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"The series won't end until 2007"

I’m looking at an article from the Boston Globe Sun (2/6/1983) about how Star Wars on HBO, and it put out this interesting tidbit:

"Star Wars (Episode 4) and “The Empire Strikes Back” (Episode 5) will be followed this May by “The Revenge of the Jedi” (Episode 6). Lucas then plans to shoot the first trilogy beginning in 1986 and then the final trilogy in 1995, although he has no firm commitment from any of the actors.

It also states that the whole thing will have been finished by 2007, although of course in reality it took a lot longer than that.

Can you imagine if it did, though? By this logic, we could’ve seen Episode I as early as 1988, and a vastly different prequel and sequel trilogy to what we got. Would the Special Editions or the Disney buyout have even happened then?

Needless to say, this avenue is something of a goldmine for alternate history buffs.

Worst Edit Ideas


THE MIGHTY DOORS TO THE DINING room slide open and the group enters the dining room. At the far end of a huge banquet table sits Darth Vader. Standing at his side and slightly behind him is Boba Fett, the bounty hunter. Faster than the wink of an eye, Han draws his blaster and pops off a couple of shots directly at Vader. The Dark Lord quickly raises his hand, deflecting the bolts into one of the side walls, where they explode harmlessly. Just as quickly, Han’s weapon zips into Vader’s hand. The evil presence calmly places the gun on the table in front of him.

VADER: We would be honoured… if you would join us.

Han gives Lando a mean look.

LANDO: I had no choice. They arrived right before you did. I’m sorry.

HAN: Why you dirty, stinking…

He picks up a thick custard pie from among a large selection of pies on the table and smashes it into Lando’s face. Lando hurls a coconut cream pie at Han, who ducks. It splatters into Leia’s face. Not realizing why she has been hit, Leia flings a chocolate cream pie at Boba Fett. It misses and plops into Vader’s face.

And, as is the case with the great-pie throwing scenes, misunderstanding piles upon misunderstanding, until everyone in the room is hectically engaged in splattering pies into each other’s face.

Idea & Info: The Wall - Screen Projections (Pink Floyd)

So Notelu recently released a video on the missing screen projections for Pink Floyd’s The Wall tour, and I thought: if they can’t or won’t release the originals, could we not reconstruct them a la Despecialized Editions? Given that much of the needed material has been released in one way or another, a little upscaling and rotoscoping should yield results that at least come as close as possible.

Info: Recommended Editions of Disney Animated (and Partially Animated) Features

jolennon said:

Redbreast1 said:

titanic said:

,^…^, said:

Don’t know if Aristocats HDTV version is better than BD, probably not…

The aristocats HDTV is miles better than the Bluray!

It retains the grain!

There is a custom BD-50 of it in circulation.

Does anyone have this. please?

I’d like to know where to find this too

Me too!