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Star Wars ANH (Devastator edition) (WIP).

That guy with no name said:

Also, Can I get some requests or ideas?

Well, I’d selfishly enjoy having a 19SE-sourced set of all relevant shots with R2’s blue-red light ‘fixed’ so others (me) could steal.

Vader’s lights would be the other thing in that category.

The other things that strike me, be they from Adywan’s work or in general are:

  • The lack of holograms in ANH. I like Adywan’s holographic display at the rebel base during the Death Star assault.

  • Fixing jump cuts during lightsaber ignitions. Something like Adywan’s recent clip, too, to adjust the color and bring a sense of greater consistency to Luke’s saber without erasing the character of the original effects. Sort of made it look about the same as the new Ben v Vader effects look relative to the original version of them.

  • Removing the added rats to Mos Eisley, and recreating that shot of traffic from the original but using the SE version of the backdrop.

  • Any non-ringed explosion for Alderaan would be great to field

  • Replace the black 3PO “Death Star droid” with a K2-SO model instead

  • Replace the shot of the rebel fighters heading toward the Death Star, perhaps with something closer to the original version; the SE shot looks bad and the R2 droid’s panels stick out as obviously incorrect.

  • R2 with blue panels in space, like ESB and ROTJ (SE)

  • Luke with purple hair just during the medal ceremony

Worst Edit Ideas

I kinda like how the crawls often take poetic license a little, setting the stage with some hyperbole or fuzzy, dramatic narration.

Phantom Menace’s “two Jedi Knights.”
Clones implying Amidala supported creating a Republic army.
Sith’s “heroes on both sides.”
At least as interpreted from a larger perspective of lore than the film in a vacuum, the overly neat suggestion that Leia’s stolen plans will set the universe to rights.
Empire suggesting that Luke is the leader of the rebels, or at least those on Hoth.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

The quarantine second wind has died down, but there’s only so far we need to push the car to get there.

And I’m interested in anything that could work for a Kijimi insurrection, I just removed it because there’s nothing for me to do about it. But if something presents itself and it works, sure!

Cam, PM me if you’d like a link to my Drive. It’s got that LUT and a ton of clips I’ve used for my projects.