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How often do you watch the Original Trilogy?

Less and less each year. Just in general Star Wars has been replaced with The Witcher, Mass Effect, and other gaming universes. Gaming and Podcasts have increasingly replaced movies and TV (and reading, sadly) in how I spend my entertainment hours.

Man, back in the 90s and early 00s I would watch these films so much, buy up tons of EU material (books, comics, games).

My main engagement with Star Wars is playing KOTOR2: The Sith Lords, once a year or so.

Your ideal Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

ThatPixarGuy said:

A faithful adaptation of the Thrawn trilogy, with a few minor changes of course to fit with TFA’s time period.

I agree. Indeed, Disney only cares about money - so why worry about having a canon universe/continuity? Just make The Thrawn Trilogy as part of an alternative timeline. Instead of striving for a shared universe like Marvel and DC, just let various series and movies be independent of each other. Way easier really.

I mean with Lucas out of the picture, does anyone really care what the “true” canon is anymore?

Opinion: Return Of The Jedi is Very Underrated. Do You Agree?

This again? 😉

The main problem for me is that Ford and Fisher mail in their performances. They also do not work in Vader’s plan to overthrow The Emperor (with Luke’s help) as he had revealed in ESB. I like the Ewoks, but can understand why others don’t.

Hamill gives his best performance for sure. Vader becomes a person rather than just a villain as well. I love The Emperor of course. The space battle is just incredible; who can forget

The Ultimate Star Wars Saga

DuracellEnergizer said:

Space Medievalist said:

What happens to the Republic after Ruusan? Any wars?

No fullscale wars, no. The Republic becomes complacent and slovenly in the centuries after the New Sith Wars, which leads to the growth of crime syndicates and localized conflicts between individual planets/systems. This is what ultimately causes the Clone Wars.

Yes. My own timeline marked the rise of the Hutts and the Megacorps (Kuat Drive Yards etc.) in the 200 years preceding the Clone Wars. The Clone Masters were the most powerful of these. But for about 700 years before this the Republic experienced it’s Golden Age.

Most Disappointing / Satisfying Aspect of the Sequel Trilogy?

DominicCobb said:

Hal 9000 said:

Can we get a much lower budget episodes 10 to 12 set 100 years in the future directed by Rian Johnson, with story ideas about the Force being front and center? The goal would be to explore the meat of the concepts we’ve been shown and about building the Jedi back up without there being a ‘holy crap bad guy uberthreat.’ Small scale, spiritual stakes on a personal level. Could be made soonish, with the ST characters all having died by that point, but could be referenced or perhaps shown in flashbacks. Luke and other Jedi could always pop in as ghosts, but this would have to be done soonish for much of that.

100% agree.

No enough $$$ by makin’ for movie 'bout cncpts. Need explosions and shouting and making angry faces, then kissing after angryfaces for $$$ so can make more movies with explosions and shouting and making angry faces to make more $$$. with kissing dometimes. Need potry to so it rymes.

Special Edition Changes that SHOULD have been made/should be made in the future

Disclaimer: I hate the SEs. But we are stuck with them so…

Admiral Akbar should identify The Executor by its’ name instead of saying “Super Star Destroyer”.

More B-Wings in the Battle for Endor.

Eliminate Luke’s lightsaber from Vaders’ hand in The Duel in the Throne Room.

Rancor vs. Luke. Lots of stuff to fix here. Off the top of my head: when Luke is grabbed by the Rancor, the green screen effect is terrible and should be replaced by completely different shot. Put the scene back in when Luke leaps up to the grate in the ceiling.

Executor crashes into Death Star 2. Yikes, did they run out of money? Fix this!

New matte painting(s) for various background shots when Han and company are in Cloud City. Wait…it’s been a while so maybe this was already done.

Name Something You Unreservedly Love About The Rise Of Skywalker

DuracellEnergizer said:

I miss that brief period of time pre-TESB when Force powers consisted solely of hightened senses/reflexes and subtle psychic abilities.


<em>The Mandalorian</em> Discussion Thread - * <em><strong>SPOILERS</strong></em> *

Happy New Year. Just saw the first 4 episodes at my friend’s place. Overall I thought it was good, but not great. Some random thoughts:

  1. Mandalorians are better as villains, rather then heroes.
  2. Yes, Baby Yoda is very cute.
  3. So far, the IG robot was the best thing about the series. Too bad he was destroyed.
  4. Really liked Carl Weathers character in this
  5. Does have a good Star Wars feel
  6. Episode 4 was MUCH weaker compared to the prior episodes. Did not like the soldier girl.
  7. Do NOT like the fact that Baby Yoda can instinctively use The Force
  8. The Egg! The Egg! The Egg!
  9. The Clone Wars series is strong in this one (in terms of ideas, tone, quality).
  10. If I never see another episode…I’ll live.
  11. If Favreau and Filoni were put in charge of the ST the world would be a much better place.
  12. Super Battle Droids are shown as menacing. Well done.
Most Disappointing / Satisfying Aspect of the Sequel Trilogy?

theprequelsrule said:

Most disappointing aspect is easy: it is completely redundant.

Really, what was the point of it all? The ST was compressed into one movie already: Return of the Jedi. So I guess I have to give Johnson credit for realizing that when he made TLJ and killed off Snoke - essentially saying “we already killed the Big Bad Guy 2 episodes ago remember?” TROS undid this and remade ROTJ - thus undermining Luke’s character arc, as well as Anakin’s (for those who consider the PT canon). Rey is now just Luke…only better (or worse - since Luke defeats evil with Faith/Love, while Rey uses lightning). Thanks to TROS the entire ST is just a reboot of the OT. NO POINT!!

Quoting myself is lame, but I wanted to add this quote (from a youtube comment of all things!)

“If you don’t stop at Return of the Jedi, you have to commit to perpetuity.”