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AOTC "mechanical hand" shot reconstruction

I made a quick resize and color correction just to see what it looks like.

[top - Centropy SVCD] . . [middle - Centropy fixed up] . . [bottom - HDTV test]

It looks do-able, but it looks like to be a Disney-style locked & filled-in background plate. Movement of the “hand” from set photos might be done link-by-link (twists, turns, perspectives), frame-by-frame. That would take quite a long time, unless someone figures an acceptably looking shortcut.


Wow, I love all this sock puppet stuff! I wanna play, I wanna play! Can I play? Well, naw, maybe not. It would probably be like Tigger when he tries honey for the first time …

YouTube: Tiggers dont like honey

I mean, does anyone watch those “news” networks or read those “news” papers? Talk about sock puppets.

Speaking of those “news” conglomerates, today’s real news actually had to be leaked to get out … by those very same news people! 😄 According to undisclosed source(s), President-elect Trump invited them all to an “off the record” meeting and proceeded to give them a long-deserved dressing-down for their so-called “news” reporting. Fortunately, a video was smuggled out, which one commentator has liken to “a meeting of the five families” …

YouTube: That I Do Not Forgive

The Original Trilogy restored from 35mm prints

poita … YOU ARE THE MAN !!


It’s probably the crush (about a 3rd of the picture area is in zero’s! – here highlighted) that makes the previous scan look like no dark detail.

The brightened scan still has a large area crushed, but it’s all in the background now. Using a gentle curve on it, weighted down at the low end, produces a beautiful shot that keeps the detail (even if I don’t know how dark the shot is to be targeted).


Jay said:

I didn’t say Republicans embodied conservatism. I said they represent conservatism in the U.S. Whether they hold up to your idea of conservatism isn’t relevant to the discussion. If they don’t, convince your fellow conservatives to stop voting for them.

I didn’t overlook over your linking Republicans and conservatism. I was indicating that it was a wrong assertion. The Parties are not philosophies, but private organizations for the end of attracting voters towards particular candidates. Conservatism often is at odds with Republicans and tries to steer them towards The Constitution. Same thing with the communists (anyone remember Bernie “feel the Bern” Sanders?) – they try to steer the Democrats, as the Democrat Party now is mostly socialist anyway.
(on the election of Democrat candidate Barack Hussein Obama)

BTW, just so you know, “fellow conservatives” do vote their conscience, as well as for the lesser of two evils. Ever hear of the Tea Party? The Republican establishment rail against them, even in this election cycle.

There’s nothing in the Constitution that explicitly permits or denies executive orders … so you better hop in your time machine and let the Framers know they’re doing it wrong.

Your wish is my command, Sahib! Alas … these are not the orders you are looking for:

Freedom Outost: The President’s Enumerated Powers - Rulemaking by Executive Agencies & Executive Orders

The powers of the President are “carefully limited” and precisely defined by our Constitution. In Federalist Paper No. 71 (last para), Alexander Hamilton asks,
"… what would be … feared from an elective magistrate of four years’ duration, with the confined authorities of a President of the United States?" … [[ref #2 - In Federalist No. 75 (3rd para), Hamilton]]
The answer to Hamilton’s question is this: There would be nothing to fear if Presidents obeyed the Constitution. But they don’t obey it because the dolts in Congress don’t make them obey it!

Well, then! Here is the complete list of the President’s enumerated powers:

Art. I, Sec. 7, cls. 2 & 3, grants to the President the power to approve or veto Bills and Resolutions passed by Congress.

Art. I, Sec. 9, next to last clause, grants to the executive Branch – the Treasury Department – the power to write checks pursuant to Appropriations made by law – i.e., by Congress.

Art. II, Sec. 1, cl.1, vests “executive Power” [see below] in the President.

Art. II, Sec. 1, last clause, sets forth the President’s Oath of Office – to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”.

Art. II, Sec. 2, cl.1:

  • makes the President Commander in Chief of the armed forces when they have been called by Congress into the actual service of the United States. 3
  • authorizes the President to require the principal Officers in the executive Departments to provide written Opinions upon the Duties of their Offices.
  • grants the President power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for offenses against the United States, 4 but he can not stop impeachments of any federal judge or federal officer.

Article II, Sec. 2, cl. 2 grants to the President the power:

  • to make Treaties – with the advice and consent of the Senate. 5
  • to nominate Ambassadors, other public ministers and Consuls, federal judges, and various other officers – with the advice and consent of the Senate.

