to Pryde specifically about making a planet burn. That planet destruction scene was used near the beginning of this edit, as ordered by Ren.
  95. Cut the Resistance discussing the destruction of Kijimi and planet killer weapons.
  96. Cut Lando’s pep talk to Finn.
  97. Luke doesn’t ask Rey, “what are you doing” like a prick.
  98. Added extra night establishing shot after Rey’s return to Ach-to to show more time passing.
  99. Regraded the scenes on Ach-to so they begin at dusk and continue into the night. Luke and Leia’s flashback scene is also darkened with fog added and slightly trimmed to reduce the bad CG Leia.
  100. In Rey’s conversation with Luke, cut Luke’s mention of Rey being a Palpatine.
  101. Cut Rey’s line, “two were made” when she retrieves the Wayfinder from Ren’s ship.
  102. Before Rey is finished on Ach-to, cut to the scene of Finn with the little cone face droid to show more time passing on Ach-to and to also show Rey sensing Finn.
  103. Added a sunrise establishing shot of Ach-to with Rey sleeping. Rey now is on Ach-to in the morning as Luke raises the X-Wing out of the water. Regraded the sky so it is blue instead of overcast as Luke raises the X-Wing.
  104. Cut the hobbit guy giving Chewy a mini pep talk as the Resistance preps for the Exegol invasion. Now Chewy, in mourning over Leia, just gets up slowly on his own.
  105. During the final Resistance briefing for invading Exegol, cut the sleepy guy’s question about “ground team”, and Finn no longer goes all sassy-pants about the amazingness of the ground team (which is actually not so amazing).
  106. Replaced the sleepy guy shot with a confused looking alien who was at least awake for the briefing.
  107. Cut the hobbit guy talking about Holdo maneuvers.
  108. Cut Klaud from the final briefing. There is still brief shot where you see just his body adornment fins behind Poe.
  109. Cut some of Poe’s and Finn’s joint narration during the montage of the Resistance preparing for the final battle. Bad lines like, “What our mothers and fathers fought for…” The final briefing also ends with Poe speaking, cutting Finn’s lackluster line about taking the war to them.
  110. On the way to Exegol, cut Finn all cozy in the cockpit with Jannah asking her if she’s ready. Get a room.
  111. Cut Finn telling Jannah he has a feeling. So do we, this scene sucks.
  112. No immediate close ups of Finn and Jannah riding the Endor-horses on the Star Destroyer, just a long shot of the cavalry.
  113. Cut Finn telling BB-8 he’s doing a great job during the final battle. The droid was rolling. He’s a ball.
  114. At their first meeting, cut Palpatine calling Rey his granddaughter and all the nonsense about her royal blood.
  115. Cut Palpatine’s weird lines, “You want to kill me. That is what I want.”
  116. Trimmed some of Finn and Jannah acting like wannabe commandos as BB-8 is opening the Star Destroyer hatches.
  117. Cut the contrived lines between Finn and Jannah about Finn having to go do something just so she can dramatically say “I’m staying with you.”
  118. Replaced Ben’s TIE fighter with an old Imperial Shuttle. VFX by poppasketti.
  119. As Ben encounters the Knights of Ren on Exegol they taunt him saying, “Well look who finally made it” and “You’ll join your father soon.” As the Knights of Ren pause during the fight one says, “It’s Over Ben.” When Ren gets a lightsaber a Knight responds, “That’s not fair.” Also added a KoR Wilhelm scream.
  120. Cut Poe’s goofy, panicked face when a random fighter crashes.
  121. Cut Palpatine’s line, “All the Jedi are dead!” Its delivery was pretty lame and out of place with the line before it.
  122. Added various com chatter from the fleet (idea by Hal 9000, audio processing by axlanian). Cut Finn’s lines, “Lando you did it. YOU DIIIIID IT!!!”
  123. Palpatine doesn’t explain the literary theme behind throwing Ben down a chasm. He just throws him.
  124. Added force ghosts of Yoda, Ben, Luke, and Anakin to the Rey vs Palpatine boss battle. VFX by jonh. Replaced music with Burning Homestead from ANH, idea from jonh. Processed Burning Homestead music for better stereo image.
  125. When throwing some force lightning at Rey, Palpatine no longer makes the same exact dramatic pause he did before he zapped the fleet.
  126. Trimmed Rey making a weird face as she holds off the force lightning.
  127. Palpatine just says Rey is nothing. Cut the line about a scavenger being no match for yada yada yada.
  128. Rey doesn’t say “I am all the Jedi.” Stupid line and no longer needed with the force ghosts behind her.
  129. No close up of Jannah after she plugs in the cannon. Poe doesn’t say “they’re toast!”
  130. Trimmed Finn and Jannah running on top of Falcon mid-flight so they don’t ridiculously pause to sightsee the destruction around them.
  131. Rearranged Falcon rescue of Finn and Jannah so it seems they had a little more time to climb inside.
  132. Ben lives.
  133. Cut Finn and Poe spotting Rey’s X-Wing.
  134. Cut Finn’s line about everyone in the galaxy rising. Finn can’t suddenly become the omniscient narrator of Star Wars because scenes were cut.
  135. Poe doesn’t get shot down by his former love interest, instead the possibility of romance is left open.
  136. Cut the hobbit guy’s big fake happy face to Finn.
  137. Cut the hobbit guy hugging Klaud. Creepiest. Hug. Ever.
  138. Cut creepy uncle Lando flirting with his possible daughter, Jannah. Creepiest. Uncle/Dad. Ever.
  139. Moved the Falcon chess scene to the end. Idea by snooker. Added simple VFX and audio to make it clear the Falcon had landed.
  140. On Tatooine added Rey whispering “be with me” (idea from axlanian). Added Yoda answering that the force is used for knowledge and defense as Rey is about to bury the lightsabers.
  141. Cut Rey with a new ignited lightsaber. Now Rey is putting an end to use of weapons offensively.
  142. Cut the weird 1960’s hippie Luke and Leia force ghosts that look like they walked off a mural on an old Volkswagen bus. Now Rey glances over to the twin suns before saying “Rey Skywalker.” Changed some of the music to Rey’s theme intertwined with Luke’s theme from the end credits of TFA (music suggested by Knight of Kalee).
  143. Replaced the Rey-BB8 sunset with the Falcon flying across the sunset. VFX and audio engineering by poppasketti.
  144. After end credits fade to black (suggested by hal 9000)
The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

