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How does the technology from what's shown in the PT lead to what's depicted in the OT?

Loving the car analogy Ray 😃 I’m getting Naboo Starfighter vs X-Wing vibes in those pictures!

Isn’t this the right forum for this discussion mate? As it crosses both the ‘Original Trilogy Discussion’ and ‘Beyond the Original Trilogy’, and so the ‘General Star Wars Discussion’ forum is best suited for it? Apologies if I’m wrong or have spoken out of turn.

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

Tantive3+1 said:

Darth Dougal said:

Apologies if anyone else commented on this previously, but I wonder if LFL/Disney intend to sit on the unreleased footage from Ep. IV etc. and the OT editions until the 50th anniversary of Star Wars?

It’s a horrible thought, but maybe they are already thinking ahead to 2027?

That’s when the 8K versions will be released so probably.

Also besides Greedo saying “Ma Klounkee” and a new sky on Tatooine, what are the other new changes done for the 19SE?

doubleofive did a trilogy of articles on the changes for the 2019 SE / Disney+ version of the Original Trilogy on ‘The Digital Bits’ website. They are linked below, along with some changes yotsuya has also found:-

Changes to the Disney+ 2019 SE of the Original Trilogy

and also in the 1st post of doubleofive’s fantastic Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes thread in the ‘Theatrical Cuts vs. Subsequent Releases’ forum; with more info on the various changes, including the 2019 SE, such as 13las’ great videos too.

doubleofive’s site -, and his SWVC twitter - are well worth a look at too.

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

CourtlyHades296 said:

You can buy the UK Skywalker set for 65 GBP and have the 2019 SE without any 4K discs.

Do you have a link to such a set, please?

Because if the tweet by SWVC (doubleofive) is correct:-

‘Confirmed by @thedigitalbits that if you buy the Blu-ray-only set you get 11SE on Blu-ray, but if you buy the UHD / Blu-ray combo set you get the 19SE on Blu-ray. Because that’s not confusing to consumers.’

Then you have to buy the UHD / blu ray combo box set to get the 2019 Disney+ SE version.

And that if you buy this blu ray only set below, then you will be getting the 2011 SE version:- - £65

Or I have gotten this wrong?

<strong>Coronavirus</strong> (COVID-19) Pandemic thread - <strong>relevant political discussion allowed</strong> in here

That’s the UK now in lockdown:- - BBC News youtube channel. PM announcing strict new curbs on life in the UK to tackle the spread of coronavirus)

Edit on Monday - or maybe not, according to Health Secretary Matt Hancock:-

Coronavirus: Calls for clarity over new curbs on life in UK

‘Confused, dangerous, flippant’: rest of world pans PM’s handling of coronavirus


Live Guardian news link on the Coronavirus from around the world:-


"Donald Trump is addressing the country at a televised press conference from the White House at the moment.

After an awkward delay of several minutes, the US president has just taken the stage to begin the coronavirus press briefing today.

Trump then reiterates almost word for word the message he tweeted out a few minutes ago: “It’s very important that we protect our Asian American community in the US and all around the world. They’re amazing people and the spreading of the virus is not their fault in any way, shape or form.”

That new message, after the Trump administration spent a week embracing the racist tactic of calling coronavirus the “Chinese virus” and then responding with outrage and denial when it was labeled as racist, comes in the wake of growing evidence of the toll of racist attacks, harassment and blame targeting Asian Americans across the country.

Trump opened his press conference with the promise that “the hardship will end. It will end soon.”

“Our country was not built to be shut down,” Trump said. “This is not a country that was built for this. It was not built to be shut down.”"


Words fail me. I’d no idea Trump had been calling it the ‘Chinese virus’ - and confirms just what an ignorant person he is. I take it he won’t be taking any responsibility for it, again.

How did the UK and US end up with these two bumbling baffoons in charge? Neither seem fit for politics, let along running the country in a normal eveyday type situation, but in the situation we find ourselves in…

<strong>Coronavirus</strong> (COVID-19) Pandemic thread - <strong>relevant political discussion allowed</strong> in here

You too Ray, my man.

Am hoping your business - and many others’ on here - doesn’t suffer too badly from this.

Our PM (in the UK) is finally starting to make sense with the Govt response - though is still light on the detail of plans; such as some schools remaining open for the kids of emergenccy and essential workers - but no details on where, how many, added protction for staff and so on.

Or the shortage of supplies and essentials for emergency staff working in hospitals. It is almost like this is a harsh lesson as to what happens when you cut the NHS and other social care to the bone - unfortunately the PM and his cronies won’t likely be feeling the effects themselves, it’ll be those working for the NHS and the regular everyday person on the end of it.

This article by Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet medical journal, highlights the UK’s slowness in reacting to what was coming back in January:-

Scientists have been sounding the alarm on coronavirus for months. Why did Britain fail to act? - at The Guardian :

I’ve seen some of statements from Trump over the duration of this - all the way back to January; the man seems to be a fantasist, someone who could George Lucas a run for his money on the revisionism stakes! Big difference is this is people’s lives at stake, and we are in a situation where trust and belief in our leaders and the people around them is needed…

Genuinely wishing you guys all the best over there.

