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Son of Krypton (Released) A Man of Steel and Batman v Superman Fanedit

Updated Son of Krypton to version 1.1.

Various audio/video transition updates to make the edits more seamless.
Fixed minor audio sync issues.
Fixed an issue with the General’s sudden appearance as Superman was in the holding room.
Fixed an error where too much footage (non-IMAX) from BvS had been cropped.
Fixed the Colonel’s sudden appearance at a different part of the bomber.
Fixed studio’s color grading difference while Lois looked at the engagement ring.
Used tilt and scan for establishing shot of Superman’s memorial.
Used better cropping for Superman’s Memorial showing more of the crowd.

Son of Krypton (Released) A Man of Steel and Batman v Superman Fanedit

thanks! yep that’s what I was busy doing. Did you watch it?
Some of the best parts were based on another fanedit called Man of Tomorrow:

  1. the transition from MOS to BVS, great editing and music choices by JobWillins
  2. the tornado flashback, again amazing implementation by JobWillins
  3. the ending, no one could ever surpass what JobWillins did to end this
Zack Snyder's Justice League: Redux Ideas thread

BrotherOfSasquatch said:

Damn, Dexter… That’s a great idea!

The only thing I would add is maybe find a way to combine MOS and BVS for that first movie. I know there’s been fan edits out there that have done that.

Then we can have a concise trilogy for Snyder’s movies. 😃

Zack Snyder's Justice League: Redux Ideas thread

Jamesleaf said:

Does anyone have a guide on how I could crop this to 1.85:1? (Would fill more space than 16:9). I haven’t sourced a copy yet, but I may have to wait the blu ray release and rip a copy. I could go through the cropped movie and make note of all the scenes which which need re-adjusting. The whole movie seems like a long chore to do such a thing.
I’m a newbie to video editing, so this would be a slog.

Note that for most people’s tv’s, a 1.85 would not “fill more space” than 16:9 (which is 1.78). A 1.78 crop would perfectly fit a standard widescreen tv with no black bars at the top or bottom. A 1.85 would have slight cropping at the top and bottom of a standard 16:9 widescreen tv. The three main formatting options for a ZSJL edit would be to keep it as-is in IMAX format (1.33), crop to 2.39 to match Batman v Superman, or crop to 1.78 to fit a standard widescreen tv. I personally would opt for the 1.78 because this leaves as much of the original picture intact as possible on a standard tv, while not having black bars on the top or sides. It would also not be jarringly different from BVS should someone wish to watch BVS and ZSJL back to back.

Zack Snyder's Justice League: Redux Ideas thread

If I were to edit this movie, here’s what I would do:

Letterbox to 1.77 (the size of widescreen televisions)
Tilt and scan as necessary
Remove the chapters
Tighten up pacing throughout
Slightly lower Batman’s voice in a few scenes
Slim down Batman in some closeups where he was a tad chunky
Cut intro part with Lex standing in water
Cut close-ups during intro underwater sequence
Opening scene (after Superman’s epic scream) is the battle in Themyscira for the first mother box, continuous, epic and without interruption
Move Lois mourning to just after the battle of Themyscira
Move some later brief shots of Lois mourning to earlier
Cut the pub guy saying Aquaman is make-believe
Cut Aquaman hoisting Bruce up against the pub wall and grunting
Cut Aquaman’s “diggin’ into my business” remark to Bruce; he just says he wants to be left alone
Cut the self-loathing Aquaman music montage with him drinking whiskey and the underwater scene that follows
Cut the scene where Bruce is a mechanic flirting with Diana
Cut the Lord of the Rings-esque barbarian war flashback (keeping Diana’s brief expository explanation afterward)
Cut the Barry visits his father in prison subplot
Cut the merman saying his people have guarded the mother box for thousands of years
Reduce the extensive Cyborg backstory, but so we still have some context of his mother
Cut the exchange between Diana and Alfred ending in the remark about a black lasso
Reduce or cut Diana trying to recruit Cyborg
Aquaman does not show up to defend the underwater motherbox
Aquaman does not accuse Cyborg of being a spy
Remove or trim Martha’s visit to Lois, and remove Martian Manhunter afterward
The league doesn’t debate about using the motherbox to resurrect Superman, no weird expository about the motherboxes being afraid of Superman
No vision of the future disaster to Cyborg
Wonder Woman doesn’t say “Kal-El no!” before he fights them
Batman doesn’t tell the soldier to get up and go take cover (these words magically healed the soldier?!)
Cut the Flash/Aquaman comedy routine after the fight with Superman
Cut Cyborg’s lines about his father not trying to destroy the motherbox and Batman’s line about marking the motherbox (the heat signature just resulted from the failure to destroy it).
In the Batcave, Wonder Woman doesn’t warn victor he could die
Change the music for Superman’s flight
Make music louder when Batman attacks Steppenwolf’s base
Tone down the final battle, slo-mo, Aquaman riding on the Batmobile
Change music during the final battle to something else, anything would be better
Trim Wonder Woman smiling before she fights Steppenwolf
End with Clark Kent opening his shirt to save the day with the black suit underneath
Move Lex scene with Deathstroke to after credits bonus