poppasketti said:

Ok, here’s a pass of a less subtle hood appearance as the two shadows merge.
pw: fanedit

I used a shot from ROTJ to get the motion, but I wonder if this is a little too explicit. To me, it’s obviously Palpatine, and I wonder if I should dial it back.

It looks good. Not obviously Palpatine. Could be anyone in a robe. Just needs a little tweaking to smooth the transition at the end a bit.

The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)

poppasketti said:

RogueLeader, I actually had the same thought about the radio! It doesn’t quite make sense. I think I started down that path thinking it would be Palp’s broadcast, but liked DZ-330’s calling out to Kylo. It’s too early for the broadcast, and I really like the ideas being discussed by Hal and others about its placement in TROS…

As well done as this scene is we can’t get past that the Emperor, master of the dark side, is basically phoning home Elliot on a speak n spell. TROS crawl referencing a broadcast was also laughable. That’s why it belongs on fortnite because the broadcast idea kind of sucks. Just blowing up a planet is the best kind of broadcast.

Hannibal Rising: Epic Cut (SPOILERS) (Released)



Hannibal Rising (Epic Cut) v3 is a fanedit based on the unrated, extended version of the film. The main goals of this edit are:

• rescue these characters (and us) from drowning in a sea of constant expository dialogue
• remove unnecessary flashbacks
• remove portions of flashbacks and dialogue that give away too much too early
• trim overacting, especially of Hannibal and Dortlich
• tighten up action and make the story more believable
• make Hannibal’s father less of a dolt
• make Hannibal’s mother less annoying

Original unrated length: 2h 10m. Edited length: 2h 1m.

PM me for file link. By requesting the file link you acknowledge and agree that you own the Bluray Disc version or online HD version of Hannibal Rising Unrated and will not share the link with any third party.
Detailed description of edits in chronological order, changes for version 3 noted with V3:

  1. V2: Reinstated original opening title but added “Epic Cut”.
  2. V2: Cut young Hannibal’s lispy VO line “let’s go” as the bombs start dropping. He sounded like Stewie Griffin.
  3. V3: Cut even more of the father directing the loading of a small bathtub.
  4. Cut the father’s on the nose line during the evacuation of the Lecter castle, “the cart is packed, everything is ready.” Cut the mother’s obvious drawn-out decision to leave the letters in the bedroom drawer. Now she quickly leaves, and the father appears more in charge of things. V2: better audio transitions.
  5. V3: Cut the father walking away after he tells his wife to hurry. It implied impatience or even cowardice.
  6. Cut the father’s odd statement to his children during the wagon ride, giving them what amounts to an adult military briefing. It’s obvious the bombs exploding nearby warrant immediate evacuation. V2: reinstated dialogue about being safe at the lodge.
  7. V2: Cut the mother’s line “mamma’s pearls.” Wanted to do an audio only cut but there was not always a clean center channel.
  8. Cut the mother’s “pearls before swine” line. She’s acting bizarre and literally explaining the symbolism in front of our eyes.
  9. Cut Grutas’ sniffing the peasant and his line “are you a gypsy” so we see less of henchman Dortlich’s distracting toothy grin to show us how bad he is.
  10. V2: Cut Dortlich’s toothy face cackling after the “show us your dick” line.
  11. V2: Reinstated the forest scene with young Hannibal and his father but trimmed it so that the father is no longer giving inept orders to find some food.
  12. Cut father’s lines “what’s that?” and in V2: ”Russians!” when the tanks storm the lodge. He sounded way too incompetent.
  13. V3: Rearranged scene progression so the father runs to save his children sooner rather than hesitating like an oaf and then stupidly running directly into an area already under heavy gunfire.
  14. V2: Cut one of the three reaction shots to the plane about to crash.
  15. V3: Cut the father’s extended dying and crawling.
  16. V2: Cut VO from mother and young Hannibal as she stumbled, dying after the crash.
  17. V2: Cut young Hannibal looking up to the sky in anguish after his mother dies.
  18. Cut Dortlich’s line “isn’t that the SS major?”
  19. Cut Grutas’ filler line during the execution of the SS Major: “and now I am in business for myself.” V2: this cut was now accomplished with just audio, allowing for more video footage and suspense.
  20. Cut some of Dortlich’s extended harassment of young Hannibal and Mischa when Grutas’ gang takes over the lodge. Yes we know they’re bad. V3: Trimmed more and fixed audio transition.
  21. Cut Grutas’ over the top eating of the bird added in the unrated cut.
  22. Cut the gang hungrily leering at the children, suggesting too early they were in true danger of being eaten. Now Act 1 ends with the more subtle burning of Mischa’s photograph to keep warm. V2: better audio transition.
  23. V3: Cut bully’s line about Hannibal being just another orphan.
  24. Cut the orphanage headmaster’s lines about Hannibal not respecting the human pecking order and hurting the bullies. It’s absurd expository dialogue that no one would actually say.
  25. Cut the “who’s there” line by the house guard to Hannibal as he arrives unannounced at Lady Murasaki’s estate in France. Trimmed amount of time Lady Murasaki stares out the window.
  26. Significantly trimmed Hannibal’s bedtime nightmare sequence at the estate to reduce overuse of flashbacks. Kept enough flashback so his bloody lip makes sense. He now has someone who cares to wake him up quickly.
  27. Cut the flashback when Hannibal slices his thumb while trimming the plant. We need less early hints of Mischa’s exact fate.
  28. Cut the sexually playful sword fighting lessons. Hannibal becoming Lady Murasaki’s martial arts student seems comically out of place. It’s already clear from the orphanage that Hannibal knows how to use sharp things to hurt people.
  29. Cut the expository definition of Vichy given by the police officer interviewing Hannibal and Lady Murasaki after fighting the butcher. For those of us who don’t know Vichy were Nazi collaborators, this can be inferred later through context clues.
  30. Cut police officer’s lines about Hannibal becoming a doctor and being careful with his hands. This just comes across as a clumsy set up so we have an unneeded early hint Hannibal will go to medical school.
  31. Moved Lady Murasaki’s line “Hannibal needs peace” to offscreen voiceover as Hannibal is about to unsheathe a Samurai sword.
  32. Cut Hannibal’s line “Paul Momund, the butcher” as he confronts the butcher. This is to avoid over-introducing the very memorable butcher character from a prior scene as if we forgot who he was. V2: Made cuts using audio this time, also removing the line “Paul Momund” and keeping more video footage so the edits are less abrupt. V3: Turns out the center channel was not clean. Patchworked the audio to remove the dialogue that faintly came through.
  33. Cut Hannibal’s line during the execution of the butcher “do you see how your mouth stains the air?” Also cut Hannibal holding up the bad drawing that then receives improbable blood spray. The result is a tighter, more believable scene. V2: Made cuts using audio this time, keeping more video footage so the edits are less abrupt.
  34. Cut the inspector’s VO line to the driver “wait for me” as he arrives at the coroner. No need to establish it’s the inspector. We can see that it’s him when he walks inside. V2: Made cuts using audio this time, keeping all the video footage for breathing room.
