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Revenge of the Sith - Expanded Edition (v2 Now Released!)

Jar Jar Bricks said:

You guys should be set now. For anybody else, PM me if he isn’t responding after a reasonable amount of time.

Thanks JJB, I get too many PMs and never enough time to respond to them. Currently up to date with them for the first time in years.

Please do not post in this thread asking for links, likely that I will ignore them as I don’t get pinged unlike getting a PM.

ILM - Disney+ 6 part documentary series

Joe Johnston confirms that a 2nd season is forthcoming, and that he just finished shooting his interviews at 32Ten Studios, the now-former Kerner building, where the ILM Model Shop from ESB and onwards has been.

Source: https://youtu.be/oBgIyrjON9U?feature=shared&t=65

I wonder where they’ll take it with this one, as the first season did cover everything, albiet rushed towards the end. Maybe they’ll cover more of the work from the 2000s, or maybe just tackle different sides of the whole thing. Always great to see more ILM old-timers talking about their craft

The Empire Strikes Back - Expanded Edition (Work in Progress)

Slavicuss said:

Some observations:

At the 5:16 mark, there’s a random frame or two that slipped past, during the deleted, extended dialogue between Han and Chewie (“dont lose your temper.”) that needs removal.


Slavicuss said:
At the 23:20 mark, Artoo’s scream (from the Hoth Wampa scene?) carried over Piett’s face and the start of the deleted scene between Luke and Leia (recovering after the bacta tank).

Scenes were originally in a different order and I must’ve left it in ther by mistake, now fixed!

Slavicuss said:
At the 28:04 mark, the deleted scene with Han and Leia could use some work on its geometry - the scene looks vertically stretched (Leia, looks like a conehead).

All of the footage from the Empire at 40 videos, for some reason is all vertically stretched. I’m assuming the footage had a narrower frame and was stretched to 2.35, somehow. But this is now noted and fixed!

merculix said:

I have now seen you edit Bobson Dugnutt and I must say I’m impressed how you could manage to keep the old school vibe even though I’m a fan of newer versions of Star Wars movies (Adywan etc).

Thank you! I tried to make this feel like an early cut of the film before cuts were made, and hopefully I was successful!

merculix said:

  • The overall sound must be fixed in several places and the sound is out of sync here and there but I’m sure you are aware of this as this is version 1.0 of the movie. 😃

Any particular areas or scenes that drop in and out? Is it specifically the deleted scenes or the untouched film?

merculix said:

  • Some of the hue of the video is almost green instead of white (don’t know if this is intentional as the original was this way? It was very long time ago I saw the originals). One example is the planet Hoth.

The source was a very early scan of ESB done in maybe 2014 or 2015, the Renegade Grindhouse version. The colour-timing is all over the place and I haven’t touched it. Cloud City is very red too. I’m happy to revisit the colours and make it a little more balanced and familiar.

merculix said:

  • I believe you have inserted the deleted TIE Bomber scene too early as the original scene when they first bomb the asteroid field comes much further down the line.

Good catch! I’ll move the TIE Bomber scene backwards, so it plays in front of the deleted scene with Han and Leia and their dialogue matches up!

  • The still shot of the Bounty Hunter looked odd. See if it can be solved in any other way? I know that one second is missing in the original clip but this unfortunately didn’t work for me.

Is this the shot?


With there being a slug in the middle of the shot, I can’t imagine any other way around it, other than cutting to this shot. I can give it a crack trying to add some movement to the characters in the back. Personally it doesn’t bother me, but I can see how it could be somewhat odd.

merculix said:
Overall I dig you edit Bobson but personally I dig the newer versions more. But it’s a personal taste. 😃

Thank you 😃)

theprion said:

So, I just sat through this and had a blast. I’m glad you went with my suggestion of going full grindhouse with it. It’s all so seamless that I don’t think it would have worked this good otherwise.

