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Blu-Ray and other HD box size STAR WARS covers

Flinty95 said:

Hey guys, been lurking this forum for a while and just decided to take a crack at my own covers. Pretty simple design, I’m no graphic artist. Anyway I’ve got them all in a Google Drive here:

Thoese look very cool! I really like the large images used for both back and front sides of the covers.

Kodi / Plex / Media Center Posters?

oojason said:

These may be of some interest:-

^ from - by RedHeadJedi

More info, and downloads to the above art - and more, here:- &

Absolutely stunning McQuarrie-feel covers 😃

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy CGI Free

Can I get a link to your RoboCop remake, please Mocata? It sounds fun 😃


There are many awesome animators around, it would be cool to see some of their interpretations of a Prequel Trilogy more in keeping with the Original Trilogy style (with maybe a few fixes / tweaks along the way?)

Sort of a ‘Daz Tibbles meets Galaxy of Adventures’ style?

Or the guy who did that aewsome ‘TIE Fighter’ animation youtube vid - OtaKing770?

The Mandalorian - Star Wars Live action TV series : <strong>NO SPOILERS</strong>

No, The Mandalorian isn’t a Boba Fett show. GOOD!’ - by HelloGreedo

HG made a couple of good points here; for many of the casual Star Wars fans (or sci-fi fan) they’ll probably tune in expecting the series to be about Bobba or the Fetts. It’ll be interesting to see how they take to new characters in a familiar timeline and setting…

Harmy's THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Despecialized Edition HD !!!MKV and AVCHD v2.0 NOW AVAILABLE!!!

HanDuet said:

Downloads are ONLINE again for Harmy’s Star Wars Trilogy Despecialized Editions!

TUIG updated to v6.0.

This major revision of the guide (and supplemental references) replaced all obsolete content, provides access to to active download sources, and includes many other improvements. Thanks for everyone’s patience; it took a lot of research, conversations, and coordination to make this happen! Enjoy, and please send me a PM with any feedback.

Status updates about TUIG are posted on my Facebook page:

Thanks to SnooPac for significant help making this all work, and to Harmy for his ongoing willingness to provide me quick feedback as I prepare and publish these “official” guide updates.

That is great work!

As ForceAbel posted in one of the other DEED threads, massive kudos and thanx, and am sure a lot of people looking for the Despecialized Editions are going to benefit from that useful Ultimate Introductory Guide 😃

Batsh*t crazy ebay listings

‘Star Wars Adidas Originals Darth Vader Hoodie Jacket Superstar Track Top’:

Ours for only US $5.5 million - free shipping!

It might well be ‘Pre-Owned’ - I think if we club togther we have ourselves a bargain 😃

The Description:

'The force is strong in my family as I’m descended from the legendary Djedhi/Djedi (Jedi) Masters of Ancient Egypt, who’s prediluvian ancestors were architects of the Sphinx and Great Pyramids during Zep Tepi, or the first time of Atlantis. The original/prequel story line of Star Wars and the Skywalker name is derived from my ancient ancestry, written by George Lucas who was mentored and influenced by the great Joe Campbell.

Up for grabs is the Darth Vader superstar track top from my personal Adidas Originals collection, it’s in mint condition, has all the accessories including hood, cape with light sabre pouch and front panel (all detachable) which I’ll sign on the back. I’ll also include a Certificate of Authenticity to match the jacket and a personalized video to you, decoding the symbolism/story of the Skywalkers/light sabre from the movies which connects directly to my ancient ancestry! Some other interesting facts to note here is that I come from one of the places mentioned in the movies and was born only a few days after the premiere of “A New Hope”. (My ancestry/history is linked and connected to the Skywalkers and the Jedi in the Star Wars movies 100%)

The jacket comes in a unique one off handcrafted wooden box which will be presented to you on location with an special event to mark the occasion, starting a 5 day all inclusive private tour of ancient Ireland, home of the Skywalkers with me as your personal guide in April or August 2020 to witness a spectacular solar alignment! During your stay we’ll visit key ancient sites connected with my ancestry and the Star Wars movies! As the tour unfolds I’ll also share the old wisdom of the very ancient lands with my unique insight into history as we embark on trips to Skellig Michael, filming location for the first Jedi temple in both The Force Awakens/The last Jedi and the town of Scariff named in Rogue One as a planet, location for the death star plans! Just arrange your visa/flights to Ireland and I’ll take care of the rest.

Ideally this package would complete the circle for the official writer of the greatest story ever told, the master himself George Lucas! Perhaps someone in the Star Wars crew past/present or for any Padawan who wants to take their place and go on an adventure of a lifetime with me, relearn the wisdom of the Djedi masters and own a piece of memorabilia that will take its place in history from the greatest cult classic ever written!

You can see the solar alignment and find information about the ancient Egyptian Djedi by typing Tutankhaten into youtube and navigating to that channel, its the first one that comes up!

May the Force be with you!’


Oh! It’s size Large - sorry, I’m out. More of a small/medium


<strong>Possessed</strong> Star Wars Trilogy custom edition

pleasehello said:

JSteven said:

Side note: why are so many great faneditors banned from this site??

Can’t speak to other editors, but it’s not hard to figure out why Possessed was banned:

and these posted on the same day by him too:

Banned Members thread:

Going on his user profile he had a history of posting shots at Jay before that as well.

And then he continued over at FE’s ‘OT Obsessed’ thread, still posting about it last week. Yet it seems the mods over there keep on top of it and continue to delete some of his toxic posts about this place and Jay.

There doesn’t seem to be many faneditors banned in all? Ortega and FGR were banned for straightforward rule breaks according to the Banned Members thread.

List of most current preservation versions (harmy's despecialized, 4k77, 4k83)

Sorry Broom Kid, I am not sure how you came to arrive at such conclusions. It doesn’t seem ‘clearly obvious’ or ‘paranoia’.

About myspleen, it seems a good centralized place to upload projects - that will later filter down through people here helping each other out.

A shame there hasn’t been open invitations for a couple of years, but given the supposed amount of ‘hit and runners’ who did not contribute to their community there, it is not a surprise.

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

Toxic, nl0428? I hadn’t noticed. Anyway I hope you enjoy the movie 😃


‘Brand New Alien From Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, meet Babu Frik’: - The Star Wars Show


The World Premiere of IX will be on December 17:


The chief of Hasbro says this in regards to IX merchandise - ‘We have clear conversations about what can come out when, and what needs to stay under wraps. We work around things with that in mind. At least from a Hasbro stand point, [the product on display is] maybe 30-35% of our full line.’: