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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Part 2 - The Consequences Edit by Wakeupkeo

This is definitely a worthy restructuring of BVS, no longer does it feel like mere “BS”, the film compliments Man of Steel well, choosing to sidestep the desert angle and pushing the senate hearings to reflect the aftermath of the battle with Zod instead. As the edit suggests, this is the consequence cut and Clark must be held to account. An inspired storytelling choice. There are a lot of surprises in this edit, a new take on the familiar Wayne tragedy, coupled with some very clever audio mixing, creates a whole different approach to the moment of madness that was the ‘Martha’ scene, the one scene that makes and breaks the movie for everyone.

This is the better half we deserve, this is Batman, more to the point, this is truly the Superman the editor craved. A decent guy trying to do the right thing in a world with very bleak ideas of what justice entails. Some films needn’t stay bad in this world.

Highly recommended.


Jigsaw: A History of Desperation (Maniac)

I never had any interest in watching any of the SAW franchise movies. My ex-girlfriend bought me the entire series and the reboot because she knew that I liked several of the other horror franchises like Hellraiser and Halloween. I felt there was no comparison. I did, however, try to watch the first movie. I fell asleep a few minutes into it. The entire premise seemed contrived.

So…when I found out that Maniac was spending a ton of time editing the entire catalogue into a single movie…I thought he had lost his mind. Over time, and a with a few of his other edits under my belt, I have come to the conclusion that that reality may have already transpired. However, since this was an edit by Maniac, and his edits freaking rock, I decided to check it out.

Maniac certainly has an intuitive gift for knowing what is truly twisted and disturbing and fully implementing that skill into the art of making other people’s demented movies as dark as the absence of light allows.

Maniac is probably as off the chain as most of these protagonists and likely needs professional help. Editing these movies is likely therapy for him and his personal crazy.

Jigsaw was full throttle balls to the wall nightmare inducing excitement. The three of us, my brother, his wife and I watched it the other night. It doesn’t relent. We were almost breathless and always at the edge of our seat. There are so many of the “choose your fate or die” situations that you don’t really get a chance to come up for air which is awesome if that’s your thing.

We loved that Maniac added a score that was more tension inducing. He probably had little choice since he was editing from at least seven movies. We also loved that he gave you the protagonist’s background and reason for his crazy right out the gate. You also get the reason for his accomplices and their backstories.

The entire affair hits you like a locomotive and speeds through you so fast that it’s over before you realize it.

The audio was perfect. The editing was almost perfect. The narrative was a master feat done exceptionally well and sets an example for others to follow.

Excellent! A master of his craft displaying his twisted psychologically disturbing masterpiece. As good as it gets.

Forever in search of that one movie experience…


Rise of Skywalker Resurgence by krausfadr Latest Version
Loved the new ideas incorporated (Rey being more dark side oriented, killing her parents, Palpatine being a twist later on in the movie, Correlia destruction, etc).
Thank you to everyone involved in the creation of the force ghost scene, the Knights of Ren voices, and fleet voices. Really elevates those aspects.
There were some weird jump cuts when the trooper is shot with an arrow and Finn being force pushed. Some audio popping when Luke says you went straight to the dark and when Snapp dies. I think the “you sent down there ship” is a little clunky. The “you wanted your parents dead” and ship destruction footage is enough to show the audience what happened.
Would have liked some of the humor to be trimmed more (They fly now, be more optimistic, terrible job, sir). But that is personal preference.
Overall, really liked the new version! Would recommend it! Breathes a life into this movie that it needed. As it needs to cap off a saga.


A Christmas Horror Story: All Your Gifts at Once Edition - MusicEd921

Overview - The original Christmas Horror Story was quite a bouncy affair, four storylines weaving back and forth throughout. MusicEd aims for a more traditional anthology style.

The “look” of this is good. There has been substantial work, reassembling disparate scenes into one narrative, or rather four narratives. No problems. NOTE : PAL format.