Going grindhouse was absolutely the best option! The deleted scenes were never ever going to line up with a Blu-Ray copy of the film, and doing a filthy, dirt stained version of the film was the best move.

theprion said:
Outside of that, I think the audio in the extended Falcon repair with Han and Leia (55’) is a bit too loud; and the coloring on the restored saber training at 67’ looks a tad too contrasty/vibrant compared to the rest of the presentation.

I’ll crank down the Falcon repair, and see if it lines up better, and looking at it now, absolutely the saber training scene is a tad too saturated, so I may of overdone it. I’ll see what I can do!

theprion said:
Oh, and any reason for the Han-Leia exchange “Well Your Highness I guess this is it” before “don’t get all mushy on me” got cut?

I actually have no idea what happened there or how that line got cut, but it was completely accidental somehow. Reinstated!

theprion said:
Also, the Wampa clawing the wall during the hallway argument feels a bit out of place. I guess it’s necessary to cut back to Han returning to Leia?

The deleted scene on the BR, for whatever reason, uses a clip from the film to segue into the scene, but then changes to a completely different take for whatever reason, it makes it very hard to cut it into the film, and much like the bounty hunter shot, cutting away to the Wampa is the only idea I had. Maybe having a fake extra walk past the camera to hide the cut? But I don’t think spacially it would make sense, if anyone has any other ideas, I’m happy to give it a crack.

theprion said:
On a personal note I’m on the fence over scraping original sequences to salvage the restored scenes, as in the case with the Wampa attack on Echo Base and General Veers’ demise. I might be wrong on how well it would glue with the rest of the film, but I’d rather conserve the restored scenes, janky as they are, as much as possible without rearranging theatrical footage.

Little confused about what this part means, but I’m assuming you’re referring to repurposing the walker falling over into the General Veers death. The walker shot was originally intended for this scene, so I didn’t have much of a problem with putting it back. I suppose the Luke bombing scene does feel more anti-climactic too, unless there is some other walker footage from somewhere to pull from. What are you referring to with the Wampa attack?

Slavicuss said:

The rearranged scenes felt odd, but that’s from viewing the 1980 film so many times, so was to be expected.

I’ve rearranged a lot on Hoth, especially around when Luke gets back, to accomodate all the new material in there. It’s all in accordance with the Fourth Draft shooting script. This means that Luke spends a lot more time in recover compared to the final film, so it absolutely feels odd to a film that is so familiar.

Slavicuss said:

The audio levels for the deleted scenes was a little high for the surrounding material (Luke / Leia medical bay, etc).

I’ll make sure to lower things, and get it all balanced, I think that’s the biggest technical issue for this.

rortiz77 said:
And I’m not sure I like the use of the Special Edition Wampa for the missing Wampa shot being fired at by the rebel soldier.

I needed an extra Wampa shot, so I pulled from there, but I can try cutting out that one shot and see how it works, my worry is that the scene by go by too fast without something there.

Slavicuss said:

Impressive - but I’d leave out any of the SE changes (Hoth Wampa, etc).

I’d rather be shot than use the entire SE Wampa scene. Cool idea, bad excecution, Jaws shark is better when unseen, etc.

Slavicuss said:
I’m glad you didn’t include that alternate Cloud City scene between Han and Leia.

If there was more footage of that scene included, then I would of absolutely used it, but sadly it’s only 3 chunks of it, or else it would of slotted in.

Thanks everyone for the feedback! Massively helpful, and I always appreciate any and all critiques! I’d be nothing without the opinions of others!

The Empire Strikes Back - Expanded Edition (Work in Progress)

Slavicuss said:

My free account with Mega.nz would only allow me to view the first 36 mins of your expanded cut.

That’s as far as I got before the “Transfer Quota Exceeded” message popped up to ruin my pleasant viewing experience. Lol. Bummer. Would like to see the rest - if possible?

merculix said:

Same here. Can’t stream or download very far without a paid plan. MEGA should nerver be used because of this. Better of with something else like Google Drive or Dropbox.

ifjg said:

If you download it using the MEGA app, it should automatically resume when the wait time runs out. I’ve also had some success messing around with VPN’s to get around the wait.

