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Classic LOL Moments in History: ZigFried/Ingo Sucks


Welcome to (IMO) the most entertaining thread in the history of I'd write up a nice long description of who ZigFried and Ingo Sucks were, but I prefer to let his words speak for himself. In the interest of fair play, here is the one legitimate contribution ZigFried made to the forum:

Paint Wars: A New Hope (11/06/06)

It's actually pretty cool, even if it was never finished. Anyway, here are the links. Enjoy!

This Will Be the Last Time Ingo Spams. Trust Him. (11/11/05)
THE SUPER SPAM THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ingo Never Got It and Is Still Waiting For It (12/15/05)
The "FACES" DVD set

Jason Lee Apologizes to Ingo (02/25/06)
Why I hate "The Incredibles"

Since Pixar Won't Make the Program Fdor Me, You Guys Should (03/02/06)
Syndrome Killer

Ingo Ticks Gets Sucked Off (06/26/06)
This ticks me off...

Ingo Has a Nasty Idea (06/30/06)

Chefelf Has Something Against Asian Women and Water Operas (07/02/06)
Asian Women and Water Operas

The Secret Connection Between Street Fighter and Star Wars (07/27/06)

The Secret Connection Between DOOM and Star Wars (08/13/06)
Star Wars isn't the only one...

This One is Pretty Solid (08/18/06)
New Confession!

Ingo's First Ban (08/18/06)
The Thief Trilogy

Thanks For the Help, NOT!!! (10/04/06)
***The "EditDroid" Trilogy DVD Info and Feedback Thread*** (Post #449)

Do Not Post in Ingo's Threads Until He Says So (10/07/06)
The Star Wars Trilogy: The Novel Adaptation by Ingo Sucks

I Technically Can't Be Considered an Idiot (10/18/06)
The Thief Trilogy

Lucas Might Get a Hoohaaplasty and/or Have Pygmy Marmosets Fly Out of His Bum (10/21/06)
Is Lucas Remaking The PT?

I Might Have to Pick a New Favorite Movie of All Time (12/07/06)
MTV Interview and New Favorite Movie[url]

Darth Cold Has Girl Restrictions, Ziggy Does Not (12/11/06)

ZigFried Converts The OT to Shockwave Flash Format (12/20/06)
SWF Star Wars

Changed My Mind...Again... (12/21/06)
Your favorite version of the Thief

ZigFried's Greatest and Most Ambishous Project This Board Has Ever Seen (12/28/06)
ZigFried's Archival Saga

Now Please Send Me Those Discs. NOW!!! (01/03/07)
WookieGroomer Split-Screen on Google Video

I Can Send You the Combo Pack for Free! (01/06/07)
ZigFried's the Thief and the Cobbler Archival DVDs/Combo Pack (CANCELLED)

ZigFried Leaves the Forum, Part I (01/20/07)

ZigFried the Pirate (02/11/07)
Indiana Jones Transfers

ZigFried Leaves the Forum, Part II (03/03/07)
Goodbye for Good

ZigFried Doesn't Get PM's (5/15/07)
Private Messaging Issue

Fighting Game Vs. Babies in Wigs (5/15/07)
Marvel Super Heroes

Racism is Usually Against the Forum Rules (06/02/07)
Was ricarlette a racist?

ZigFried Leaves the Forum, Part III (06/03/07)
You want me to leave? I'll leave...

ZigFried Leaves the Forum, Part IV (07/23/07)
Final Post. Ever. No more. & Something for you shitbrains to think about...


Episode I: The Ridiculous Menace / Episode II: Attack Of The Ridiculousness / Episode III: Revenge of the Ridiculousness


Soooo good it needed its own thread?


"[George Lucas] rebooted the franchise in 1997 without telling anyone." -skyjedi2005

"Yeah, well, George says a lot of things..." a young 1997 xhonzi on RASSM

"They're my movies." -George Lucas. 19 people won oscars for their work on Star Wars (1977) and George Lucas wasn't one of them.

Rewrite the Prequels!



Poor Ziggy.  I always tried to cut the kid some slack, but he really self-destructed.  Part of me wonders if he isn't socking here still.