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Unpopular Opinion Thread

jedi_bendu said:

ThisIsCreation said:

The issues with dialogue from the prequels is evident in ROTJ. There are lines in ROTJ that sound like something from AOTC.

What lines are you thinking of, out of curiosity?

Han’s line when he comes out of carbonite:

  • Luke? A Jedi? I’m out of it for a little while and everybody gets delusions of grandeur.

That sounds like dialogue straight out of the mouth of attack of the clones Obi-Wan. you can even hear it in obi-wans voices as you read it lol.

Leia’s delivery of this line:

  • No! Luke, run away, far away! If he can feel your presence, then leave this place!.

I love melodramatic star wars, and this line sounds like it comes out of the mouth of Padme. Leia normally spoke like an actual person, but this whole line & the way she says it feels so out of character.

Once Leia’s hair is let down on Endor, Carrie’s performance is so weird in hindsight.

The Book of Boba Fett

The integration of the animated characters in the Mandalorian has opened the door for more characters to come into the fray.

And with that said, I would love for Cad Bane to show up. I can’t think of a better antagonist for the show.

Cad Bane is a bastard who I just love to watch.

I would like for Cad Bane to be the one to have dented Boba’s helmet, like the unfinished animated clip, but let it seem like Boba and Cad have unfinished business.

The Last Jedi: Legendary (Released)

I downloaded this today. Listening to your commentary as I write this, I laughed my ass off when you called Snoke an emperor clone and then followed it up by saying “not literally ofcourse”.

I appreciate each edit you made, but I love hearing someone understand the movie and its intentions. Normally people dismiss the movies message but you really hit the nail on the head, especially with your comments on luke.

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

JakeRyan17 said:

It’s pointing out that Anakin’s Force Ghost could’ve told Luke where his Wayfinder was, basically pointing out the massive plot hole in The Rise of Skywalker.

My gripe with this is,a character not telling another character something isn’t a plothole. By this same logic it is a plothole in A New Hope that Obi wan didnt tell Luke that Vader was his father and that he had a sister.

FanEdit Reviews - Post Your Reviews Here

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - MMP EDIT

I am quite forgiving of Indiana Jones 4 as time goes on, but MMP’s edit just elevates it into a worthy sequel. The aliens feel more like a spiritual force, similar to the original 3.

The edit still has all that excellent Indiana Jones cheese, but it no longer has moments like the outrageous Monkey Tarzan scene. MMP’s edit gives the movie new life, and I know from now on whenever watch the Indiana Jones series, this will be my definitive version.

Definitely check it out!

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread

Movies Remastered said:

Here is an end Saber spark test. 3 different versions, first clip regular speed and second at half speed to see the difference. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks to @skenera for helping with colour correction.

The idea is to give Rey a reason for burying the Sabers after the battle with Palpatine.

V1 No blue puff of smoke
V2 Hard blue smoke
V3 Softer blue smoke

I think V2 is the best for sure. It fits really well, i think the smoke element should be a bit more transparent but i love it.

Star Wars: <strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> Redux Ideas thread
  • Now please excuse the terrible quality of the clip, i can’t get the render settings working right in vegas lmao

  • also ignore the logo, i had to rip it from youtube because vegas can’t open the movie in mkv.

  • the palpatine audio is terrible quality but i thought id throw together this idea because i thought it fit.

  • When Rey picks up the wayfinder, Palpatine says ‘‘Now…Fulfill your destiny’’


  • just something that came to mind a while ago, id love it with the audio in good quality but i dont have the facilities to do that.

I have Sony vegas 13, it cant open MKV files &amp; it wont open converted files...

I’m using windows, is there any other software I could change to so I can start editing?

I also suffer with rendering issues, files ending up looking pixated.

I used ffmpeg to convert the files to mp4, but when i open them in vegas they don’t work no matter what I try.

I’ve I’ve wanted to edit movies but I’ve been stuck going around in circles.

Any help would be great. Thanks guys.

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

I’m probably going to be in the minority, but other than adding palpatine’s ‘find me’ audio to the end of TLJ that is found in Hal9000’s edit (i think that’s the one i have), i love TLJ warts and all.

Leia’s space scene hit me hard, and the fact carrie was dead at the time makes it that much sadder. It’s one of my favorite scenes.

Unpopular Opinion Thread

jedi_bendu said:

Here’s an unpopular opinion: my single favourite moment in all of Star Wars is the final duel between Obi-Wan and Maul from Star Wars Rebels. The lighting, the reference to the duel between Kyuzo and an angry samurai in Seven Samurai, the subtext with lightsaber positions only an observant, devoted fan could notice, all the tragic events that have built up to that 3 seconds of combat. I could write an entire essay on how well done it is.