Info: Guide for Working with 4K HDR Blu-ray Rips in SDR

thanks for the detailed answer. If at first you don’t succeed, reread the instructions! step 8 was not done properly. but I will check out how the HDR export looks a little closer. Because I didn’t do extensive grading after the Dolby Vision. Mostly just lessened the greens.

Edit: on closer review the HDR export is not good. So I went ahead and followed those instructions correctly.

Info: Guide for Working with 4K HDR Blu-ray Rips in SDR

44rh1n, I’ve successfully finished a 4K edit in Resolve using Dolby Vision and adding additional color correction. When I export the project, for example to an HEVC mp4, the final result looks beautiful. Note: the project settings are just as you specify (also the output is of course REC 709).

Here’s my question: when playing on a TV the HDR notification icon comes up signaling that this is HDR content. This this is just a flagging issue and this is fully an SDR export, correct?

Info: Guide for Working with 4K HDR Blu-ray Rips in SDR

44rh1n, also of note regarding importing HEVC rips into resolve:
when I imported a “23.976” FPS 4k mp4 rewrapped from an mkv rip, resolve had severe sporadic framerate problems with the import itself, even with the “correct” master settings for timeline and playback (23.976). original 4K UHD disc framerate was actually variable unfortunately. some frames in the resolve import were duplicated resulting in occasional stuttered, laggy video (in timeline and in the final export), which I didn’t realize until far into the editing project when I stumbled across a duplicated frame. as a test, reimported a new project in resolve at 24 FPS in master settings (timeline and playback) with the same bad result. so then I imported the same mp4 into premiere and every frame was perfect (albeit no real HDR support). ultimately I had to use hybrid to create a prores which resolve imported perfectly with no frame issues. resolve is a great program but very buggy when it comes to certain things premiere handles with ease. using hybrid before the import to resolve is a reliable way to avoid possible issues.

EDIT: note in my original editing project I used cineform mov files exported from resolve. I don’t edit directly in HEVC or H264.

The Rise of Skywalker: RESURGENCE (Released)

Thanks CourtlyHades296. The standards there are very high and my standards for this edit at the time were let’s say “medium”. So in its current state it’s not quite ready. I’m not super interested in revisiting my old edits. But I’ve learned quite a lot now and my standards going forward are near perfection from an audio standpoint. Meaning especially paying attention to the music score during cuts so that they are always on tempo and artisticly pleasing. Before I would cut anywhere and just crossfade it so it wasn’t too noticeable on a casual viewing. Now I’m working on a Man of Steel edit in 4K called Son of Krypton which will go through the vetting process.

The Rise of Skywalker: RESURGENCE (Released)

londo mollari said:

Wow, list of changes looks awesome, especially death of Rey’s parents. Would I be able to get a copy?

I’m sorry I saw this one before and like an idiot I forget about it and asked again… It was one of the best ROTS fanedits. Every time I saw ROTS fanedit with changes similar to this I’m just curious and that was the reason for my repetition. You can delete this post. And thank You again for Your wonderful work.

Yeah of course. Thanks for watching.

Info: Guide for Working with 4K HDR Blu-ray Rips in SDR

44rh1n said:

7). Click Analyze All. (And leave Enable Tone Mapping Preview selected). Once it’s done, you’ll notice that the image no longer looks flat and ugly because you’re now seeing the SDR version created by the Dolby Vision analysis.

One extra step should be performed: if the video image itself includes the cropping black bars then these will need to be excluded from the output, otherwise the black in every scene will skew the analysis. This can be done by selecting Timeline > output blanking. Or otherwise manually cropping the top and bottom.