  35. V2: In the coroner’s office, cut some of the police chief’s ass kissing lines to the inspector. The writer/director of the film surrounded the inspector with clods to make him seem more capable.
  36. Cut the cook’s shoehorned culinary lesson to Hannibal about fish cheeks. Unnecessary expository.
  37. Cut inspector’s line “It’s monstrous” when reading Hannibal’s polygraph tape. It’s a bit early for him to come to that conclusion.
  38. Cut before Lady Murasaki removes her motorcycle helmet in a painfully obvious reveal. We can pretty much guess with certainty it was her dropping off the butcher’s head to help cover up Hannibal’s involvement in the murder.
  39. V2: Cut the line of the accountant advising Lady Murasaki she will have to let the staff go.
  40. Cut the flashback of Hannibal gone wild when Hannibal and Lady Murasaki view the artwork of the sacrifice of Isaac. V2: fixed the V1 gong sound from the flashback suddenly coming in.
  41. Cut part of Lady Murasaki’s line about memories being a knife that can hurt you. We know knives hurt.
  42. Cut portions of Hannibal’s sodium pentathal flashback clearly showing Mischa was murdered. The main purpose of this flashback is for Hannibal to learn the dog tags identifying his targets are at the lodge.
  43. Moved the young Hannibal rescued in the snow portion of the flashback to a later scene (the deposition).
  44. Cut Dortlich’s line “the lodge” to avoid obviously narrating Hannibal’s arrival at the lodge.
  45. Cut Dortlich using binoculars, watching Hannibal in the ruined lodge holding his mother’s jewelry high up for all to see. It’s not believable for him to see this through binoculars given the conditions. Dortlich’s primary motivation here is to scare Hannibal off, not rob him. V2: Dortlich no longer uses binoculars this time as it really adds nothing.
  46. Cut Hannibal’s overacted primal scowl after he subdues Dortlich at the ruined lodge.
  47. Cut Hannibal’s line “Mischa” when burying the child’s skull and teddy bear. We know who he’s burying.
  48. V2: Cut discussion of the bubbling bathtub and Mischa’s death during Dortlich’s rope interrogation.
  49. V3: Cleaned up an edit which was too quick-- when Hannibal says he remembers one of the henchmen singing.
  50. Cut the flash to Grutas’ face during Dortlich’s rope interrogation. We know who he is.
  51. V2: Cut the sound of Dortlich’s head dropping to the ground. The rope alone would not have fully decapitated him.
  52. V2: At the Dortlich murder scene, fixed continuity error of investigating officer removing his glove which was already removed in the previous shot.
  53. Cut the investigating officer’s lines advising that Hannibal picked mushrooms and made a brochette with Dortlich’s missing cheeks. Now we just see the officer digging up burnt mushrooms knowing he might be smart enough to put two and two together.
  54. Cut Lady Murasaki’s line “you smell of smoke and blood” when Hannibal returns to France. She’s not a bloodhound or a walking bad fortune cookie.
  55. Cut flashback to Mischa’s bracelet when we see it on the henchman’s little girl at the restaurant. Hannibal says soon enough where he recognizes it from.
  56. V2: Cut Grutas’ line to Kolnas “bring me a covered dish next time.” Please tell me that dumb line was not in the book.
  57. Cut some of the short henchman’s not so subtle spy camera photos of Lady Murasaki walking in public. We know you’re little buddy but people can still see you.
  58. V2: During the formaldehyde tank execution scene, trimmed the little henchman’s line about Grutas killing Mischa quickly.
  59. Moved full flashback scene of young Hannibal rescued in the snow to the end of Hannibal’s deposition. Now Hannibal feels fully set free by his testimony.
  60. Cut the inspector’s egregious commentary to his bored looking colleague after Hannibal’s deposition. The inspector provided exposition about how Hannibal is an insane monster whose heart died with Mischa and one day doctors will study him.
  61. Trimmed Hannibal’s splashing a flammable liquid from a bottle into Grutas’ bathtub.
  62. Cut Grutas’ extra gross line about Lady Murasaki’s asshole and his line “take her away.” Both sounded like a bad comic book villain.
  63. Cut Grutas’ line to his henchman during the move of the captive women-- something along the lines of don’t bite the women bite their buyer’s gold… Good advice (the not biting part) but bad dialogue.
  64. Cut an added unrated version scene where Grutas licks the captive Lady Murasaki’s face. He licks it in a later scene. This scene was just practice footage really and should not have ever been included in the unrated release.
  65. Cut Grutas’ bad filler VO to the captive Lady Murasaki about Hannibal eating cheeks. Silence works better here. V2: Made cuts using audio this time, keeping the entire video sequence.
  66. Cut Grutas’ part of a line referring to Hannibal’s balls as a “velvet bag.”
  67. Reduced Hannibal’s reaction time with the broken sword so he’s not casually watching Lady Murasaki about to be raped.
  68. V3: Replaced the last Mischa flashback with a cuter scene of Mischa playing with Hannibal rather than one where she was making a weird face.
  69. Cut Hannibal’s anguished, over-the-top scream to the heavens and some of him hissing before he slices up Grutas’ chest. Now his reaction to learning he was fed his sister in a broth is more immediate and instinctive.
  70. V3: Cut Grutas’ odd groan and made Hannibal’s attack even more immediate.
  71. Cut Hannibal explaining the obvious: that the letter M carved into Grutas’ chest is “M for Mischa.”
  72. Reduced Lady Murasaki’s reaction time to stab the captain and the captain slumping, and cut waiting for him to bleed out.
  73. V2: Cut Lady Murasaki’s final line as Hannibal flees into the woods: “Hannibal.”