The Mega app or jDownloader2 usually works for me, and somehow never really asked me to stop, then again, I never streamed through Mega and always download. jDownloader always has been, and always will be my choice to scoot around it since most of the time it just forgets or something. I ended up shelling out for premium though because they tend to never remove files like GoogleDrive, and I download and store enough stuff from there to justify it.

The Empire Strikes Back - Expanded Edition (Work in Progress)

Finally some good news!

I’ve rendered out what is probably a close to final cut. I’ve got all the footage I wanted in there, and the sound mixing is alright to my ears.

I’m happy for anyone to watch this and give any feedback before an official release.

New changelist:

  • extended Wampa attack on Luke and his Taun Taun
  • extended conversation with Han and Chewie as he enters Echo Base
  • alternate shot to start of Han/Leia argument, as a Wampa claws through an ice wall
  • added additional dialogue over the previous shot
  • extended argument with Han/Leia, as it keeps going after “You could use a good kiss!”
  • alternate shot of Luke slicing up the Wampa inside the cave
  • extended Bacta Tank scene, with the gang talking as Luke is inside the tube
  • added the infamous Wampa Attack on Echo Base
  • added the Probe Droid blasting apart the Rebel outpost
  • added Leia and Luke having a private moment in the Medical Bay before Han, Chewie and the droids come in, including discussion of what would of happened if he didn’t come back, Luke leaving for Dagobah, Wampas in the base, and Han leaving
  • alternate angles of Luke’s close-ups throughout the whole Medical Bay scene
  • alternate dialogue from Leia “dangerous to leave the system until the energy shield is up” is replaced by “…dangerous to leave the system until we find out where that probe came from” and Luke’s response to that
  • added Han and Leia having a short exchange while he works on the Falcon with Chewie
  • added Hobbie and his very brief skirmish with General Veer’s AT-AT
  • added C-3PO ripping the warning sign off the Wampa pen
  • added Snowtroopers finding the Wampa pen
  • alternate dialogue that replaces Han’s “never tell me the odds!”
  • added Han and Leia working on the Falcon as TIEs bomb the asteroid
  • extended Han and Leia kissing scene aboard the Falcon
  • added Yoda’s test, as Luke trains with his lightsaber
  • added 2 shots of Vader walking onto the bridge of the Star Destroyer with the bounty hunters
  • removed Vader from the background of the “bounty hunters, we don’t need their kind here” to allow for the previous addition of Vader’s shots
  • alternate shots during Lando’s betrayal and Vader’s reveal in Cloud City
  • added shot of Boba Fett in the carbon freezing chamber
  • added Lobot being captured by Stormtroopers, and taken away, as Lando is too late to save him
  • extended scene of Leia tending to Luke in the Falcon as they are pursued by TIE Fighters

Theatrical - 02:04:46
Expanded - 02:13:04

The Lost World Jurassic Park Theatrical Recreation Project

timdiggerm said:

I think he thinks that if he crowdsources re-creating individual scenes from the movie and then stitches them back together into a fan-made re-creation of the entire film, this will be legally free for anyone to view.

There’s been a few films done like this, Star Wars, Robocop, Shrek, Spider-Man. The Robocop one especially was fantastic, largely in part due to one particular scene that I’m sure people have seen tenfold like I have.
I think Lost World wouldn’t really garner a lot of enthusiasm as much as the first film would if done.

DUELING WITH FATE - The Making of Episode I - A 13-Part Docu-Series (Released!)

One of my favourite things I’ve done in this whole TPM thing, which is just talking about Doug Chiang and his process with George and with design. It’s so fun combining so many different sources and intercutting everything to tell one story. It’s great, and I’m enjoying it.


I’ve watched through my 2nd rough cut, and am now making adjustments, both technical and story-wise to get everything feeling smooth and cohesive, which means cutting and rearranging materials. Right now I’ve locked Part 1-4, which leaves 5-14. Hopefully it’s done soon-ish.