Article II, Sec. 2, cl. 3 grants to the President the power to make recess appointments, which expire at the end of Congress’ next session.

Art. II, Sec. 3:

  • Imposes the duty on the President to periodically advise Congress on the State of the Union, and authorizes the President to recommend to Congress such measures as he deems wise.
  • Authorizes the President, on extraordinary Occasions, to convene one or both houses of Congress [e.g., when he asks Congress to declare War]; and if both houses can not agree on when to adjourn, he is authorized to adjourn them to such time as he deems proper.
  • Imposes the duty upon the President to receive Ambassadors and other public Ministers.
  • Imposes the duty upon the President to take care that the Laws be faithfully executed, and
  • Imposes the duty upon the President to Commission all the Officers of the United States.

That’s it! Anything else the President does is unlawful and a usurpation of powers not granted.

Executive Orders are not granted! Only a dog would dare desecrate the genie of The Constitution.

A thousand pardons, Sahib! Wrong genie.

The videos you link to make it difficult to take your argument seriously.

The messenger or the message?

… I don’t think the Framers could know how complex modern society would become …

Already taken care of, Sahib! Amendments, Sahib! Amendments.


Jay said:
Replace “conservatives” with “Republicans” in subsequent readings … Republicans represent … conservatism in the U.S.

Unfortunately, not. As elaborated in those successive videos, “conservatism” is just a tick-mark on the Constitutional-Liberty end of the tyranny/liberty axis. As one moves away from Constitutional-Liberty to Centralized-Tyranny, as both parties have done, neither are conservative by any definition – although the Republicans are not as far out as the Democrats. Hillary and Trump are two sides of the same coin – neither abides by Constitutional-Liberty. They, like Obama, have a pen and a phone to dictate their will (hence the word dictatorship) regardless of The Contitution that states, no, you can’t do it that way.


The bottom line is … the states don’t agree with the party’s direction.

And with the parties illegal power-grabs, the States shouldn’t agree! In a stronger Constitutional-Liberty system, of greatly limited government with all other rights residing in the States and the People, that is the vigorous contest between the Federal government and the State governments, and between the State governments and the People that The Framers desired to maintain: the least intrusive government for the greatest freedom of the people. Thomas Jefferson gave it this measure:

The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.

We, today, are imprisoned in rank tyranny by comparison.

The Shining 35mm print opportunity

SilverWook said:
… about how Shelley was treated, and attacking a man who no longer is around to defend himself.

Actually, Shelley, herself, defended Kubrick’s “treatment” on the set:

YouTube: Flashback: Shelley Duvall and Stanley Kubrick Battle Over ‘The Shining’

“If it hadn’t been for that, you know, volley of ideas, and sometimes butting your heads together, it wouldn’t have come out as good as it did. And it also helps get the emotion up and the concentration up because it builds up anger, actually, and you get more out of yourself. And he knew that. And he knew he was getting more out of me by doing that. … And it’s just the necessary turmoil to get out of it that you want out off it. … And I find I really respect him and really like him, both as a person and as a director.”

I’m with Shelley on this one. When “Dr.Phil fell back to platitudes and talked over her, as she demonstrated her competence to know what she once looked like and what she looks like today (“grotesque”), I’d say it is Dr. Phil who is mentally ill:

Shelley Duvall’s Controversial ‘Dr Phil’ Interview

I’d say Shelley should consult with a real doctor, a medical doctor, who also knows nutrition and deficiencies that may cause the body to malfunction. And with Shelley still in her right mind, I hope she and her agent negotiated a good cut from the TV show’s take.

You go girl! 😉


Jay said:
Conservatives are constantly shouting about states’ rights. Let’s see if they really mean it or show themselves to be the hypocrites I believe they are.

Neither Hillary & camp nor Trump & camp are Conservatives (“conserving” Liberty in the U.S. Constitution). Hillary Clinton is a Democrat and a Progressive. Donald Trump is a Republican and a Crony-capitalist. But Communist/Fascist, Left/Right, Democrat/Republican are NOT the same thing as Tyranny/Liberty. Tyranny/Liberty is like an “axis”; Communist/Fascist, Left/Right, Democrat/Republican is the “up and down” on that axis. Watch this train of thought across a 3 short videos and you’ll see that everyone’s been arguing in the wrong direction:

AMERICA’S LOST HISTORY! … begin @ 2min 8sec

PROGRESSIVISM IS CANCER! … begin @ 6min 23sec


Best DVD-R brands today?