Audio has plenty of dialogue in every chapter. Voices were clean throughout, so subs were not necessary, at least not for me.

Using Shatner (DJ Dangerous Dan) as an interconnecting element is a wise move. It is also done better here than in the original. Better, full stop. Personally, I think chapters 2 and 3 should be switched. There is a callback reveal in #3 that, to me, should have been sorted. Also, #3 and #4 are the most action driven episodes and I believe the film would have breathed better had they been switched.

OK, let’s get to the elephant. The filesize is 10.9 GB! Really? Bring this thing down, please. Noted, move on.
I really liked this a lot. More people should see this, especially during the season. C’mon guys, quit watching all your Hallmark favorites.
I would watch this every year, especially if I could burn it. Great job, MusicEd, rousing fun.


The Rise of Skywalker: Resurgence by krausfadr

I saw the original in an IMAX viewing opening day. It was ideal conditions for me to get wrapped up in the movie, but instead it felt bogged down by sloppy frenetic edits between scenes, attempts to build tension but then immediately walking it back, and just a lot of antagonism between the main characters.

This edit has honestly resolved my major issues with the original. It is a fantastic reimagining of the movie without stripping out the bones. While the original failed to build a cohesive arc for Rey, Resurgence manages to make a simple change of a character’s motivations and all the pieces fall together in a much comprehensive manner.

I have to honestly thank krausfadr for just so incisively reordering and smoothing out the pacing. The original cut feels frenetic and unfocused. Where this cut manages simultaneously to assemble a piece vastly more enjoyable while also managing to tie it into the first two in a more comprehensible manner.

Be aware what I am about to say next while not explicitly spoiling could be seen as treading into quasi-spoiler territory. This cut builds Rey’s motivations with a far clearer depiction of her internal struggle and even explains why she might be more inclined to forgive Ben Solo. It really manages to even redefine why Rey spent so much time on Jakku and perhaps her state of mind at the beginning of the trilogy. Lastly, the end actually manages to makes room for a stronger case to why she chooses to take on the Skywalker name.

I am practicing a lot of restraint here, as I personally would have made a lot small and big edits that would have satisfied my personal whims. However, what this cut manages to do is resolve some of the underlying issues with what I used to strongly disagree with narratively. It all feels far more palatable, and now I actually can derive a lot more meaning from a movie that does indeed make strong artistic stylistic choices but weak narrative choices as well as sloppy, irritating editing sensibilities.

Thank you again kruasfadr for reshaping something previously lacking in a lot of areas into a movie I can genuinely enjoy along with the rest of the saga even despite its core flaws.

Pew pew pew goes the nerfherder


Jimmy Chips said:

There were some weird jump cuts when the trooper is shot with an arrow and Finn being force pushed. Some audio popping when Luke says you went straight to the dark and when Snapp dies. I think the “you sent down there ship” is a little clunky. The “you wanted your parents dead” and ship destruction footage is enough to show the audience what happened.

Jimmy thanks for the feedback. If I do another update, I’ll take a look at the issues you mentioned.

learn about my fanedits at
heil palpatine.


Rise of Skywalker Resurgence by krausfadr

Overall, this was a huge improvement on the theatrical release. While I’d personally take more of a hacksaw to this film, krausfadr did a fantastic job of improving Rise of Skywalker while keeping the body in tact. If you’re just looking for a better version of the film we got to close out your sequel collection, this is probably the one for you.

The beginning of the movie is, in my opinion, the most impressively redone. The buildup to clone Palpatine being sort of a mysterious benefactor for the First Order instead of being revealed at the start improves the pacing tremendously. Thankfully, it also means the excision of Palpatine announcing his return to the galaxy off-screen (in Fortnite) for reasons unknown.

The change regarding Rey’s parentage were less smoothly done, having some choppy dialogue editing in the retrofitted scenes. However, it gets the point across clear enough and does the film a great service by having it take less of a massive shit on Last Jedi, a movie I personally adore.