Son of Krypton (Released) A Man of Steel and Batman v Superman Fanedit


The fanedit, Man of Tomorrow (MOT) by JobWillins is a prime example showing the impact that extensive artistic restructuring and rescoring can have on film. This edit, Son of Krypton (SOK), would not have been possible without the prior contributions of other fan editors, especially JobWillins.

I was just going to release a MOS FanFix. But after watching MOT a few times, I grew stronger of the opinion that the true fix was combining it with BVS.

In my opinion, the character of Lex Luthor in BVS was poorly written, too comical with a musical score to match his overly quirky personality. In this edit, BVS and Lex are more serious and refined to the central elements.

For me the heart of MOS lies in two major storylines which are restored in SOK:
Superman saves his mother from Zod.
He also helps the military even though they try to kill him, gaining their respect.
This required reinstating the Battle of Smallville, though it is toned down significantly.
Change List:

Major changes to MOS:

  1. Color correction to reduce the very slight unnatural green tone throughout and make Superman’s suit more vibrant in outdoor daylight.
  2. Reduced Krypton scenes to under 5 minutes, Zod doesn’t directly murder Jor-El. Scenes rearranged and rescored for a very different experience.
  3. Changes to musical score including updated music for Superman’s first flight, keeping modern-ness of Zimmer with more themes of Williams.
  4. Clark joins the Daily Planet earlier.
  5. While Superman is in custody at the military base, Zod arrives in Kansas, lands the World Engine (but does not start terraforming). Scenes rearranged and rescored for a very different experience.
  6. Superman is released from custody and flies home to find Zod threatening his mother. He does not visit Zod in space.
  7. Toned down the destruction and boss battles at Smallville and Metropolis.
  8. Lois is not involved whatsoever in fighting the Kryptonians, she’s not on the military bomber with the phantom drive.
  9. Zod gives shorter speeches.

Major changes to BVS:

  1. Color regrade to match the natural color of MOS 4K, eliminating the gritty green tones throughout. The 4K release of MOS has a more natural grading than the Blu-Ray.
  2. Most of the storyline is cut (Africa, Hearings, Clark living with Lois, etc.)
  3. Updated musical score in some scenes. The new arrangement and score, particularly in the scene with Lex removing Zod’s fingerprints creates a different mood and experience.
  4. Lex’s weird mannerisms and outbursts are reduced, and his backstory is removed.
  5. Tightened up most of the BVS scenes used.
  6. Lex does not kidnap Lois or push her from a rooftop to lure Superman. Instead, Superman hears Lex calling his name with his super hearing.
  7. When Clark is in his reporter persona he is less judgmental and condescending.

Major differences from MOT (in addition to the above):

  1. Kept more storyline from MOS.
  2. Cut more storyline from BVS, significantly toned down Lex.
  3. The Krypton scenes are reduced but retained in the beginning and are not presented in a flashback.
  4. Krypton scenes that resembled Star Wars removed.
  5. Clark becomes Superman before Zod’s broadcast (same as MOS).
  6. Bruce Wayne watches Zod’s broadcast.
  7. Used the snow/dad scene from BVS (with Jor-El’s voice added) as the transition scene between Lois’ arrest and Superman surrendering.
  8. Reinstated the battle of Smallville.
  9. Different scene structure and arrangements (note some structure was borrowed from JobWillins, see below).
  10. Video in 4K and audio in surround 5.1.

Ideas from other individuals which are used or completely copied in SOK:
(while different editors separately will make similar editing choices, I did not come up or would not have come up with parts of SOK and due credit is given below).

Avid 4D:
Zod’s voice matches the staticky sound of the rest of his broadcast.


  1. Changed Audioslave music from scene with Clark “borrowing” clothes.
  2. In the holding room Lois laughs at Superman’s joke instead of laughing at him.
  3. Zod isn’t as mean to hologram Jor-El.


  1. Zod dies on impact to the ground, no heat vision neck snap. Edited this scene virtually the same way as Man of Tomorrow. Added a different music cue when Zod dies. Retained more foley.
  2. Recut scenes just before and after Zod is killed to show Bruce Wayne helping the little girl then brooding in the Batcave. Edited these scenes virtually the same way as Man of Tomorrow using “Beautiful Lie” from BVS soundtrack. Added foley.
  3. Used tornado flashback scenes when Superman fights Doomsday. Edited the scenes and music virtually the same way as Man of Tomorrow. Added foley.
  4. Recreated the same scenes after Superman’s death as Man of Tomorrow, including music.

Joseph Bennie and IronPixelChef:
Created music that I used to mix together for Superman’s departure from the Scout ship and his first flight.