Plinkett's Prequel reviews

I think the critisism and breakdown of the films are still really rock solid. The whole “describe a character” section is absolutely great, and shows why the film doesn’t work. Largely TPM has no protagonist and that’s one of its biggest flaws. Plinkett/Mike was able to articulate why he didn’t like it, and it largely resonated with people beacuse it put in to words how they felt about it.

DUELING WITH FATE - The Making of Episode I - A 13-Part Docu-Series (Released!)

After a lot more editing and consolidating footage and material, I’ve arrived at a rough cut, running at 6hr 21mins. I’ll be watching this over the course of the next week or so, and hopefully that number comes down.


If any crazy son of a bitch wants to watch the rough cut and provide feedback, let me know and I’ll hook you up, but this is hopefully too long and I can cut it right down while finessing the audio/video.

DUELING WITH FATE - The Making of Episode I - A 13-Part Docu-Series (Released!)

The biggest edition for this latest round of editing, was adding in a lot of Doug Chiang (Design Director) and his panel from SW Celebration, he now additionally discusses his design process, and dives deeper into things like the Battle Droids and Trade Federation, as well as added material in every other section of the doco.

I reccommend watching on it on its own as well.


There’s a lot more John Williams too, as he talks about the music theory and crafting specific tracks, and how they relate to the OT. I found an interesting pack of interview clips that I assume were taken from some kind of EPK Tape or something. Incredible stuff, he now has his own section dedicated to the score.

There’s further specific discussion of the progression of digital filmmaking, with both the CG Characters, and how George tried to get the industry moving, with this film and leading into AOTC. Episode I was the first film to project digitally, and shot a lot of 2nd unit and additional photography on digital cameras, a first for the industry. Really compelling stuff.

Hopefully that extra 80 minutes is worthwhile enough to go around this monster project again!

DUELING WITH FATE - The Making of Episode I - A 13-Part Docu-Series (Released!)

Project resurrected!

After some time away from the whole thing, I’ve come back with fresh eyes and armed with even more footage!

Star Wars - The Magic and the Mystery (1997)
Star Wars - An MTV Special (1997)
From Star Wars to Star Wars - The Story of Industrial Light and Magic (1999)
Omnibus S37E09 - A Long Time Ago - The Story of Star Wars (1999)
Dream Weaver - 60 Minutes Australia (1999)
AMC Cinema Secrets - S01E04 - Epic Battles (2000)
Visual Effects
Introduction to Animatics
Podrace Lap 1 - Animatics
Deleted Scenes Documentary
The Beginning - Making Episode I (2001)
All I Need is an Idea
Assistant Director
Bad Droid Karma
Boys in Paradise
Costume Drama
Home Sweet Home
It’s Like War Now
Movie Music
Prime of the Jedi
This is a Creature Film
Thousands of Things
Three Thousand Anakins
Pickups and Reshoots (Episode III)
Casting Director
Interview Outtakes
Naboo Soldier
One Day to Go
Something Out of Nothing
The Fall
Darth Maul Costume
Pre-Senate Address Costume
Queen Amidala Senate Costume
Senate Guard Costume
Full-Sized Battle Droid
Jar Jar Maquette
Naboo Starfighter Model
Republic Cruiser
Sando Aqua Monster
Trade Federation Battleship Model
Anakin’s Podracer Model
Dud Bolt Puppet
Eopie with Anakin Maquette
Queens Royal Starship Model
Sebulba Maquette
Sith Speeder Model
Watto Maquette
C-3PO Costume (Episode II)
Coruscant Overview
Tatooine Overview
Naboo Overview
Rick McCallum Interview - Filming in Tunisia
Rick McCallum Interview - Podracers
Liam Neeson Interview
George Lucas on Preparing to Write Episode I in 1994
Ewan McGregor Interview - Episode II
Blue Screen Acting - Episode II
George Lucas, Rick McCallum, Ben Burtt, Rob Coleman, John Knoll, Dennis Muren, and Scott Squires (2001 DVD)
Cast and Crew - Archival (2011 Blu-Ray)
SW Celebration Panels
Creatures of Episode I with Nick Dudman - Audio Only (Celebration I 1999)
Phantom Menace 20th Anniversary (Celebration Chicago 2019)
Doug Chiang: The Evolution of Star Wars Design - Designing Episode I (Celebration Chicago 2019)
An Exclusive Interview with George Lucas - Part 3 of 3 - ROTJ VHS (1995)
SW UK Fan Club VHS - Behind the Scenes of Episode I (1999)
John Williams talks The Phantom Menace (1999 Interview)
Filmmaking Has Turned A Corner - Widescreen VHS (1999)
Episode II - The Saga Continues (2000 SW LD/VCD Featurette)
SW77 - Cantina Rough Cut (2011 Deleted Scenes)
TPM - Extended Podrace Wager (2011 Deleted Scenes)
Discoveries From Inside - Models and Miniatures (2015)
Conversations - Doug Chiang Looks Back (2015)
George Lucas on the Digital Revolution (2015)
ESB - Hoth Battle Rough Cut (Making of ESB 2015 eBook)
Every C-3PO Costume Explained By Anthony Daniels (Wired Youtube Video 2020)
Light and Magic - Episode 6 (2022)
Obi-Wan Kenobi - A Jedi’s Return (2022)

