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Dragon Ball Z, and the Dragon Ball series in general

Well, I’ve had several people ask me to record the “HD Remaster” of City Hunter off Animax, and I’ve got what, 48 out of 51 eps of it?

I’ve thought of doing GT with the Animax audio that my team capped, but the Z fiasco’s got me a bit demotivated, and I no longer have the Green Bricks to add the English audio properly the way I did back in 2009…

I was involved with Kienai’s sub of Detective Conan Episode “ONE”, the TV movie, and have been providing some moral support (their translator went through some serious hell recently, I don’t want to talk about it here except to say exes can be terrible sometimes). I’ll probably be working with Kienai more on Conan projects since The Moonlighters doesn’t really have the staff right now.

I’m the timer for Some-Stuffs’ Pokémon Sun & Moon subs (it’s a few of us who worked on Dragon Ball Super for Dragon Team before Crunchyroll took it over).

That’s not to mention my back burner projects…

Dragon Ball Z, and the Dragon Ball series in general

Man, this blew up hard in my face and even harder in my friend’s face who got me the audio…and even harder in the face of two people who got doxxed because someone was butthurt about the audio getting out. Ugh.

Had to pull the torrent for the time being, hoping it’ll at least mitigate future damage. The genie’s still out of the bottle.