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Young Indiana Jones...

marin888 said:

JimJimBinks - 7 years ago

When I worked at Lowry Digital Images, we restored the entire Young Indiana Jones Chronicles at 1080p at least, though I’m pretty sure it was a higher resolution than that. So the HD masters are out there.

dannyboylee - 7 years ago


That is so cool. I wonder why they aren’t releasing them along with the movies?

JimJimBinks - 7 years ago

I don’t know. Maybe they’re prepping for a bigger release. At the time Lucas made the Young Indy Chronicles, he wanted it all to be for sale on an “Interactive CD-ROM” complete with learning materials about actual historical events talked about or shown in each episode.

Where did that quote come from?

Dealing with People Selling Fan Projects

Darth Giacomo said:

I don’t get why people buy these. They are so easy and cheap to make It costs maybe ten to 15 dollars to get blank DVDs, an empty DVD case and the paper for the cover and inserts. Plus, the cover artwork for edits are numerous and available online for free. I personally aim to make my own DVD sets for my own personal usage when I find the time and house space for them. heck, maybe make some for my friends for free.

It’s very, very easy to understand why people purchase them.

  1. they don’t know where to get them
  2. they don’t know anything about torrenting
  3. they don’t have a burner
  4. they can’t be bothered

It’s really that simple. For a lot of people, 1/2 are the biggest deal-breakers. They’re computer illiterate.

And I also know many people who just don’t have computers anymore. They only have tablets.

I’m not condoning people selling them but there’s a reason that they do. I’d say that a majority of people buying them fit into one (or all) of the categories above

TV shows on DVD edited either due to syndicated prints or music rights

Will and Grace

Season 1

Contains 22 uncut episodes

Season 2

Ben? Her? (2.23) – This episode was split into 2 part syndicated episodes for the individual boxed set. However, that was later corrected for the full complete series boxed set as well as the compilation “Best of Love & Marriage.”

Season 3

Gypsies, Tramps and Weed (3.07) – Syndicated version

Cheaters (3.15) – This Super-size episode appears as its originally broadcast version, without the extra footage later added for syndication. It is also incorrectly labeled as “Part 1.” However, various international versions contain the 2-part longer syndicated episodes. This is also the only episode in the history of the series to be expanded by its syndication.

Season 4

Contains 27 uncut episodes

Season 5

Women and Children First (5.16) – Syndicated, removing about 6 1/2 minutes

Dolls and Dolls (5.21) – Syndicated, removing about 4 minutes

May Divorce Be With You (5.22) – Syndicated, removing about 4 1/2 minutes

23 (5.23) – Syndicated, removing 6 1/2 minutes

24 (5.24) – Syndicated, removing 8 minutes

Season 6

Dames at Sea (6.01) – Syndicated, removing approx 5 1/2 minutes

A-Story, Bee-Story (6.05) – Syndicated, removing approx 3 minutes

Strangers With Candace (6.09) – Syndicated, removing approx 2 minutes

Ice Cream Balls (6.13) – Syndicated, removing approx 6 1/2 minutes

Season 7

Friends with Benefits (7.22) – This episode is presented in its syndicated cut version. However, collectors can find the full, original version on the 2007 Emmy consideration promo DVD. Approximately 1 minute of footage is missing.

Season 8

Alive and Schticking (8.01) – Only East Coast feed included

Bathroom Humor (8.11) – Only East Coast feed included

Other Notes

The bloopers on season 7 have been censored/edited for the US edition. Approximately 1 minute of footage has been removed when compared to the international versions.

The Clip Show and Guest Star Clip show, which originally aired on NBC have never been included on an official release.

The deleted scenes from Marry Me A Little, Marry Me A Little More, as well as the “pop-up” episode of Homojo as aired on NBC have never been released.

4K restoration on Star Wars

ChainsawAsh said:

digitalfreaknyc said:

Cobra Kai said:

Rodney-2187 said:

joefavs said:

Digital Bits has TFA and R1 coming out in 4K at the end of this year, and everything else (both in a saga boxed set and as individual releases) in “the first half of 2020”.

How reliable is this source?

Digital Bits is not very reliable at all.

Fixed that

How so? I’ve never known them to be anything but reliable, and they’re very good at clearly calling out rumors as such.

He has an awful reputation. All he does is steal stuff from other forums at this point. His contacts have nearly dried up and he doesn’t have the knowledge that he had 20 years ago, nevermind 10

4K restoration on Star Wars

Cobra Kai said:

Rodney-2187 said:

joefavs said:

Digital Bits has TFA and R1 coming out in 4K at the end of this year, and everything else (both in a saga boxed set and as individual releases) in “the first half of 2020”.

How reliable is this source?

Digital Bits is not very reliable at all.

Fixed that

4K restoration on Star Wars

Depheros said:

Although now that I think of it, there were no Greedo subtitles. Looks like it’s a mix of different sources? Not sure. Those are all the screenshots I took before my “preview of CNNgo” ran out. It’s easy to find if anyone wants to investigate further, but it’s definitely all Blu-ray/GOUT/Despecialized, not a new source.

That’s absolutely hilarious that they’re using fan preservations…

The Doors - Special Features?

Does anyone have the various special editions for The Doors that have come out? There were 2 different ones in other countries.

UK/German Blu-ray
“Back to the Roots” documentary (55:53) HD

German Kinowelt/Holland RCV/ UK Momentum
5 Teaser Trailers:

  • Teaser 1 (0:16)
  • Teaser 2 (0:30)
  • Teaser 3 (0:30)
  • Teaser 4 (0:30)
  • Teaser 5 (1:00)
  • Teaser 6 (0:51)
    Theatrical Trailer 2 (1:10)
    Music Video:
  • “Break On Through” (2:33)
    “Behind The Scenes” featurette (7:33)
  • Oliver Stone Interview (0:53)
  • Oliver Stone Personal Profile (2:39)
  • Val Kilmer Interview (0:40)
  • Val Kilmer Personal Profile (2:44)
  • Meg Ryan (0:21)
  • Kyle MacLachlan (0:10)
  • Frank Whaley (0:14)
  • Kevin Dillon (0:09)
  • Paul Rothchild (0:28)
RAW DV VHS transfers of ISD Executor and maybe more.

JayArgonaut said:

digitalfreaknyc said:

Every DVD I bought back in the day did. I would say that the ones that compensated were far in the minority. Of course, now it’s extremely easy to work around. Then? Not so much.

There is a wealth of material, produced in the UK alone, that is not affected by this issue, hence me pointing out that not all PAL content suffers from this drawback.

Here’s a good post on the subject.

Again, I would rather not deal with the problems of either TV standard. 😃

Perhaps further discussion of PAL vs NTSC would be better suited to a separate thread. None of this really helps SF01 with their project. Though of course, they can decide this. 😉

Well, of course things in the UK aren’t affected by it because they’re natively at that speed. So they’re out of the equation.