<strong>Coronavirus</strong> (COVID-19) Pandemic thread - <strong>relevant political discussion allowed</strong> in here

There is no need to bow out eiyosus, as these things should be discussed.

Many people are going to worried about their elderly relatives, friends and neighbours; visiting them, spending time with them, and helping them out would be the usual thing to do in similar situations… yet unfortunately in this one it could likely prove a serious issue in itself.

There is a lack of care for the elderly and vulnerable in general everyday life; we worry about them, it is only natural to do so, and given the circumstances of this virus in particular, it is considerably more frustrating and worrying that we cannot help them as we previously would.

Good on you for helping them out and sending the packages.

Though, when you say ‘we’ll be fine’ and ‘This is some real first world problems crap’ - for many people this will not be the case; including elderly relatives, friends and neighbours - as well as those with underlying medical conditions or compromised immune systems etc.

And also for the 7500+ people who have already lost their lives; their families and loved ones. The 6500+ in ‘serious/critical’ condition, the 95,000 in ‘mild’ condition, and the many many people out there who may have it and have not yet even been tested, along with the chances of it spreading further.

Not to mention those who’ve lost their jobs, or are self-employed, or have little-to-no money or savings. If you’re in France, Spain and Italy there is some financial help out there. Other countries, including the UK, there is next to fuck all - and much of the advice we are getting from our ‘leaders’ is contradictory from one day to the next, and insufficient at best.

Plus the selfish idiots who have ensured there is next to nothing on the shelves in certain areas as regards to certain foods and grocery-wise (toilet roll, handwash and tinned goods, especially). And many stores were seemingly unwilling to prevent them emptying the shelves.

Digital OT owners switched to Disney+ versions without consent?

Shit, it is about time the various content providers made more of an effort to let us know exactly what we are buying from them. Keep the paying consumer informed, maybe?

As oojason said… a notification that the films we have signed up to buy and watch have changed wouldn’t go amiss (whether that is physical media, digital downloads, or streamed etc) and isn’t difficult to do.

In the wider context of the differing versions and changes made to the films… maybe it is embarrassing for Lucasfilm to answer such questions? It is possible they don’t like that kind of publicity or light being shone on their continuing releases? Being asked just which of the five versions it is we are actually buying and receiving - why certain versions are no longer available, and information as to what changes have been made to each (which they seemingly don’t want to give out).

It is almost like they (lucasfilm and the content providers) treat the paying customer with disdain or contempt, and expect us to pay for continuing new releases they don’t even describe or provide information on - in regards to changes made to them.

To pay for versions or content that we may not actually want.

<strong>Coronavirus</strong> (COVID-19) Pandemic thread - <strong>relevant political discussion allowed</strong> in here

A thread for discussing the Coronavirus pandemic and the effects it may well soon have on us - if not already.

Hopefully, it will not affect anyone directly on here.

Stay safe. Wash those hands. Be considerate for others.

Don’t deny others vital essentials and hoard much needed products then sell for profit.

In amgonst the misleading clickbait, bogus cures & remedies, stories of selfishness & greed… there are stories of good too:-

Edinburgh shop supplies free Covid-19 ‘survival’ packs to those in need - at Edinburgh News
LVMH, maker of Louis Vuitton, switches to making hand sanitizer for coronavirus pandemic - at ABC News
Italians Serenade Each Other To Fight Loneliness During Coronavirus Lockdown - at Forbes
Coronavirus: Kind Canadians start ‘caremongering’ trend - at the BBC


Some useful sites / sources of information:-

UN: :
WHO: :

NHS: :
BBC: : (UK) :
Guardian: :

WSJ: :
CNN: :
ABC: :

For ‘Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country, Territory, or Conveyance’:-


Moderator Edit: We ask that you check any stories or articles before posting them in this thread - we don’t want any misinformation, conspiracy theories, or your own personal ‘expert’ medical opinions posted as fact (unless you ARE a medically qualified and practicing doctor or epidemiologist etc) - thank you.

Moderator Update - 18th March: The mods, upon request, have decided to allow relevant political discussion on the coronavirus pandemic in this thread - and in this thread only. IF it goes well we consider allowing further political discussions in the future. Yet obviously, we do not wish to see a return to type and level of posting that led to the political threads remaining locked on several previous occasions… and the subject of politics being ultimately banned from the site…

For example:-

‘President / Prime Minister is a ****’ will see political discussion being banned in here immediately.

‘President / Prime Minister doesn’t know what he / she is doing in this situation and should leave it to… because…’ is fine.

<strong>Lego Star Wars: Mini Movies</strong> (animated series of shorts from across the GFFA)

Up on the official Star Wars youtube channel there is a playlist of 23 ‘Lego Star Wars’ videos available to watch too:-

With a host of other Playlists up on the channel, here -