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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Been a hell of a year, alot of amazing people worked on this and i was honoured to just watch all you guys do your thing over the year. I can’t wait to show people this edit when its done.

I was thinking though - how about a mini doc about it on youtube? Hal your commentary tracks are great and id love to see you break down the edits for the outside public and why those edits were made.

No-Palpatine Rise of Skywalker Radical Brainstorming Thread

Make Palpatine an ancient sith. Deepfake his face. Redub his lines and add new lines.

This new character is an ancient sith who was snokes master.

New lines of dialogue should be added along the lines of:

"Long have I waited in the shadow. I have watched the jedi rise and fall for over a millennia. I have seen hope grow and decay, all in the same breath. But through it all, there has been a constant, that constant is the dark. "

Yadda yadda etc etc…

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

If only order 66 happened in Attack of the clones. I’d love if Revenge of the Sith focused on Anakin hunting the jedi and having Obi wan

I always had this idea in my head of anakin acting disheveled and a jedi bringing anakin into his hut. He tells anakin “I heard stories, they said you were killed at the temple”.
They sit and talk sharing war stories, anakin asks questions about the other jedi and where they are scattered to. He shares a holocron with Anakin.

Then the tone shifts and the Jedi realises in shock that the enemy is Anakin, he goes for his lightsaber but anakin strikes him down in a flash.

The scene from Inglorious Basterds in the bar, that’s the type of thing it would feel like.

He only becomes suited Vader at the end, but by the end he has given up, he wants Obi wan to kill him, but he just leaves him in the state we see him in on Mustafar, it’s only because of Palpatine he continues to live.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

I understand completely where both you guys are coming from, I feel it would fit because it is a repercussion to any planet that tries to stand with the resistance.

I’d love to see it added but I’m completely with you guys if not


Yeah Cap, you are right. With the newly added dialogue it changes it, I forgot about that but you are totally correct

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Sorry if its been discussed already but the destruction of Kajimi has been removed

But now with talks of adding more of an uprising on the planet, would readding the destruction help?

It would slow the movie down ever so slightly, in a good way & shows us that they are willing to destroy whole planets on the whim of a little uprising.

I like the way they did the destruction practically. And I’m wondering how would it be a positive change to readd it

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

sherlockpotter said:

I’ve been tinkering with that Poe/Zorii scene. Unfortunately, after getting my hands dirty with it, I think Cap was right about this one and I was wrong. The way Oscar delivers the Crait line, I have to agree that it feels awkward to try and segue from that to Keri Russell’s line. So here’s my rough suggestion. I may be overthinking this, and I almost definitely overengineered it. But that’s okay.


  • Swapped Poe’s line “Maybe it is” to later. Replaced it with a Poe sigh, from Disney Infinity, as a segue into the Crait discussion.
  • Added “over” to “Maybe it is [over].”
  • Cut some footage to remove “Everybody’s given up.”
  • Changed Zorii’s line from “I don’t believe you believe that,” to “I don’t believe that,” mainly to make the line less clunky.
  • Added Zorii saying “Just listen…” (Ideally, I’d want to find a better instance of Keri Russell saying this, so please let me know if you can think of any.)
  • Added some “For Skywalker!”s. Looped some footage to linger on this moment a little longer, and allow it to resonate.
  • It felt a little empty to me here, so I popped in some Force Theme.
  • Removed Zorii saying “Remember?” I can only assume that this was a (very weak) reference to some past adventure she had with Poe; but that’s…kind of weird, right? Wouldn’t Poe have already learned not to give up, if he’s already gone through all of this? (Poe’s is less a character arc, and more a character trigonometric function.)
  • Slid Zorii’s dialogue around a bit in the scene for pacing purposes (and to synchronize head bobs).
  • Swapped around a couple shots of Poe, so that he nods after “There’s more of us.” (This also allows the final shot of the scene to hold a little longer, so I think it feels less rushed when we cut to the next scene.)
  • Added combat sounds in the background throughout the conversation, but brought up the volume levels slightly when Zorii tells Poe to listen to it. (For a final mix, I’d want to confer with axlanian and get a sense of how he’s working on the combat audio for Kijimi.)

Also, I was thinking, perhaps it would be better to just have generic “rebellion” sounds when the gang lands on Kijimi, without any calls to Skywalker – they can hear that the Kijimi-imians are fighting the First Order, but don’t know why. Maybe Poe’s used to people fighting here? It is gang turf, after all. It’s only when Poe, at his lowest, hears the calls “For Skywalker!” that he realizes they’ve been fighting for something greater. That the Resistance has indeed brought hope. That perhaps, the war isn’t completely lost after all. (Perhaps, should he call on them later, his allies might even show up…?)

I don’t think this would affect any potential graffiti we’d add. Maybe the gang is still bummed that Chewie violently exploded, so they’re a little distracted and not paying attention to the details around them.


wooooow! this is brilliant. A few edits here and there with the eq and things and this is perfect. I hope this gets added to the movie.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

NeverarGreat said:

Apropos of nothing, but with the improved puppet show this project has taken the prize of ‘best single change of all time’ from Adywan’s ESB Revisited and the AT-AT falling on the AT-ST.

Just wanted to say that, now back to your regularly scheduled discussion.

Such an insignificant moment in the original movie,and the guys delivered something touching moment that adds to the themes of the skywalker name being legendary. I’m honored to even just be the voice in the background. I have my fingers crossed that people outside of the editing scene will see it.

I think ai voice edits are a few years away from perfection, right now they deliver on individual words but full on sentences just don’t seem to work. But as mentioned, for certain syllables and things it could do a few tricks for us

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

regularjoe said:

Darth Muffy said:

An image can say a thousand words in any language.

I realize that you’re just presenting a humorous pic that dovetails with the topic at hand, however if that changed to Jyn Erso as a kid holding up her stormtrooper toy…that would be really awesome and could work in the edit. It would also tie into two of the characters in this movie being ex-stormtroopers.

I unironically think this cold work, i think it would convey it really well & star wars has always been full of references, so why not.