And, of course, it comes with the improved “all the Jedi” ending. While I never personally needed the fanservice present, it does help improve an incredibly flaccid climax. That it looks fantastic for a fan work only helps matters.

While the movie’s a bit intrinsically broken, this is an amazing effort that makes it much less of a let down. Excellent work to krausfadr and their collaborators.

A few specific things I personally would like to see changed (may edit these into my own copy):

-While I really like Kylo Ren’s Mustafar rampage, it’s not necessary here, his acquisition of the holocron could be explained in the opening crawl, maybe with some footage spliced into Rey’s forest vision. The pacing of this film is psychotic and it doesn’t really need another action scene.

-I’d remove the shots of the Sith fleet coming out of the ground, it only heightens the handwavy nature of its existence. The meeting scene earlier establishes they have some of the fleet ships already, shots of them in the sky would suffice.

-I’d have the party split up off screen on the mission to rescue Chewy, and excise all mention of the dagger being used as a room locator for the Death Star wreckage. It’s already established Rey can use the force to locate things, and it’s probably the most nonsensical moment in the original script.

-Cut Finn on the death star wreckage, it’s hilarious they had to delay sailing due to the weather, and then just do it off screen anyway.

-Cut mentions of Poe being a spice runner, it adds little and is accidentally a bit racist on the script writer’s part (whoops, we accidentally made the Guatemalan a drug runner for no reason!)


Rise of Skywalker Resurgence by krausfadr

krausfadr and company have triaged the many problems of the RoS and seem to have settled on three major flaws which this cut seeks to address. If these resonate with you, do not hesitate to give this a watch!

First, Rey’s arc as a Palpatine is a hindrance to the simultaneous conclusion of story of the film, the sequel trilogy, and the “Skywalker Saga.” krausfadr’s cut attempts to correct the problematic blood-determinism of Rey’s lineage while retaining Palpatine in the film. Rey’s Palpatine arc is therefore corrected through its excision. While I yearn for a version of this film that is 100% Palpatine-free (not sure what that film would be about, but at least it would be mercifully short!), this cut does the best it can to reduce him to his rightful role of evil-McGuffin, without letting his genealogy stain the message that this film probably ought to have been: that the Force can be democratized, and that not everyone needs to be a Skywalker or a Solo or a Palpatine to matter in this story.

Second, that the film is better served by positioning the Knights of Ren as Kylo’s menacing enforcers, rather than the mere sideshow act they are in the theatrical version. As such, in this version, they are an important obstacle for Ben to overcome. This is much more satisfying way to cash-out their set-up role in TFA. In addition, this is useful in making his final fight with his previous murder-bros companions as an act of atonement for the massacre of billions on the worlds destroyed by Starkiller base, and therefore cast his romantic connection with Rey just an little bit more earned.

Third, this cut seems to reflect the editors impression that TLJ set up the conclusion of the trilogies in a single direction: how Rey’s choices would impact the future of the Jedi. This edit actually delivers on this premise. While this cut does not omit Rey’s hamfisted identification as a Skywalker at the very end, it instead tries to imbue her decision to go by that name with actual meaning beyond an underdeveloped “you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends” kind of moral note the original screenplay attempts to end on. Thanks to changes in the opening crawl, we now know that Ren is trying to snuff out that name. That’s where this story begins. He’s targeting those who dare to use it, and therefore keep hope alive of resisting his war machine. This not only re-imagines the ending of this film as one that actually delivers on the ending of TLJ, but also as ending befitting the so-called Skywalker Saga.

I am pleased to report that this krausfadr’s rehabilitation is very effective in elevating RoS into a something that I can watch without rage-quitting (RIP, Rose). Emancipating Rey from her Palpatine bloodline is surprisingly effective way of dampening the frustration I feel about the original screenplay’s betrayal of the suggested premise that Rey ought to be celebrated precisely because she’s a nobody. While this cut deserve many accolades for the best possible job in the hopeless task of polishing a turd, I want to highlight what I think is the most affecting revision: the ending.