The original 13 part series ran at 4:43, and the current runtime is about 6hrs, so there is a lot of new stuff in here. I tried to work a lot of the unused footage from the first run, before working in even more material, and then keep adding more and re-arranging. I’ll watch this before release and try to trim it down a bit and make sure there isn’t too much fluff. It’s running at the same length as the Fellowship of the RIng Appendicies, so we’ll see where we end up.

Last things to work in will be the cast/crew commentary, and then I’ll do a pass at trimming it down and we’ll see how we go from there.

I’m having fun with some on-screen text too which is fun, trying to do a bit of this.



EvantheKidDS said:

If hypothetically the OT gets proper 4K transfers of in their unaltered forms, could the Revisited Trilogy look and sound just about the same?

You ask very silly questions sometimes.

An official 4k Blu-Ray of the unaltered theatrical cut, perhaps a scan of a 77 Technicolour print, probably an interpositive if anything, would look nothing like an unofficial fanedit, made to be what the Special Editions could of been, coloured and crafted too look like what a fan wanted to create. From the custom sound mix, to the new visual effects.

Revisited is not a theatrical preservation, never has been, and has never aimed to be anything like the unaltered original cut.

It’s like asking if Revisited is going to be anything like Harmy’s 3.0. Completely different things with different goals. They would never ever look or sound exactly the same.


EvantheKidDS said:

If hypothetically the OT gets brand-new, proper 4K transfers of all three in their unaltered forms with the same kind of treatment and care found in releases like the 2021 Scream Factory 4K Release of Halloween (1978), or the most recent 2023 Disney 4K Release of Cinderella (1950)


Has anyone Read the Book The Secret History of Star Wars by Michael Kaminski?

Bought a 2nd hand print copy and absolutely loved it. A great exploration of George and his rewriting of history and going back on his word both behind the scenes and about the story of the films itself. It paints a great picture of how the films were crafted and how the story creatively evolved over the years, with constant retcons.
The evolution of who Vader was, who Luke’s father was, with Kaminski coming to a great conclusion on exactly when they were merged into one. The exploration of the early 9-15 episode series, potential antholgy stories, unwritten sequel trilogies, mysterious Journals of the Whills, this book has it all.
Everything is cited and its sources listed in a hefty section at the back of the book, so you can tell that this was all heavily researched and isn’t coming out of thin air. It’s a great read that isn’t Lucasfilm sanitised.

I really oughta re-read it, as well as “How Star Wars Conquered the Universe” which I haven’t read yet, but have heard great things about.