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Peanuts Specials: Coca-Cola Product Placement Restorations (Released)

Yes, I was fully aware that there was a Blu-ray of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

The only thing I was worried about is that the DVD back cover said that there was apparently an Ultra HD restoration.

But from the looks of it, I think this “Ultra HD restoration” was also the source of the 2008 Blu-ray and the new box set is just a reprint.

The only 50th Anniversary transfer we need is probably Charlie Brown’s All Stars as that was never on Blu-ray nor did it ever get an HD release in iTunes (there was an SD release but DVD is better than iTunes SD).

But I have hopes that there are HDTV broadcasts of Charlie Brown’s All Stars.

That is literally the only one we need to do these restorations in the highest quality possible.

And speaking of HD restorations, there are iTunes releases of Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown and Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don’t Come Back!) in HD (despite the fact that they aren’t on Blu-ray) but they are cropped and the HDTV releases aren’t cropped like the iTunes releases but the colors look better in the iTunes release.

There is also an HD iTunes release of This is America, Charlie Brown and that one isn’t on Blu-ray save for The Mayflower Voyages which is on the A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Blu-ray.

Unfortunately, there is no iTunes HD release of Charlie Brown’s All Stars.

And also, the Charlie Brown’s All Stars 50th Anniversary DVD has an NTSC version of A Charlie Brown Celebration.
If that’s the case, then It’s an Adventure, Charlie Brown and Snoopy!!! the Musical are the only ones in PAL.

By the way, do you have the Laserdisc audio of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown as well as Charlie Brown’s All Stars?

Peanuts Specials: Coca-Cola Product Placement Restorations (Released)

zxthehedgehog said:

LD audio is now synced for Christmas. Will post footage once I restore the sign hit.

I’ve started work on Great Pumpkin, as well. Here’s the lost footage, with its original color restored.

(pass: hoot)

Not bad, which source was the color restoration of Great Pumpkin based on?
A bit rough but still the best we have.

We should just upscale it to 1080p (maybe 720p if the cut footage doesn’t look good in 1080p), enhance and color correct it to match with the Blu-ray footage.

I just checked iTunes if they have an HD version and also for HDTV torrents.
Unfortunately, there are no HDTV torrents and the iTunes release is only in 480p.

In any case, the Blu-ray is the best way to watch it for visuals.
For audio, then we need the Laserdisc.

Anyways, please post here if you are able to locate an HDTV broadcast.

Also, my idea for our releases:
Disc releases:
Full Blu-ray ISO (BD-25)
Full DVD ISO (DVD-9)
AVCHD without features (DVD-9)
DVD without features (DVD-5)

MKV releases:
1080p MKV (BD remux)
1080p MKV (Rip)
720p MKV (Rip)
480p MKV (Rip)

iTunes M4V releases with metadata:
1080p M4V
720p M4V
480P M4V

Peanuts Specials: Coca-Cola Product Placement Restorations (Released)

I think a combination of the LMW videos, the 16mm reconstruction, the Laserdisc and the Blu-ray would be ideal for video.

For the audio, I think a combination of the SuperDisc and the LP for the BGM and the Laserdisc and the 16mm restoration or the YouTube videos for everything else.

Unfortunately, I cannot do this restoration myself as my laptop is not strong enough.
It cannot even edit SD videos let alone HD.

Peanuts Specials: Coca-Cola Product Placement Restorations (Released)

You actually found a 16mm print or is that just the Laserdisc you bought on eBay?
I know because you posted this:

If that is actually a 16mm print, that’s lucky.

Also, the Laserdisc audio is better than the Blu-ray.

But visually, the Blu-ray is the best looking one we got, but I think the 16mm scan can also be good, depending on the quality.

Can you give me screenshots of the 16mm scan?

Peanuts Specials: Coca-Cola Product Placement Restorations (Released)

Problem is, I don’t have the Laserdisc audio for these specials anywhere, I want it in LPCM 1.0 16-bit/48khz 768kbps format that would be compliant with Blu-ray.

And again, I cannot do it and I am just sharing my idea but I would probably direct on how these restorations would be done.

Anyways, is the 2014 50th Anniversary Edition DVD of A Charlie Brown Christmas the same remaster as the 2009 Blu-ray?
Because if the 2014 50th Anniversary DVD is a newer remaster, I would be very disappointed because they didn’t release this “better” version on Blu-ray while the older version is on Blu-ray.

Peanuts Specials: Coca-Cola Product Placement Restorations (Released)

“Early Peanuts specials included references to sponsors Coca-Cola and Dolly Madison in their opening and end credits sequences, which eventually became removed for reruns and home video releases. The music does a noticeable drop out whenever these cuts occur.” - TV Tropes, Product Displacement

So now that Christmastime is near.

I am currently requesting “Despecialized Editions” of the early Peanuts specials with the original Coca-Cola product placement inserted in while being the HD version from the Blu-ray.

I can’t do this myself because I only use a laptop which isn’t even that powerful.
And I don’t have skills for Photoshop, After Effects, etc…

The deleted scenes would be color-corrected based on the Blu-ray and be carefully restored, though this would be a tough project since we’re restoring VHS recordings which are almost a half-century old, and are even much worse thanks to YouTube compression.

