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SSWR's Attack of the Clones - Alternate Timeline Edit (WIP)

Space Medievalist said:

Are you going to redub Cleigg, Owen, and Beru so it seems like Anakin lived with them before becoming a Jedi? Maybe you could have a deepfake flashback of Anakin leaving with Obi Wan?

That’s an interesting idea. I can tell you there will be no flashbacks in my edit. I’m not the biggest fan of those. Even when well done.

I’ve always enjoyed the performance from the actor playing Cleigg…especially his voice. But if there’s something else i can set up by doing this…hmm…I’ll have to ponder this.

Anyone got ideas on this scene and what should’ve been setup?

I haven’t given much thought about their introductions…other than it’s pretty lackluster. If i had a way to do it, I’d cut Beru entirely out of the film. She does nothing but bring unnecessary blue milk to the table.

Has anyone seen 'The Jedi's Apprentice' by Cat's Prime Cuts?

If you go to the teaser, the link to watch is in the description:

Theres a few interesting ideas in the edit. I don’t remember everything. It does have a new intro using TPM footage. New Jango Fett footage from video game commercial? New voice for Watto which is very nicely done. Dooku with a blue lightsaber. Anakin basically brings Padme back from the dead. New score for the ending.
I liked some of the ideas here. The new Jango footage didn’t fit in. I appreciated the effort all of it took. But imo there aren’t enough changes to the film.😉

SSWR's Attack of the Clones - Alternate Timeline Edit (WIP)

While in the midst of editing AOTC, I began to see some things here and there that I’d never seen before. Maybe you haven’t seen them either. 😉

P.S. Oh yeah, this time you have to look at my face. I’m sorry in advance. 😛

JEDDIT: Oh and I got my pc worked on…and got a new hard drive. Working good as new!

The Force Awakens: The Starlight Project - (WIP) <strong>WORKPRINT V3 RELEASED</strong>

NeverarGreat said:

Here’s the Kylo Deleted Scene integrated into my edit in what I’m hoping is a final form:

Password: fanedit

If this is acceptable there’s just those couple of shots near the end of the film to complete (as well as any Restructured changes I missed)!

This is great! Extremely well done!

SSWR's Attack of the Clones - Alternate Timeline Edit (WIP)

Testing the waters with an early deepfake. Full disclosure: I screwed up one of the steps and haven’t gone back to fix it…but still it’s not quite there anyways.

I chose this shot for a couple of reasons:

  1. I’ve always liked this line of Dooku’s but it’s in a deleted scene I don’t plan on using.
  2. In deepfakes current state, I can’t achieve a closeup. So further away from the camera is better.

For those interested, I just went step-by-step with this video:

P.S. It looks like I’m gonna have to break down and buy another pc. The one I’ve been using was already used and had several issues…and now I’ve got the blue screen of death and have tried everything to get it to boot up with no success. I’m waiting for some additional funds that should be on the way…then I can determine how much I’m gonna spend on a new pc. So it might be a hot second before I’m able to give another real update.

SSWR's Attack of the Clones - Alternate Timeline Edit (WIP)

Hey, thank you MisterBenja!

Your observation on the "did you hear what they said was right on. And something about it has just started feeling off to me.

Wait- the way you cut it sounds like the theatrical cut…or am i misunderstanding?

What I’m looking at doing now is to keep everything as i have it but revert the dialogue back to “don’t worry we have R2 with us”.

As far as a workprint: it’s funny- i originally didn’t want to release one mainly because i have a lot of ideas that (if i can pull them off) i don’t want them to get out there until it’s completed. However, because some of my ideas are a little “out there” and/or extremely hard to pull off, i think i will indeed release a workprint because i have a feeling I’ll need lots of feedback in order to get everything working! Lol Plus, if there’s enough interest in this edit, maybe i can get some help from others on some of my crazy ideas.

Hey, you know what would be awesome and extremely helpful? Is for those watching the workprint to record there reactions. Like a director at an early screening, ya know? Now, i can certainly understand if no one wants to put their face out there for all to see…but something to think about!😁

SSWR's Attack of the Clones - Alternate Timeline Edit (WIP)

Hello again peoples
Wanted to drop another video here and see about getting some feedback particularly with the dialogue. Again, I’m using my voice only temporarily, so, aside from not liking my vocal performance, does the dialogue itself work?

Main things I’ve done with this clip:
Altered the music to change the atmosphere of the scene. I’m not completely sold on the soundtracks I’m using BUT it gives the “feeling” I want to convey. I don’t think any of the pieces I’m using are in the same key and I just don’t know enough about music to know if it’s really a problem or not.

Created a shot of Padme not knowing how to respond to what Dorme says. Padmes “then my jedi protector will have to prove how good he is” isn’t particularly bad imo but I couldn’t find another way to cut around the little Obi/Anakin exchange without removing this line.

Cut Obi-Wans berating Anakin about doing anything without consulting him or the council. In this edit, Obi does teach Anakin…but less Master/Student and more like an older wiser guy showing a younger guy the ropes, if you will.

Anakin hears a noise and looks up thinking it could be trouble. I’d like feedback on this too. I’ve liked this idea for a long time but hadn’t implemented it until now. I’d like to know if you think it works…if it adds anything to the scene.

This is where it gets a bit iffy:
-“what are you thinking about?”
-“this is my first assignment on my own…thought you should know.”
Does this exchange work? or what if I cut Padmes line altogether? they walk along in silence for a few seconds then Anakin just blurts out his lines?

-“did you hear what they said about us?”
-both laugh
Did this exchange make sense? Did you find yourself following along?
I could revert his dialogue back to “don’t worry, we have R2 with us” and that would work well with the new R2 shot I’ve added.

You guys are my Brian Trust. What do ya think?

Pro Audio Engineer looking to get involved!<br>

danieldubb, could you give me some advice or pointers? In my edit I’m working on, i need to be able to remove as much original music from the film as possible in order to rescore. Especially in action scenes. I can do a certain amount of rebuiling of the sfx but i was hoping to retain as much of the original sfx as possible. I’ve played around with multiband compressers and limiters (in davinci resolve) with a bit of luck but i dont really know what I’m doing. Any advice on how to go about this? Any helpful youtube videos you may know of?

SSWR's Attack of the Clones - Alternate Timeline Edit (WIP)

I’m back with another clip, folks!

This time I’m tackling the kiss scene. This will give all of you a better idea of how drastic I want to “adjust” this movie. So, a few things going on in this clip:

  • I take advantage every time Anakins mouth is obscured by something or someone to add and/or change his dialogue.

  • removed “across the stars” music and replaced it with a lighter “anakins theme” from TPM which fits the mood better imo

  • I thought it might be fun but also wise to add R2 into this scene. Just to maybe reduce the question of ‘why are they NOW safe from bounty hunters?’. Without explicitly saying it, one could now reason that R2 is continuing to use his scanners for any sort of activity. And now, there’s a fun little bit where he turns away as they kiss. These shots of R2 are not yet finished. In fact, if anyone can think of a better shot of R2 to use, please let me know! This shot is not ideal because it’s so short.

  • I’ve repurposed Padme’s dialogue from TPM and placed it here to tease Anakin

  • the kiss itself is reworked to have a bit more passion from both characters…as if they’ve both wanted to do this for quite a while

  • there’s no abrupt ending to the kiss. no “I shouldn’t have done that” from Padme. They both enjoyed it, both feeling slightly awkward afterwards, Anakin cracks a joke to lighten the tension.

At this point, I’m slowly moving forward with my edit. This is the most “complete” scene so far but I would definitely appreciate feedback. Is there anything that isn’t working? Anything throw you off?

SSWR's Attack of the Clones - Alternate Timeline Edit (WIP)

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I can’t necessarily say that my edit is back on track…but I have started messing around with footage again. I’m currently using the free version of Davinci Resolve. The nodes in Fusion are still throwing me for a loop…but I’ve learned a bit. 😄

It’s really the color grading tab that got me interested in taking another whack at this edit. There’s a lot you can do within it.

I’m still playing around with this scene but as you’ll see, the main idea was to remove Obi-wan’s dialogue that spells everything out for the audience…as well as his pisssed off-ness towards Anakin.

The music is temporary also…but it does add a little tension/uncertainty which is welcome.

Aaand a focus pull shot by snooker! (this was done…like a year or two ago)

I was trying to edit this in 5.1 (and indeed this clip is in 5.1…although you won’t be able to tell cuz youtube) but man…with all the changes I have planned I think it’ll be too much of a headache.

P.S. I’ve reuploaded quite a few of my videos…still gettin’ around to the rest of 'em.

Snooker's Assorted Star Wars edit ideas

You’re back??? Yeah!!!

Nice clip! I actually had another idea for this scene I’ve been sitting on for a while:

Maybe with a different piece of music, it could be played less seriously. Play up the absurdity of the situation.

  • Padme: “I love you”
  • Anakin looks back at her surprised. Before he has time to say or do anything, the cart begins moving out into the arena.

No kiss here…save it for the end.

I’m glad you’ve got a working computer again!