The conclusion of this cut comes close being legitimately emotionally moving and satisfying ending to Star Wars’ nine episodes. Rather than spread the symbolic ashes of her former master in the form of a lightsaber at a place where he was abandoned and left in obscurity to protect him from by an abusive father, instead Rey comes to lay his memory to rest and make a statement of her own about what kind of Jedi she intends to be. With one little snippet of dialogue from Yoda, we get a hint of how Rey might break the ring theory of Star War’s force-wielders by reforming the Jedi order. Not to mention, through some simple and hugely effective editing, Rey now no longer makes this pilgrimage alone. The gang is together, and the cut ends on the happier note with the suggestion that whatever adventure comes next, the characters we’ve grown to care about in TLJ will be together.

Considerations for future editions, from methodologically conservative to the most radical departures:

Moving Palps reveal to the end of the first act is big improvement. Yet the first act is still a little rocky. In this cut, the first act has to do double duty: establish that Palps is off in the Unknown Regions and has offered the his fleet to Kylo, and that Kylo is doubling down on destroying all things Solo. Some of the editing in this new version of the first act left me a bit confused. For example, did I have it right that that Ren’s already made contact with Palps before visiting Exegol? Part of his Mustafar massacre scene could be re-appropriated as visual evidence of his textual targeting of those who continue to use the name Skywalker… some additional scene/dialogue to develop that idea in the opening crawl would be welcome.

Consider cutting the image of Sith fleet rising from the ice. It looks like an action shot suggesting a ship battle, but then nothing of the kind follows. Instead, the shots from afar do enough to establish the threat from afar.

Cut the dagger-matching wreckage scene. Rather than rely on an inexplicable post-facto modern-wreckage-ancient-artifact alignment, Rey’s Force-powers should suffice in unveiling the location to the damn wayfinder. The dagger scene is so distracting!

C390’s memory wipe could be made permanent by cutting the recovery scene. This might give some more meaningful stakes to a screenplay in which Chewie’s and Ben’s deaths serve as little more than cheap fake-outs.

TL;DR – krausfadr’s cut makes RoS a much more tolerable conclusion to the sequel trilogy. With enough smart and common-sense improvements, this cut merits the consignment of the theatrical version to the dustbin of history. (I mean, the theatrical version does that on its own “merits,” but you get the drift). A hearty thank you to krausfadr and company for their work.


Friday the 13th Part X Jason In Space - Reaper18783x

One of the fans’ least favorite of the Friday The 13th series, and one low on my personal list for rewatching.
Reaper18783x cut humor (most of which was atrocious), pointless dialogue, as well as several draggy sequences. A bit of comic relief abides, yet the result is a lean, grindhouse actioner without the usual grindhouse print damage.

Solid two channel stereo. Music volume during several action sequences had been lowered to highlight sound effects. Great decision. Reading the cutlist, I knew dialogue had been trimmed, but I caught no clipped sentences.

The sets were always cheesy, reminding me of leftovers from an MTV video shoot. For a ship with a detail of combat marines, most were as lethal as SW stormtroopers. The majority of personnel were in their early 20’s. Yes, believability jettisoned in mind of the target audience. The mesh of slasher Horror and techie SciFi failed in the original, little better here. That said, because the pace barrels along in Reaper’s edit, those inconsistencies weren’t as much a distraction.

Enjoyment - Friday 13th ain’t high on my go-to Horror list. Could be I’ve outgrown slasher bloodlust. This is a fine edit, especially for a first edit, and I can easily recommend this.
Hardcore fans of the series will enjoy this, especially those who disliked the original. This is definitely several steps toward redemption.


