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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Yeah, if it were up to me to rewrite Star Wars from memory while taking liberties in a postapocalyptic context, that’s one thing I’d tweak. I think the Jedi ghosts should function with ambiguity so that even if you wanted to say they were imaginary it wouldn’t change the story. The two instances that sort of do this is Kenobi in ROTJ and Luke in TROS, as their ghosts reveal novel, technical information to the living characters. It’s one thing to have your mentor pop up and encourage you to use what you know or even piece something together from what you know, and another to pop up and reveal previously unknown intel.

But that’s moot for our purposes here. Even so, though, it would seem sorta dumb to me for Luke to just say, “Well when I died I snooped around and learned that you were Palpatine’s granddaughter and so I told Leia.” But you’re right; I can’t really imagine how else Leia would possibly have known!

Imagine if R2-D2 had been shot by stormtroopers on the Death Star while attempting to come aboard the Falcon, and so Kenobi allows himself to be killed. Then when they make it to the rebel base, he appears as a ghost to deliver his omniscient insight about how to coordinate an assault.

All this is to say that I just can’t make any sense out of the idea that Leia knew. And so I would rather Luke take a “so what?” approach, as if to say “I’ve been there, kid” and tell her it doesn’t mean anything. It’d be nice to include Leia in the scene to a greater extent, and what the scriptwriters did sort of makes sense in an immediate emotional way even though it causes confusion and muddies the story up to that point.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

About Leia knowing Rey was a Palpatine…

To me the idea just makes no sense. Even if books or comics explain it, it is a real headscratcher within the film series itself.

I don’t think it works to have a medium-sized revelation during the island scene about Leia knowing about Rey’s struggle or sense of darkness. We can see it on Leia’s face earlier in the film anyway. I think it is more effective for Luke to pierce Rey’s avoidance with a straightforward “So what?” about her being related to Palpatine. Not that Leia knew and didn’t care but that it doesn’t matter.

ANDOR: The Rogue One Arc (Rogue One Rescore) [v4 AVAILABLE]

This fucking rules.

Andor is the best televised Star Wars show to date and I adore what you’ve done to fold Rogue One into the show as a mindblowing series finale arc. It fits right in. The replaced musical score gives it the same feel as the show and helps it feel appropriately distinct from the main saga.

These three episodes work wonderfully not only as an arc but each on their own. The endpoints of all three nail that slow burn we all love about Andor.

I can’t imagine the work that you must have put into the soundtrack for these. But it works. It’s only my prior familiarity with the film that tipped me off to some alternate sound effects here and there but this felt 100% seamless to my ears, at least while watching on built-in TV speakers from across the room.

I love these, and very much look forward to including them next year in a full watch-through of Andor. Exceptional job.

<em>REY NOBODY</em> - A Collaborative Thread

Just popping in to say that V4 of Ascendant will be here very soon. And to check in on the state of this effort, for the eventual ‘Rey Nobody’ companion version.

I’m ready for the pieces whenever they are.

As it has been, Ascendant’s Rey Nobody alternate version doesn’t seek anything radical beyond facilitating the removal of her being made into Palpatine’s granddaughter, and I’ll leave more ambitious ideas such as her killing her own parents to other projects.

Thanks, Dom and RL. You’re the best.

The Force Awakens: Starlight (V1.1 Released!)

Nobody asked for it but here’s a tweak of it.

It is a time of despair.
Luke Skywalker, sworn
to rebuild the legendary
Jedi Order, has vanished.

In his absence, the
evil FIRST ORDER has
risen from the ashes
of the fallen Empire
and claimed supremacy
over worlds beyond the
fragile New Republic.

Desperate to quell this
rising threat, the Republic
has commissioned the pilots
of a covert RESISTANCE to
find the last Jedi and restore
hope to the darkening stars…

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Oh, depends. I don’t really have passive or invitational time. I’ll try to get some work done on it tonight. The good thing is that it’s all cut out for me at this point.

I need to readjust the Italian language track to fit from V3’s changes, and the commentary track. And finish adjusting the subtitle tracks. Then the chapter stops. Then I can start to bake it all together and distribute.

Star Wars Episode II: The Approaching Storm (Released)

Glad to hear that you enjoyed it. While it is very much a final product by this point, thank you for the feedback. I see what you mean about Dex, though I’d trimmed the opening to remove the awkwardness and weird CG shot of their hug. The kiss scene is imperfect but has been revisited a number of times to the point I’m okay with it being this fan edit’s “Vaseline on the landspeeder shot.”

Which other fan edits did you go with for your watch?