Don’t toss any “bad” discs. You may be able to painlessly recover your data with a program that repeatedly reads sectors until it recovers them into an ISO-format file, to re-burn on the same type disc (CD or DVD of the same capacity) …

VideoHelp - IsoPuzzle 1.7 writes:

IsoPuzzle is CD/DVD recovery software. The goal of this program is to recover as much as possible data of damaged, bad burned or scratched CDs or DVDs. This version is experimental and supports only data CDs and DVDs with sectorsize of 2048 byte - Audio CD, VCD and SVCD are not supported. Requires ASPI.dll.

The program requires wnaspi32.dll and the Nero link is bad. It can be found at: Works as advertised, though it grinds to a crawl (about 1 KB/sec!) on bad errors …

This program is a God-send. In the past I used to buy inexpensive CDRs and DVDRs. Now I’m paying the price with a good percentage of my old disks being unplayable. IsoPuzzle is the only program that I found that will consistently recover all of the data.

Further, different drives have fractionally varying alignments. A sector that cannot be read on one drive might be readable on another drive. IsoPuzzle allows you to move the saved-sector index from one drive to use for the continued recovery with another drive. Commandeer as many computers/drives as you can for tough recoveries!

The Internet Archived documentation page:


So much anger and hate from the Left, the Democrat establishment, the Progressive communists, and … “college (brains full of mush ©RL) kids”!

We never saw this by the other side from the Barack Hussein Obama elections …

Internet search - page 1 reads:

‘Not my president’: Thousands protest Trump in rallies across the US
https //www washingtonpost com/news/post-politics/wp/…

Thousands take to the streets to protest Trump win - CNNPolitics com
www cnn com/2016/11/09/politics/election-results-reac…

Thousands across the USA protest Trump victory - USA Today
www usatoday com/story/news/2016/11/09/anti-trump-pro…

Anti-Trump Protests: 1 Shot After ‘Confrontation’ in Portland …
www nbcnews com/news/us-news/portland-oregon-anti-tru…

Protests, Rallies, and Discussions in Seattle This Week - Things to …
www thestranger com/things-to-do/2016/11/09/24681064/…

Tense moments as Trump protesters, supporters clash during …
www orlandosentinel com/news/orange/os-trump-protest-…

Armed police use stun guns, rubber bullets and tear gas on angry …
www dailymail co uk/news/article-3929030/Anti-Trump-r…

Protesters March in Downtown San Diego Over Election of Trump …
www nbcsandiego com/news/local/Anti-Trump-Rally-in-Do…

Protests against Donald Trump - Wikipedia
https //en wikipedia org/wiki/Protests_against_Donald_Trump

Liberals RIOTING After Trump Destroys Hillary Clinton (PHOTOS)
www thepoliticalinsider com/liberal-riots-trump-destr…

Those “protestors” may have an excuse … they don’t about The Force. But “post[est]ers” here have no excuse for embracing the Dark Side


Best DVD-R brands today?

SuperMediaStore - CMC Pro Taiyo Yuden (TDMR-ZZ-SB8) 8X DVD-R Silver Lacquer Media

Ever since their first recordable compact disc in 1988, Taiyo Yuden has continued down the path of excellence, and the Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8X is no different. It’s no wonder that you’ve come to insist on Taiyo Yuden for your blank media needs, given their undeniable reputation as one of the industry’s leaders in providing top-notch optical media products. And when it comes to choosing your destination to make your purchases, do not settle for just any other vendor – insist on LINKYO, an authorized Taiyo Yuden distributor.

The Taiyo Yuden 4.7 GB White Premium Line Inkjet Hub Printable 8X DVD-R Blank Media Discs come in a 100 disc pack wrapped with sturdy plastic. The white inkjet surface allows for customization of the discs with the appropriate inkjet printers that have the disc alignment function. The versatility of this disc allows them compatibility with many industry-level DVD-R burners and drives alike. These discs offer a one-time write for 4.7GB worth of data storage and media recording of unmatched quality. Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R media discs are ideal for a variety of functions, such as making DVD copies, backing up or storing data, and personal or professional media recording.

Taiyo Yuden used to make their own disks. Then JVC picked up production using the same disc designations. Now I see CMC has acquired it, again the same disc designations. JVC had a good reputation, but I’m not so sure about CMC (in fact, I remember keeping away from a bunch bad discs including CMC brand). But apparently this is a special production version.

