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<strong>4K77</strong> - Released

ZaneFlare92 said:

I apologize Williarob. Having grown up with various vhs releases dvd blu ray and other stuff it was just something new to my eyes. Look like we may have found something new that was altered from the original none the less.

When first going through these projects frame by frame we see all sorts of things we didn’t expect.
This was the image that surprised me the most, I still get a laugh from it:

Gredo Puppet

<strong>4K77</strong> - Released

Handman said:

VLC just released a major update. I don’t have any 4K video to test it with, but I think it was supposed to help with that. Could anyone confirm that?

I normally ignore those update messages from VLC as they appear just when I’m about to watch something.
A couple days ago I let it update and saw during install a message that mentioned enhanced 4K support.
I thought ‘cool’, lets see if it helps playing 4K77, I had a error during the update and clicked ignore,
afterwards tested 4K77, this time it didn’t stutter, it wouldn’t play at all! I figured it was the error.
I downloaded & re-installed the latest version from file and had no errors, still 4K77 wouldn’t play,
and VLC crashed. So… I rolled back to my previous version, same issue AND no h265 file would play!
Today after a clean un-install I downloaded and installed VLC v3.0, everything is back to normal.
I think I’ll try the latest version one more time, but I don’t have high hopes.
I use PowerDVD 16 to play 4K77, and it works just fine!

<strong>4K77</strong> - Released

I was just stating a opinion, though I DO believe that renaming a film, editing and altering in any way
IS just plain wrong. I’m one who did not grow up with the S.E., I was quite grown in '77 thank you.
In 1997 I bought the boxed set not knowing a thing about the changes and sat down with my children
to have a ‘Star Wars’ marathon, then suddenly it was like: “cover your eyes kids… don’t watch!”
Today I am so very grateful to folks like Harmy, TN-1, and Williarob for all their work to assure
that people like me ought never have to sit through one frame George’s evil ‘original vision’.
Also I think people who actually enjoy the changes should be able to continue to do so.
George Lucas wanted to make sure that we would have no choice in this, but today we do.

George vs George

Project Threepio (Star Wars OOT subtitles)

I’m using your English native 1080p .sup file in these examples.

If encoded with the ‘black bars’ in a 16:9 aspect ratio I get this:

If encoded to a 2.40:1 ratio:

note: I’m still using ver. 9.2 here, still haven’t acquired your most recent version.

Edit: The above example were using Cyberlink PowerDVD 16, which I was using because
VLC is quite choppy playing 4K video but, VLC does display subtitles normally:

16:9 with VLC:
16:9 - VLC

Harmy's THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Despecialized Edition HD - V2.0 - MKV &amp; AVCHD (Released)

Harmy said:

In v3.0, the recomped shots will be restored using 35mm for sure. In v2.5, the number of Despecialized shots will be more or less the same as in v2.0 but those using GOUT heavily will be replaced with 35mm based ones.

That reminds me, that I probably should have posted these here, since the shot I’m showing is from Empire:

Great clips! It’s very interesting to see the time, care & expertise that goes
into restoring just a few seconds of footage. I actually understood most of what
you were doing, but damn, you’ve got some cool toys! Worth the wait!

The Phantom Menace - A &quot;Good Enough&quot; HD Reconstruction (Released)

Collipso said:

Faithwyn said:

Good for you, I look forward to seeing this!

I find that hard to believe…

I want to have this downloaded though, it’s quite important. But I doubt I’ll ever watch it.

I actually did not expect much when I heard about the prequels coming out,
so I wasn’t surprised or very disappointed. Based on what Georgie was doing
to the Original Trilogy I expected a lot more of the same, he didn’t disappoint.

Harmy's THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Despecialized Edition HD - V2.0 - MKV &amp; AVCHD (Released)

“Star Wars” chapter titles and stops:

“Empire Strikes Back” chapter titles and stops:

“Return Of The Jedi” chapter titles and stops:

These are about as close to official as you can get. Most of the titles come from the official Blu-rays, but have been tweaked a bit by oojason to account for differences between the official releases and the Despecialized Edition. Hope that helps!

Wow! I’d never given this any thought, after reading this post I learned that
my copy of Jedi does indeed have chapter names, while the other two films do not.
Since I’ve yet to burn my custom projects I’m sure I would have discovered this
at that time and come hear asking this same question. Thanks for the links, I’ve
snagged all three to text files for future muxing!