Klone (Solaris - 2002) - Elbarto1

I watched the Tarkovsky original at a revival house in the 1970’s and exited annoyed with myself for failing to understand the film, and annoyed at the director for being so opaque.
Soderbergh’s remake of Solaris was equally disappointing.
With Elbarto1’s version, straight off I perceived Clooney’s character as a troubleshooter, not necessarily a psychiatrist.
I particularly appreciate how the flow is worked, specifically the use of music which beautifully links scenes together.
Midway, however, I lost the thread.
When Kelvin wakes next to his wife, the pace races to conclude. I wish that had been handled somewhat better.
Cliff Martinez’s score through headphones is hauntingly evocative.
I wish Elbarto1 had done more edits. He seemed attracted to off route territory. He was also a nice soul, greeting all new members. His was a touch of grace we see less of nowadays.


Battle (Duel) - maniac

Duel, along with an episode in the original pilot for Night Gallery, launched Spielberg’s career. Ostensibly a TV movie, it has the feel and look of a theatrical release, specifically a roaring drive-in classic. The original length was around 70“ minutes, enough to fit the hour and a half Movie Of The Week slot. Later, it was padded out to 90“ with mostly needless scenes. Fan-editor maniac shaves this to 47“. There is next to no dialogue, all subplots and unnecessary characters jettisoned. The result is a hard driving bullet.

Two channel stereo improves over the original mono. Dialogue (Weaver‘s character mumbling to himself) is easily understood. Little in the way of music score, aside from talk radio and radio static. Like Bullitt, the growl of engines is ample soundtrack.

The narrative is cohesive and satisfying for a one-trick show. Neither the wife stuff nor the diner scenes, ever added to the story or made the character sympathetic (I’ll get to that). This edit boils down to a runt red car irritating, then provoking a rusty behemoth.

Enjoyment - Oh, God, yes! I caught the original when it originally aired and it was leaner and superior to the padded, extended version. This, even shorter than the original, is the best of all.
After this first aired, friends and I discussed this film at school. We loved that battered Peterbilt, belching exhaust, sporting license plates like trophies (though most semis had lots of plates back then). The scene where two beasts, the Peterbilt and the freight train, swap horn blasts was a capper.

Weaver’s character, Mann, was a wuss in our eyes. C’mon, he drove a Plymouth Valiant, for Pete’s sake, the same car my grandmother drove. A Valiant was just barely better than a Corvair. Could It go 80 or 100 mph? No! It would have rattled to pieces long before. It was a cheap, crappy, economy car. No muscle, and no air-conditioning.
Even worse, Mann was a godawful driver. Forever rubber-necking instead of using his mirrors, sliding into curves instead of downshifting, accelerating midway through. He could barely control that punk car most of the time, and we all wondered if he was that way with family, friends, his job. Careful viewers will note scratches on his car BEFORE bush swipes and wrecks. Even in the suburbs, Mann was a lousy, probably distracted, driver. Weaver was great in this role, by the way.

Recommendation? Definitely - definitely - check this out.


Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - MMP EDIT

I am quite forgiving of Indiana Jones 4 as time goes on, but MMP’s edit just elevates it into a worthy sequel. The aliens feel more like a spiritual force, similar to the original 3.

The edit still has all that excellent Indiana Jones cheese, but it no longer has moments like the outrageous Monkey Tarzan scene. MMP’s edit gives the movie new life, and I know from now on whenever watch the Indiana Jones series, this will be my definitive version.

Definitely check it out!


Revenge of the Sith: The New Canon Cut (workprint) by NFBisms

This edit (TNCC) has a very specific goal in mind: make Anakin’s character from ROTS into Anakin’s character from The Clone Wars TV show. Those two versions of Anakin are very different - I think both of them work for the two different stories being told, but it does result in whiplash when watching ROTS directly after TCW. That’s what this edit seeks to address. I was dubious going into TNCC that Hayden’s Anakin could successfully be made into Matt Lanter’s Anakin, and I was proved completely wrong. It works amazingly well. While the focus is on Anakin, TNCC also manages to make all of the supporting cast feel like their TCW counterparts as well - in particular Padme and Mace Windu.

