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Info & Ideas: SFX isolation and Re-Score (For Fan Edits)


Greetings to all fans, I wanted to share some ideas about some scenes with isolated SFX, possibly for rescoring. I’m working to isolate or duplicate from scratch (very time-consuming) all SFX in the Jedi Battle of Geonosis, in order to rescore it with better star wars battle music.

What are your best ideas?

My ideas for re-scoring with a more suitable action music
Jedi Battle of Geonosis
Anakin vs Dooku
Yoda vs Dooku

I’ll be sharing some of my results soon!


This is the obvious choice for rescoring that scene.

Jokes aside, removing the soundtrack from scenes is often a big headache in fanediting, so I’m sure there’s heaps of scenes people could suggest.

“It’s like rhymetry. They poem.” - Leorge Gucas

The Rise of Skywalker Expanded Edition by Rae Carson: The Faraday Edit, Revenge of the Sith: The Faraday Nudge, ROTS Ultracut: Order 66, The Light Rises, Faraday Junior’s Star Wars


The THX WOW Laserdisc has isolated sound effects for several ROTJ explosions.