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Mark Hamill in Ireland Online Interview
Way to go Hotrod. XD

I can't help the fact I'm transgendered; neither can gay people help the fact that they're gay. And it's not a disease; it's just a fact of life. It annoys me when people think I'm ill and need to be cured, as many do. (Besides: you can't cure me if you wanted to!) It annoys me even worse, when people such as fundies think we should be locked up or destroyed for not conforming to their gender stereotypes (I mean gays/lesbians as well as transgendered people). Frankly such people can kiss my @$$, fsck off and die, and go rot in fscking hell. >.<

The Original Trilogy - Laser Disc Conversion Thread

Originally posted by: ChainsawAsh
Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I've got a suggestion for the dual-layered disc. How about use the video transfer of the '93 LD and have two audio tracks: 93 version and 89 version if you can get the two different transfers to synch right. Also, you could have the EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE crawl and the non-ANH crawl as an option (alternate angles, the prequel DVDs have a Spanish and French crawl as alternate angles at that time). That'd be awesome.

Pure genius! XDDDDD Love the idea.

Star Wars - The Edits and DVDr releases thread
It could be easier on some people if perhaps some of these videos were encoded to MPEG-4 (DivX, etc.), I'd be willing to do that and torrent the stuff... I'd like to say that I am pretty good at encoding mpeg-4 stuff. XD

I've downloaded the Anamorphic Star Wars 4 off BitTorrent, and it seems quite good quality, though when I did a libavcodec transcode from it, the bitrate was unusually low, it's still quite good quality.

I like watching fanfilms and alternate versions, and I'm glad to see these go up for download. Although full DVDs can be quite a long download... and mpeg-4 transcodes which run about a third to half the size would be much easier on downloaders.

Just let me know. XD