It’s refreshing when an edit has a specific goal in mind rather than simply being a general attempt to fix or improve the original. TNCC feels more like a complimentary piece to ROTS than a replacement. This is the version you watch when you’re marathoning TCW, whereas the theatrical cut is the version for marathoning the Prequels.

I want to draw attention to one scene in particular, which I can’t stop thinking about: Palpatine’s reveal to Anakin. In the theatrical cut, this scene stretched credulity for me. I always thought, “How could Anakin possibly fall for that?” In TNCC’s version, I thought instead, “How could Anakin even consider not siding with Palpatine?” This scene is such a phenomenal improvement, such a fantastically clever bit of editing, that I’d edit this version into all my other preferred cuts of ROTS if I could.

(I’m also amazed at how seamlessly Obi-Wan referencing Ahsoka and Mandalore has been added.)

I have a few constructive criticisms, all of them technical. There are a couple of places, mostly during the “rescue the Chancellor” sequence, where dialogue that’s been dubbed in is a little distracting; Anakin has a few too many lines all at once where his face is offscreen. (This technique works fine through the rest of the film, though.) I could tell when Mace and Yoda’s lines that referred to Anakin as “young” had been edited, which is mostly due to a lack of coverage rather than the editing. And the audio at the beginning of the balcony scene was too quiet for me to hear properly. However, keep in mind that the cut I’ve watched is a workprint, and these issues could all easily be resolved in the final release version.

Overall, I would highly recommend this edit, in particular to fans of TCW.

“It’s like rhymetry. They poem.” - Leorge Gucas

The Rise of Skywalker Expanded Edition by Rae Carson: The Faraday Edit, The Last Jedi: Stoic Edition, Revenge of the Sith: The Faraday Nudge, ROTS Ultracut: Order 66, Godzilla Vs Megalon, The Light Rises, Faraday Junior’s Star Wars


Dark Phoenix - Reborn by Krausfadr

So this will be a brief review, because this version is what the movie should´ve been - dark - to open a new narrative from the comics where Jean aka Phoenix is on a path of destruction for a while.
The added scenes to the end are awesome. The HDR is alright, but krausfadr adressed this by himself in his thread.
My ony complaint would be technical wise:

  • would loved to have a 5.1 ch
  • watched it on a projector and got some artifacts (6-7) in black areas. Might be the choice of compression if he used crf 22 as in his other edits, but i kind of expected it when watching on a projector. So as far as tv goes, there were no or very very minor artifacts.

All in all definitly a recommendation, it´s great work.


The Dark Knight: Retribution by krausfadr

Oh boy, what can i possibly tell you about this fine piece of art other than astonishing. This colour-grading, what a dream and it fits so well. The cuts made (and inspired by JMB’s edit) are set a pace for this movie, that´s incredible, in the original i got bored sometimes. The little additions like the blood and extra scenes completing the circle. Sound editing is superb.
The only thing that bothered me a little is that sometimes the altered voice modulation sounds a little bit to artificial, especially when bruce talks calm and normal.

This is my new cinematic experience if i decide to watch the trilogy again!


Pulp Empire (The Empire Strikes Back) - NJVC

Ever wonder, what if Tarantino had dabbled with a galaxy far away?
Complete deconstruction and reworking of The Empire Strikes Back.
Linear narrative is tossed in favor of flashbacks and foreshadowing.
John Williams score removed in favor of funky blaxsploitation cues.
Bits of New Hope, Return Jedi, Sith, Clones Wars, pitched in the cut, and running time trimmed almost thirty minutes.
Pulp Empire quite the grindhouse gem, with Darth Vader a badass mack daddy.
There are hundreds of Star Wars edits out there. Most are lite, a tweak here or there.
This is a full bore rearrangement, and a must-see!
Would that other editors possessed the vision and skills that NJVC showcases here.