I agree with you. This whole scene told a story. It’s my favourite scene with a lightsaber & it’s my favourite overall scene in star wars. It would have been great to have Maul in the Kenobi show, but what we got was perfection.

converting mkv to mp4

sidshady12 said:

1- MKV does not work with many editors, as you know. MKV is a container, like a “folder” in very simple terms. Inside this “folder” is an h264 AVC video track most likely, which is very common, and fits in MP4s too, which DO work in editors. You need to either use ffmpeg to convert the mkv to mp4 (which will be quick and will not lose quality), or re-encode it while also switching the container (like using handbrake) but this will take longer and can slightly reduce quality.

Look up how to use ffmpeg on a mac, put your movie in the folder, and use this command

ffmpeg -i title.mkv -codec copy title.mp4

This will copy over everything into an mp4. BUT, the audio might not work, as you’ve said.

Regardless, you can still do the easy way with handbrake, just make sure to go to the audio tab and delete every audio channel except the one you want (usually the best quality one), set it to AC3 and make sure it’s all maxed out for quality etc

Or, here’s what I do without having to convert things and re-encode.

2- If we go back in time, before you do the mkv->mp4, we can work with it to extract the audio first. The audio is most likely DTS, or some other type used in blu-ray releases. You should convert to it to 24 bit 48kz wav so that you can work with it.

There’s a couple options. First off, it’d just be MUCH easier if you didnt need them attached. You can have the movie & audio tracks be seperate, you just load them in, and then make sure they both start at 00:00 and are lined up.

Youll want to find a program that will let you remove ALL the audio tracks except the main English 5.1 audio. If you load it into handbrake… it should show you them and you can X them all out, or you can use ffmpeg.

Im on windows, but my method is:
-Rip blu ray, I have mkv
-Remove all random audio tracks/subtitles using MKVToolNix (Idk if its on mac)
-Or, you can use MediaInfo (view->text) to see all audio tracks and see which ones you need to remove, and then use ffmpeg to remove audio tracks, youll need to google how
-I now have an mkv with 1 audio and 1 video
-I convert the mkv to mp4 using ffmpeg, so it can be loaded into programs, the audio can be lost here, idc
-Then I load that mkv into Audacity and it’ll automatically load in the 6 mono channels of audio and obviously ignore the video since its an audio program, I then export each as mono wavs, and then I set up 5.1 in my editing program manually

To do things perfectly, it’s gonna be a couple hour process, but I assure you everything can be done to get it work

i converted a video from mkv to mp4 and when i tried to open the mp4 file in sony vegas, it appeared as a green screen with no audio file.
I was told to rename a dll file. i did that, & then sony vegas crashed.

Boba Fett's Death Remastered (Released)

I’ve always thought Boba Fett was a cool looking character with an interesting background, so i never really cared about his fate, but Mandalorian changed that for me, & i would like to see it reflected in his ‘death scene’. i think your edit is really close to what i would do (if i could get a video editing, please god give me a video editor lol), but i would remove his shot at luke, i don’t like han repeating ‘boba fett’ twice, so removing the shot helps remedy that.

If i was able to do special effects i would really dial the notches up on the jetback breaking, i would have it shooting bursts of flames or electricity left right & center.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

ThisIsCreation said:

I’m happy with the current Hal9000 cut of the movie, but just seeing Vader’s castle being added a few pages back has made me really want to see it. Cut the stormtroopers etc & cut to the tie’s flying over the trees as they do in the current Hal cut, but it is really cool to see.

I’m sad i wasn’t here when the first edit was being made, would totally love to be added to the rebel calls lol

Not too late. Send me something and I can tuck it in there.

haha! thank you. will do this weekend.

<strong>STAR WARS: REBELS</strong> (animated tv series) - general discussion thread

rebothejedi said:

Has he seen the original trilogy???

Yeah. He was very indifferent about star wars for years but since it’s such a big part of me, he wanted to see it through my eyes & he feel in love with the original trilogy.

This is the order we are watching:

  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Episode 6
  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Clone Wars Season 1 to half way through season 7
  • Revenge of the Sith
  • The Second half of Clone Wars Season 7
  • Solo
  • Rebels (where we are right now)
  • Rogue One
  • Then A Rewatch of the Original trilogy followed by the Sequels.
  • Then we’ll rewatch all of Mandalorian

He is obsessed with Clone wars now, we got to watch Revenge of the sith & the second half of Season 7 of clone wars on the same night & it made me enjoy the prequels more. I’ve had my issues over the years with them, but seeing him see the good in them & being in it for the experience & feeling has made me look at them differently.

He is hyped as hell for Bad Batch.

It’s so weird to watch the prequels with someone who never watched them and seeing them appreciate them.

'Star Wars: <strong>The High Republic</strong>' era publishing project (was aka 'Project Luminous')

The first novel is the only one available in ireland at the moment.

I had to go on ebay and purchase the first comic & test of courage from an american seller…

I can’t find Into the dark anywhere, it doesn’t even release in ireland until next month and the dispatch wont happen until march.

I am excited to start the high republic material but this is so disheartening.