Media Supply - CMC Pro Powered by TY Blank Discs

Confused by the blank discs marked as CMC Pro - Powered by TY instead of JVC or Taiyo Yuden? Let us explain.

Taiyo Yuden has historically been the most reliable name in blank CD and blank DVD products, and quality conscious customers have sought that name for years. A few years back, Taiyo went and shook all that up.

Here’s the scoop: In 2008, Taiyo Yuden purchased JVC’s media group, and they became one and the same, taking advantage of JVC’s royalty deals and brand recognition. There was no change in manufacturing. Taiyo Yuden still made the discs at its factory in Japan, but the part numbers and labeling changed to reflect the JVC brand.

Fast forward seven years to 2015, when Taiyo Yuden announced that it would stop production of all optical media products at the end of the year. CMC, a well-established optical media manufacturer, recognized an opportunity, and quickly moved to acquire the Taiyo Yuden technology that made JVC/TY the most trusted name in the business. Under the guidance of Taiyo Yuden engineers, CMC built specialized production lines, dedicated to producing its CMC Pro - Powered by TY line of premium blank discs. CMC manufactures CMC Pro using the exact same processes, raw materials, specifications and strict quality standards established by Taiyo Yuden. In addition to its dedication to maintain Taiyo Yuden/JVC quality, CMC also committed to producing all JVC/TY SKUs, ensuring that professionals can continue to get the formats and print surfaces required for their specific applications.

In a nutshell, that’s the story of how Taiyo Yuden became JVC/Taiyo Yuden, which is now CMC Pro - Powered by TY Technology. Whatever you call them, at the end of the day, you’re getting a great blank disc.

So it looks like CMC’s Taiyo Yuden is good. In any case, always read the descriptions and get the “premium line”, never the “value line” (which are 2nds).

Having said and done all that, I’ve been thinking about “archive quality” discs.

Media Mega Mall - About Falcon

FTI - Falcon Technologies International

Commitment to Quality
As we believe that quality is essential, it has earned numerous international certifications including format conformance verifications from Philips, as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 credentials. Every FTI product delivers Certified Swiss Quality (CSQ), ensuring unsurpassed performance and reliability.

FTI - Falcon Technologies International

Archival CD-R & DVD-R Media

Users become more and more concerned about the lifetime of the storage medium used for their sensitive data.

FalconMedia Century offers the most reliable long-term storage solution for historical or sensitive data. FalconMediaCentury is certified archival grade blank media which provides the user with a safe, long term storage solution. Century blank DVD–R & CD-R media incorporates a special dye layer which provides maximum resistance against environmental degradation, and is manufactured with premium original OEM Japanese materials and technology to ensure superior archival-quality. The stability of both reflective and recording layers are the determining factors which ensure longevity of media and its data content. For extended and safe day-to-day use, FalconMedia Century is available with a UHC (Ultra Hard Coat) option – a protective layer that ensures up to 50x more scratch and smudge resistance compared to normal media.

All FalconMedia Century products have been tested and qualified for archival applications by the reputable French National Laboratory, Laboratoire National de Métrologie ET d’Essais (LNE).

I think I’m in love …

THX on 35mm Tech IB preservation - HELP NEEDED

Well, then, it could’ve been the real thing!

Classic Driver - The police drove Lola T70s in George Lucas’s directorial debut

Given the values of Lola T70s today, you could be forgiven for writing off the two cars that appear in Lucas’s 1971 dystopian cult classic THX 1138 as glassfibre replicas, particularly as kitcar company FiberFab was listed in the credits. But at least one is known to be a genuine T70: chassis SL73/117. First sold as a road car in 1967, …

Hemmings Daily - Ask a Hemmings Editor: Were the Lola T70s in THX-1138 real or fake?

… THX-1138 was filmed in 1969 and released in 1971. Lola built the T70 from 1965 to about 1969. Thus the T70s were still relatively new, though recently made obsolete in sports car racing by the appearance of the dominating Porsche 917 and Ferrari 512.

… old race cars – especially ones that were considered no longer competitive – weren’t valued then the way they are now; … This all made the time Lucas was filming “THX-1138” the perfect time to snap up a couple Lola T70s for cheap from race teams looking to make room for more competitive cars.

Maybe you can pick up a couple, too? Hold one for me. 😃


generalfrevious said:

We are still entering what could be considered one of the bloodiest periods in US history.

<clears throat> Perhaps if you tell your simpatico’s to stop now?