Diabolique: Alternative Cut - Dr Sapirstein

The editor tackles the flawed 1996 remake which was overlong and overloud (aimed at the blind deaf).
This black and white conversion brings the look closer to 50’s Noir, but there are few hard shadows or low angles associated with that style.
Dr. Sapirstein’s substantial removal (23 minutes) results in a quicker film, though not necessarily a better film.
I have tried over the years to like this remake, or even appreciate it.
This is simply a bad film, and not a “fun bad” film. Lead actors do their darnedest, but in the end this is turgid dreck.
The edit, however, is superior to the 1996 version.
Do yourself a favor and seek out the 1955 original, directed by H G Clouzot.


Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring (500 Days Of Summer) - That One Guy

Bittersweet edit of “500 Days Of Summer,” focuses less on characters, and more on the arc.
Encounter - attraction - fairytale - discomfort.
This was a film I did not care for originally, but it grew on me over the years.
That One Guy catches the essence of Summer’s story.
How Mr. Right somehow settled into Mr. Right-Now, and one can understand why she floated out of reach.
While Tom might dream of a future together, to her, he is already in the past.
The editor has deftly caught the perfect scenes.
Audio is fine. Video - too many transitions are fade out - fade in.


Self Help (Fight Club) - thecuddlyninja

Cuddly details a classic triangle. A girl, a man, and the man’s alter-ego.
The jagged relationship between Marla and Tylers in “Fight Club.”
This crackles from the onset with the opposites attract trope.
Then, for a chunk of time, Marla disappears.
Instead of a short, this feels more like a cobbling of fragments.
I wish cuddly had made different choices to enhance the continuity. As this is, this is a bit messy.
Sound is not always clear, either, and dialogue suffers.
Part of this is cuddly’s fault. Guys helming this particular Consecution antho bear some responsibility, as well, in not exercising enough editorial control and providing feedback.
If honchos in charge did try to advise cuddles, my apologies.


Mr. Wick - Maniac

Two John Wick vehicles. No canines, no love interest.
As with most of Maniac’s edits, this is pedal to the floor action.
The two films do not splice together well, however.
More like two, high voltage television installments paired back to back.
To be more specific, by excising Wick’s “personal life,” this becomes a shooter game, with infrequent lulls to realign the plot.
There is no character development, and the backstory is limited.
Wick is barely more than a pair of hands, holding guns or clenched into fists.
Go into this expecting a fury blazer and you will not be disappointed.
For what it is, an efficient distillation of the two Wick films, this is a relentless edit.


krausfadr - Blade Runner (1982) The Nexus-7 Cut

A really well-done fan edit. The color grading was crisp without being jarring. Some of the audio with the narrations was a bit rough at a couple of points, but mostly it was incredibly well done. This likely will be my go-to version for a while.


Leon: The Non Lolita FanEdit - Tykjen (2019)

Excellently removes pretty much all of the dodgy stuff from Léon: The Professional, and leaves a fast paced and enjoyable action film with (still) interesting characters and far less cringe and uncomfortable scenes. Gary Oldman takes up a larger percentage of the runtime now and that’s always a good thing. The only way I’ll be rewatching Leon from now on.


The Phantom Strikes! - 1996/2013 - BionicBob

Top job and a quality companion to The Shadow Strikes!
This Phantom is recast as a 30’s black and white action ride.
Cheesy humor eliminated, nice removal of sloppy stunt work (visible wires and doubles), and reining in of Treat Williams’ original over-the-top, ham fisted acting.
The 1996 adaption of The Phantom was always a PG movie. Sex and violence very toned down.
Billy Zane was comfortable as The Ghost Who Walks, though he was awfully polite.
In addition, how on earth he preferred white-bread Kristy Swanson over smoldering Catherine Zeta Jones defied comprehension.
The edit is fun, breezy and light, and not as dark as many actual serials from the 30’s (meaning safe for sheltered family viewing).
This spirited romp through a 30’s time tunnel is worth seeking out.
Good popcorn flick from BionicBob.