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schorman's HDTV Star Wars Saga Preservation

For my prequel edits, or at least I and II since III has no subtitles, I would have preferred to match the OT’s font and style. But, I had to do as close of a match as possible to the HDTV of AOTC, and I think I did about as good of a job of it as could be hoped for, down to video noise and discoloring. (Compare the subtitles in the Ep2 Watto scene, which was sourced from the BluRay to allow me to change one shot’s subtitle in order to shorten it, with any other subtitles in the film.) The logical side of me insists that it’s not worth the agony of remastering my edit of AOTC without some larger impetus, but I’m glad I stuck with the PT’s subtitle style. It seems authentic because it is.

Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

I can agree with that, Eman. The supposed leaks suggest an awfully convoluted plot, so I hope it doesn’t feel super rushed.
Seems to me that viewing Episodes I through VIII in order would lead one to expect IX to function as something of an epilogue rather than a bombastic conclusion, since there hasn’t been anything much specific being built up to.

The Rise of Skywalker Crackpot Theories Thread

Seeing that book cover makes it click into place why I find most of the new canon stuff less appealing than Legends.
The new stuff looks new, and the old stuff looks old and pulpy. I like the crappy hand drawn stuff and it feels more real to me somehow. The content of new canon is fine, I guess, but it all strikes me as less authentic.

Not to get off topic, just saying.

The Force Awakens - The Starlight Project

Perhaps I missed something, but what do you mean by finding Luke gone? I assumed TLJ would show Rey arriving at the island and blend into Luke receiving the saber.
I suppose if that’s all I can do it would serve the purpose of temporary compatibility for a pre-IX viewing.
I might be able to try something with this today.