1st page of an Internet search:

Liberals RIOTING After Trump Destroys Hillary Clinton (PHOTOS)
www thepoliticalinsider com/liberal-riots-trump-destr…

HERE’S PROOF=> That Soros Money is FUNDING the Anti-Trump …
www thegatewaypundit com/2016/11/heres-proof-soros-mo…

Nationwide anti-Donald Trump protests marked by arrests - RT com
www rt com/usa/366168-nyc-trump-protest-march/

Hillary Clinton supporter attacks pro-Trump protester, 67 outside …
www dailymail co uk/news/article-3718228/Hillary-Clin…

Anti-Trump Protests Continue Across The US Overnight: Burn …
www zerohedge com/news/2016-11-10/anti-trump-protests…

So much for accepting election results: Protesters burn flags, block …
www twitchy com/brettt-3136/2016/11/09/so-much-for-ac…

Rioters Burn and Shutdown I-85 in Charlotte: Attacking Vehicles and …
www offgridsurvival com/charlotteriots9202016/

Pictures: The Most Insane Moments from San Jose’s Anti-Trump Riot …
www breitbart com/2016-presidential-race/2016/06/03/p…

Massive anti-Trump protests planned for Inauguration Day, police on …
www foxnews com/politics/2016/11/13/massive-anti-trum…

Donald Trump’s Chicago Rally & Protesters – It’s a Pity Both Sides …
www nationalreview com/article/432747/donald-trumps-c…

THX on 35mm Tech IB preservation - HELP NEEDED

Anything like this?

AutoBytel – The Best Looking 2015 Hybrid Cars [Page 10 of 14]

McLaren P1

“We’re suckers for anything this low, sleek, and swoopy. … The McLaren exotic sports car looks absolutely adhered to the pavement, with curves placed only where they’ll serve some function of the P1. … Pricing starts at $1,500,000.”

Just keep away from concrete pillars.


TV’s Frink said:
Isn’t there a forum at Infowars you could post at instead?

To paraphrase the poet – Gen. (George C. Scott) Patton

Through an Internet of web pages,
midst the pomp and toil of forums,
have I posted, trolled, been banished
countless times among the boring.
As if through a glass and darkly
the age old strife I see,
where I fought as many icons, many handles,
but always me.


generalfrevious said:

Does this even matter? Trump’s election guarantees humanity’s end within the next few decades, either through nuclear warfare or ignoring climate change.

Global Cooling (until debunked), Global Warming (until debunked), and now Climate Change (to play it safe) are just scams to put their hooks into us for the coming New World Order global dictatorship. [Just think Mao (80,000,000 murdered in peace-time), Stalin (24,000,000 murdered during war and purges), and Hitler (10,000,000 murdered during war and genocide) combined … x10 … for a literal hell-on-earth).]

War World III will come regardless of whoever is at the helm in America. But America will survive, and still strong enough to keep a check on the NWO atrocities. Indications are that it will begin in the Middle-east muslim countries as a great Islamic Jihad that will draw in the superpowers. Yes, there will be mind-blowing devastation (2.2. billion dead - 1/3 of hmankind), but least it will be short.

Eight thousand years of history are coming to a permanent close.

Then I bring you Good News. Do not mourn Evil’s 6,000 year reign of deception and terror over mankind. It’s coming to an end, overthrown by Good’s reign of peace and prosperity such as mankind has never known. All the old horrors will be forgotten, like a bad dream upon waking.

“But,” as Prince Faisal said to Lawrence in Lawrence Of Arabia, “first must come the fighting.”

THX Italian 35mm - Feedback thread

Whoa, a couple of minimal chopped sections and no BSOD’s. I think I’m on a roll … just don’t tell me about that concert pillar as I flip on the jetcar’s power switch.

These new sections:

sync 35mm to 16mm - as 2 parallel streams matching where they can
8th 1000+ frames
[note: each 1000-frame section begins exactly on shot]

35mm frames description
69778-80000 match @ SEN_talking
(end of section = 79888)


16mm frames description
70977-82000 match @ SEN_talking
(end of section = 81087)

sync 35mm to 16mm - as 2 parallel streams matching where they can
9th 1000+ frames
[note: each 1000-frame section begins exactly on shot]

35mm frames description
79889-81647 match @ SRT_pointing
00000-00002 spacer for cut-out SEN_crowd
81649-82369 match @ SEN_crowd
00000-00405 spacer for cut-out operator_calling_thru_Eng_readout
82370-90000 match @ fetus_bottles
(end of section = 89889)


