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Rogue One * <em>Spoilers</em> * Thread

It’s like War and Remembrance in space! In all seriousness though… this film is definitely more hard-hitting than the other Star Wars films… by the end, everybody’s dead, and two planets have been nuked. By the Death Star no less! Its lowest setting is equal to that of a million A-bombs! And that’s saying something!
That said, I loved how they brought back Angus Macinnes, James Earl Jones, and especially Peter Cushing for this one.

Project #4K77

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Just discovered this today. Amazing. Haven’t read the thread yet so forgive me if it’s been said, but I really hope ESB and ROTJ are planned to get similar treatment too! There’s been so many outright amazing projects on the original film in recent years sometimes it feels like the sequels are almost forgotten.

Nevertheless, GREAT JOB!!! Can’t wait to see the finished project. I really need a raise so I can start upgrading my equipment to both get and watch all this new stuff! I still have to trek over to a friends house just to burn a single layer BD…

I could be wrong, but I think Poita is the next port of call for a good ESB restoration. He’s already got some terrific tests up on his own thread.

Let’s hope so! I just went back to the drive with the original ESB scan on it and it just died. One minute it was readable and I was checking out the scans, the next it’s making some mechanical grinding noises and, well that’s that. Can’t run any diagnostics on it because it no longer shows up as a connected drive (tried multiple ways). Probably the control arm is stuck. I doubt you’ll be surprised to learn that it was a cheap Seagate drive. Also on there was the original LPP scan, but I had backups of that. I didn’t have backups of the ESB files (though other people do). So, I guess I won’t be testing out Dre’s tools on that scan any time soon. It might not matter though. I don’t actually know which scan was used for the Grindhouse version so it might well have been this one.

Well that really is too bad. Turns out the one that failed on me was also a Seagate. Still bugs me!

Raiders of the Lost Ark 35mm LPP Theatrical Experience - v1.0 (Released)

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I’m really curious to know, which home video release first introduced the red cast in the bar? It really changes the atmosphere.

I recently bought the first laserdisc release from 1984. However, I don’t own a laserdisc player, so I should have it transfered to dvd. It’s pan and scan, but I guess it still has some historic significance.

That’s the first home video release. I have the VHS version, I’ll track it down and take a look. The next transfer was in 1991 for the widescreen LD and VHS, I’ll check that too.

The scenes in 1981 making of have the correct color.

Did you get a chance to take a look at those home video releases?

I did find my original Raiders VHS from 1983. Unfortunately the bar scene doesn’t play anymore, it is all static. Some parts do play, and wow it’s amazing how bad the quality is. But I remember getting it as a kid and watching it repeatedly and thinking it looked great.

Anyway, I couldn’t see enough to determine the color. I do have another later VHS copy of the same transfer (they used that transfer from 1983 to 1992). I’ll try to find that. I also have the 1992 LD somewhere (the second home video transfer), I’ll try to find it.

litemakr, just wondered - did you ever watch/record the 1986 ABC premiere of ROTLA and if so, how does the colour (and the pan & scanning) compare to the home video releases of the time?

I did see it and actually videotaped it at the time. ABC used the same master as the 1983 VHS and laserdisc version. That was the only version used for home video, cable or broadcast until the 1992 widescreen laserdisc, which was a new transfer. A pan and scan of that transfer was used for broadcast until the 2003 DVD.

Raiders video transfers:
1981 Making of special and Great Movie Stunts special (clips)
1983 VHS, Betamax and Laserdisc
1992 Laserdisc and VHS (widescreen and pan and scan)
2003 DVD and VHS (widescreen and pan and scan) HD version used for HD broadcasts
2011(?) 4K restoration (Japanese wowow broadcasts, 30th anniversary screenings)
2012 Blu-Ray

Now that’s a thought, what edits were made to the TV version, if any?

General Star Wars <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> Thread

So there was this Star Wars collector’s event up at my town mall today. They had an assortment of items on sale, and I ended up buying White Label box copies of Rebel Assault and Dark Forces. Unfortunately I had to pass on a first issue VHS of Star Wars from '82 and a set of collector stamps that were cancelled in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, for they were both well out of my price range, and honestly, I’ve gone well beyond my spending limit for the month. Gotta watch where I’m putting my money these days. Unless there was a 70mm cel on sale. I’d have been all over that.

Info: TITANIC * 35MM POLY SCOPE PRINT - for sale on ebay!

So… to start off with, these regrades use the French trailer on the Blu-ray as reference.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

These ones use some assorted film cel scans I found on eBay.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

And these come from the telecine shots from the above post.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Unfortunately some of the tests I ran came out with screwy results. These are the ones that didn’t completely fail.

I do have a copy of James Cameron’s Titanic Explorer, but I’m not sure how viable it is as a source, given it was released in November '98.