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Info: Where do you draw the line?
The Current version of Blade Runner out on DVD is going out of Print. It is being Dumped for $6.00 or less. I got an extra one a Wal Mart for $5.50 in the "Dump Bin" (Thats their name for it and it fits). The disks are dumped into this big bin. The Price sticker is marked DB for Dump Bin.
Any way If Warner does not make good on its promise of a new release, then all we will have for a while is what we currently own because the DVD will be hard to find.
Currently I own this on DVD, VHS (The 1st VHS version), I have the cable Version from The Movie Channels VCR Theatre back in the 1980's and I have the Criterion Lasedisc. I made my own DVD Transfer of the Laserdisc and I too have toyed with making a 2nd audio track with Deckard's voice over for the Directors cut. I will buy the Super 20th anversary Edition when it comes out. OH WAIT ! That's right I held my breath waiting for it and I passed out. It is now the 25th anversary edition. I won't hold my breath again. AND I will continue to boycott Jerry Perenchcio' TV Channel and it's advertisers until he releases the rights for the Theatrical Edition.
*** The Official DigitalFreakNYC Release Thread*** (SW, Indy + Others!)
Originally posted by: digitalfreaknyc

Yes. I'm actually waiting on Babyhum to see if his master of the making of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is better than mine. If it is, then i'll use his. That disc will also contain the teaser trailer that hasn't been released on DVD, along with two ABC previews from the first airings on US TV and possibly one other trailer.

The 2nd Indy disc will be the original Electronic Press Kit for the film. I will try and get the two Indy discs out around the same time but again, waiting on Babyhum.

I have some 1st Gen Master Tapes of the Making of Raiders and Temple of Doom that seem to be very good Quality I could transfer to MPeg2 and send you if you like?
Idea & Info: Combining all the Criterion Efforts?
Correct me If I'm Wrong but I thought I read somewhere that Dubbing from a laser disc using anything but the composite outputs is a wasted effort. That the S-Video signal is"pulled" after the composite circuit. That does not sound right to me. But if it is true. I will offer the services of my VP-7200 which is a Pioneer Built unit for Sylvania to Phillip's Specs. Read about it Here. I have done One Transfer Already using my Sony Digital Studio PC via composite ports and Burned using a Pioneer DVR-109.
The Resulting DVD is of very good Quality. The Drawback is that the player has no Digital Audio out. But even if there was, I would have no way to record the Digital Audio. My intent is to use this palyer to Transfer as many LD versions of Titles that are not available on DVD.
Idea & Info: Combining all the Criterion Efforts?
I seem to remember early on that Criterion were going to release all of their titles on DVD but then some of the copyright holders claimed that Criterion's rights were for Laserdiscs only and did not apply to the DVD format.
Just about a week before I found this fourm, I bought a laserdisc player to do some of the some projects that I have found here were already done. I would like to contribute but do not want to do a title that has already been transfered.

Is there a list of Criterion laserdisc titles that did not make it to DVD by Criterion?
Is there a List of Titles that have been Done by Fans?
The Last Of The Mohicans NTSC (Original Version) (Released)
Originally posted by: marvin
If I remember correctly, the two DVDs (R1 extended version and R2 UK) have a completely different soundtrack when Hawkeye is chasing Magwa and his men (with their captives) at the end of the movie.

In the R2 DVD (International DVD) we hear a somewhat new age melody (maybe an orchestral version of "I will find you") but in the extended cut, the beautiful score by Trevor jones is played.

In my memeories, here in France, I've always seen the movie with the Jones music attached to it but I could be wrong.So whic version has the appropriate score: another mystery?

Some one posted the soundtrack by Trever Jones and Randy Edelman up on usenet a few weeks ago on one of the mp3 groups. I believe it had nine tracks. Here is what they read
1. Main Title
2. Elk Hunt
3. The Kiss ( I believe this theme is heard a few times in the movie)
4 The Glade Part II
5 Fort Battle
6 Promentory
7 Munro's Office / Stockade
8 Massacre / Canoes
9 Top of the World