16mm frames description
81088-92000 match @ SRT_pointing
(end of section = 91496)

Well, to wrap it up and moving on … the “voting” may be over, the polite congratulations may have been said, but don’t expect anything different from the Soros-funded riots on the outside, to the Clinton-style corruption of Washington DC progressives (both parties) on the inside. The unabashedly leftist Press actively misreported the election coverage and they’ll continue to propagandize with skewed “news stories”. As revealed here:

The Public Square - Weekend broadcast - 11.11.2016

The race was called by two print publications. It was called by the Associated Press, which is a wire service that has always been designed to serve the print media first, and the Wall Street Journal. The papers called the election.

And I couldn’t figure that out, especially as we were looking at the state of Florida. It took forever to call Florida. And I know that I thought they were looking for votes in Broward County but if you crunched the number and looked, I mean turnout in Florida was so large, so large on Tuesday. Yes, I mean so many more people voted and Hillary thought that’d be a great sign for her. But when that Broward County difference didn’t make up the statewide difference, it was evident that Florida wasn’t going to be in her column. But the media was so shocked by that, no one was willing to call it.

So what were they up to? Were they like trying to steal the moment or turn it into their little script for their drama, their presentation?

I’m not sure what they were doing. We couldn’t believe some of these states were taking forever. Even Arizona was taking long, when, to all going in Donald Trump’s direction. But, Dave, I have a question for you regarding the media. Do you think this is a cycle where the candidates used the media, but the media also used the candidates? I mean they exploited each other for gain?

You know what, I think it’s fair to ask, and I know that this probably isn’t going to make any difference. But what happens now is the good people of America will get on with the good things of their lives. And they will put politics in a drawer for the next four years and then come back to it maybe three years from now. That’s a little bit sad. But I want you to understand that our mission field is to the arena of public policy. We don’t expect anybody to stay this involved and this jacked-up a month from now. That’s not what we’re calling for, nor is that the way our nation should have to function. But before we put the thing in the drawer and try to forget about it, we need to consider those questions, Rob. How much of what the media is doing is driven by ratings and driven by this echo-chamber that they live in? And how much are they manipulating us? You know, and if you think that manipulation doesn’t matter, they started reporting on races while the polls were still open in California. We all know about that. They were calling races because the races were there to be called. If they offered the defense of saying we weren’t going to call them because we didn’t want to try to influence the outcome of the west coast races, at least that would be an arguable defense. But when the numbers are staring at you, even after all the polls are closed, what are you doing? I mean, there was a point in time when, in the Pennsylvania tally, where if, there was like one percent or something, I think it was one percent left, every vote in the last one percent, if Clinton had gotten every single vote in the last one percent, she couldn’t have won. How do you not call that race?

The war of progressive* insurrection continues. It’s back to fortifying the positions and manning the guns.

  • progressive (adjective) - happening or developing gradually over a period of time
THX Italian 35mm - Feedback thread

[I powered through, to borrow the sycophant Press’s cover phrase (USA reference), on the older laptop and braved possible BSOD’s (Microsoft reference) by saving after each and every edit. It worked out well enough to do it this way until finished.]

So, this new section was:

sync 35mm to 16mm - as 2 parallel streams matching where they can
7th 1000+ frames
[note: each 1000-frame section begins exactly on shot]

35mm frames description
59376-62675 begin match @ monitor_on_shot-end
. 00000-00002 spacer for cut-out1 SEN_greeting
62676-63872 match @ 1 sEN_greeting
. 00000-00003 spacer for cut-out2 SEN_greeting
63873-65061 match @ 2 sEN_greeting
. 00000-00002 spacer for cut-out SEN_talking
65062-66682 match @ sEN_talking
. 00000-00002 spacer for cut-out THX_tuned-out
66683-66928 match @ THX_tuned-out
. 00000-(-1) spacer for cut-out THX_on_elbow
(special code for 1 frame only)
66929-67931 match @ THX_on_elbow
. 00000-00001 blink for 35mm incomplete_frames
67932-68168 match @ 2nd 35mm incomplete_frame
. 00000-00003 spacer for cut-out pushover_Robo
68169-70000 match @ pushover_Robo
(end of shot = 69777)


16mm frames description
60557-69126 match @ monitor_on_shot-end
. 00000-00001 blink for 35mm incomplete frames
69127-71000 match @ 2nd 35mm incomplete_frame
(end of shot = 70976)