According to Lost Media Wiki, only the sponsor tags in A Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie Brown’s All-Stars and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown survive as of now.

The following sponsor tags are currently lost (as of now):
You’re in Love, Charlie Brown
He’s Your Dog Charlie Brown
It Was A Short Summer Charlie Brown
Play It Again Charlie Brown

As for the lost ones, we won’t even bother restoring them unless some of the Raiders of the Lost Media get lucky and find them by some miracle.
Unless WE also go on this treasure hunt.

Here are some references: (In the “Keep Circulating the Tapes” trope)

Project Threepio (Star Wars OOT subtitles)

I know some friends from the Philippines and they told me that Star Wars I - VI have all just been shown on TV dubbed in Tagalog around the same time The Force Awakens was released in theaters.

They are most likely based on the 2011 Blu-ray versions.

Unfortunately, none of my friends got them recorded and I can’t find them on the Internet.

Does anyone have those versions?

And can a Filipino Star Wars fan edit them to sync with the GOUT or Despecialized Edition?

I really want to show this to said Filipino friends.

It's the full collection, Charlie Brown! AKA continuing the Warner Peanuts 1960s, 1970s "decade" collections (a WIP)

By the way, for The Peanuts Movie (2015), there is a bonus disc found only as a limited edition Target exclusive.
Here’s some information:

And also, for people who have Blu-ray burners and/or players.
Why not make custom Blu-rays of the Peanuts specials/movies released on Blu-ray?
You can still have the DVD versions.

I think A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown and The Peanuts Movie were all released on Blu-ray.

There are also some specials released on iTunes in HD and some HDTV airings in torrent sites, I’m not sure about the quality of them, though.

We’re still waiting for the USA Blu-ray release of A Boy Named Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Come Home since the Australian Blu-rays had wrong aspect ratio and hopefully, US versions are fixed.

I also have a suggestion to add LPCM Laserdisc audio for Peanuts specials released on Laserdisc if disc space and bitrate limits will allow it.

For A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, keep the 5.1 surround tracks while also adding the Laserdisc audio.

And for The Peanuts Movie (2015), you can also add the 3D version as well.
Probably convert it to red-blue 3D for DVD as well.

I am a newcomer to the Peanuts fandom but my love for Peanuts is strong.

I really want to collect all the specials.

Unfortunately, Laserdisc is too impractical though it is superior to DVD in most cases and VHS is of low quality and is impractical.
I want to see the fruits of your labor.

We can also attach other users to your project. Hopefully making custom Blu-rays possible.

Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set (Released)

I’m giving another shot at posting since my connection is kinda sketchy and can’t edit my post.

What I was going to say is I want the 16mm mono mix of The Empire Strikes Back included.

Maybe you can remove an audio track to make more room.

I think you can remove the Slovak audio but it’s just a suggestion.

Sorry for posting Markdown Syntax.

Star Wars 1977 70mm sound mix recreation [stereo and 5.1 versions now available] (Released)

hairy_hen, I know the 1993 Laserdiscs are stereo matrixed to Dolby Stereo 4.0.
I don’t know how you split the center surround channel to the left surround and right surround channels but it’s amazing.

I think your mixes are the matrixed 4.0 surround versions but enhanced.
Your mixes are in DTS-HD Master Audio in the Despecialized Editions so are you working with DTS-HD Master Audio Encoding Suite?
You can do an even better version in 6.1 if you do use it.

It can have the original center surround channel from the matrixed 1993 Laserdisc mixes while having your custom left surround and right surround channels.

Again, I suggest you update them in 6.1.

I always nitpick the fact that the official Special Edition Blu-ray is the only one with 6.1 audio and Harmy’s Despecialized is only 5.1 but the stereo and mono mixes are very great.

And speaking of mono mixes, can Harmy add the mono mix for ROTJ from Return of the Pug in DTS-HD MA 1.0?
It’s the only one in the trilogy without a mono mix and Return of the Pug is in mono, I presume.
I never watched Return of the Pug or the other Puggo 16mm versions.

Info: Recommended Editions of Disney Animated (and Partially Animated) Features

I found this user on eBay while searching for some VCDs. He sells some Disney VCDs from the Philippines:
Most notable here is his Cinderella VCD which dates back to 1999 which means that this is a digital pre-Lowry restoration.

This is the only digital source of Cinderella with a pre-Lowry restoration other than the Russian IDDK 2005 DVD which uses the 1992 UK transfer instead.

Can someone buy this and check if from what source this is from, or if this is a newer, pre-Lowry restoration? It’s only $16.

Some info on VCD:

The Audio Preservation Thread

I want the lossless English LaserDisc audio for Laputa: Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Porco Rosso from the Japanese Ghibli Ga Ippai LaserDisc box set on LPCM 1.0 48 khz/16 bit synced to the Japanese Blu-ray releases or the US Blu-ray releases.
The LaserDisc box set has the old non-Disney dubs which are not present on the Blu-ray releases.
Can someone please fulfill my request?