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(READ DESCRIPTION) Nightmare Fuel Non-Horror Movie Scenes

Stop motion animation always holds a special place in my heart for its inherent creep factor, in particular creatures composited against live action. There’s just something about the jerky movements that add a strange, unsettling layer to whatever the effect is, and usually it was some deformed monster to start.

I will always remember the 1986 Eddie Murphy movie The Golden Child for this reason. Not otherwise the most memorable or respected movie, listed as a “fantasy comedy film”. I won’t go deep into the plot details, a lot about some magic knife and the most 80s approach to Tibetan mysticism you could ever hope for. Oh, also the main villain worships the devil and transforms into a giant literal demon with wings that chases down Eddie Murphy and a little boy.

sardo numspa

You just don’t know how to brace for that as a kid, definite nightmare fuel.

And that’s not even as crazy as whatever is going on with the final boss from a movie like Howard the Duck
(also released in '86)!