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4K restoration on Star Wars

I don't care about 4K really as a format. 

If it was scanned in 4k and then put on a standard blu ray i would not mind.

It would be nice to not have to watch the official blu ray or see a bad postage size stamp version of the oot from 1993 letterboxed.

The blu ray set made tons of money and the boycott did not work.  The possibility of the real original versions ever being released is doubtful.

Or 54 pages of no news and the same thing being said.

Why do i even bother.

In Praise, Laudation, and Hosanna of George Lucas

ATMachine said:

What I want to say, before I quit this thread, is that, although I don't overly like the Prequels, I also don't feel it's right to deny GL's own right to make movies as he chooses. That's kind of... not nice.

 If i was a billionaire several times over i would damn well make the types of films i want as well.

But i would also know that i was opening myself up to criticism.

His later films were not great in my opinion but they were still Lucasfilms.  Now Lucasfilms will no longer be made by Lucas.

Last movie seen

Never Say Never Again.  Barely tolerable even with Connery in it.

It has none of the flair or glamour of the eon films no pre credit and no music number.  No John Barry music.

Looks really low budget the premise of the aged spy coming out of retirement is ridiculous.

Bad knockoff of Thunderball. 

Hard to believe the Cinematographer of Raiders and the director of Empire Strikes Back produced this turkey.

2 stars out of 5.

A new Indiana Jones?

I don't understand why Lucas and Spielberg would not allow  other writers and directors to get involved.

Its the same story as Star Wars pretty much the need to control every aspect of the production.

Its not like a failed tv series like Young Indy where you can allow collaboration.

I think there would have been a lot more indiana jones pictures and more star wars pictures if Lucas path had taken a different turn.  No divorce no burnout.

If he stayed young forever, none of those were likely.

Return of the Jedi Appreciation Thread

Luke's Lightsaber design.

Nilo's costumes.

Kasdan's script.

Williams Music.

Hamill's acting, the maturity he brings to the role. Although i hear he hated the script and direction by Marquand

The overall design sense created by Ralph McQuarrie.

The beautiful Matte paintings though they are not quite as good in my opinion as those in Empire strikes back.

I too like the Skiff fight with exceptions the lightsaber does not cut anything and the effects are dodgy it looks like Luke has a baseball bat.

The new Star Wars comics - a general discussion thread

Everybody that is angry that Luke fights Vader before Empire Strikes Back obviously never read Splinter of the Mind's eye.

Of course these comics are Canon and Splinter is not.

Splinter is Legends EU.

If Disney ever makes Han Solo movies set before Star Wars 1977, they of course will ignore the non Canon Brian Daley novels.

Just like they ignore Alan Dean Foster or any other EU.

The PT's influence on today's movies

It really is not a fair comparison since Lucas had three films for exposition, and Jupiter Ascending is the first of a trilogy with the exposition to be added later.

Its the same thing they did with the Matrix and we all know how that turned out II and III sucked but made tons of money.

I would not be surprised if the second and third films never happen and it fails like Cloud Atlas or Speed Racer.

Based on the trailer i said this is the next John Carter it looks so expensive the sequels will probably never be made.

Even with Sean Bean i probably won't go see it.  It looks like shit. Star wars looks more promising.  Both feature a young heroine but i think i would rather see Daisy Ridley than the girl from the seventies show as the hero.

Both feature a tired cliche concept of a chosen one  who will save the universe/galaxy i still would prefer force awakens.

I mean the last film the Wachowski's made i liked was the first Matrix the so called low budget one off, the sequels are far more like the star wars prequels by way of comparison.

Even if the chosen one motif is overused and cliche you forgive it if you like the movie, like the original star wars trilogy, the matrix or the lord of the rings trilogy.  Still i think more sci fi films with regular folks working together that are not demi gods or superheroes should be made, but would they make money?

<strong>STAR WARS: REBELS</strong> (animated tv series) - a general discussion thread

The new episode was an improvement over the last couple of episodes and actually felt like Star Wars.

Call to Action i think that was the title.

Was written by Greg Weisman not sure i spelled the name right.

Only real complaint i have is the Imperial March is now a generic theme for the Empire and no longer Vader's theme.

Recycling the oot music at first was kind of cool but i would like to hear some new stuff too.

<strong>STAR WARS: REBELS</strong> (animated tv series) - a general discussion thread

Saw the new one two weeks early.

The villain/spy was predictable.

He already set up Ezra and Kanan once before.

These are the great unknowns who sparked the rebellion, they are barely competent , in this episode they fall for a trap like morons.

And they luckily escape to fight another day, like any other cartoon for children.

Overall Episode 11 Vision of hope was lackluster.

I liked the design for the senate protocol droids, other than that this episode was a miss.

Last movie seen

Not terribly original but i liked it anyway Oblivion. 3 out of 5 stars.

I know it goes against the critics rating it rotten.

November man absolutely terrible. 1 and a half stars.

Pierce's character is entirely unlikable and Olga Kurylenko character could have easily been cut and pasted out of Quantum of Solace.  Only that was a much better film.

I now have a plasma, and some questions about it and DVD upscaling

Upscaling a bad quality DVD will look bad.  Upscaling a good quality DVD will only look less bad.

Good quality DVD's are only so so, as long as you don't get closer to your set.

If you do you'll want to throw them in the trash realizing there is no real detail.

Unfortunately for many TV series and movies there are only DVD, and for others the studios screw up the Blu Ray release.

All Things Star Trek

I know its probably blasphemy but i always preferred the model used in the motion picture the so called Refit.  The one they reused as the Enterprise A.

The one they replaced with the cgi JJprise.

The model they sold to a collector, i guess that is better than it going in the trash which is probably where it would have ended up knowing Paramount.

Episode VII: The Force Awakens - Discussion * <strong>SPOILER THREAD</strong> *

CO said:

SilverWook said:

I wonder at what point he changed his mind and decided he wanted to make a third trilogy?

As they old saying goes from All The Presidents Men, "Follow the money!"

Lucas said an in interview on Charlie Rose in 2004 that his company was having financial problems in the early 90's.  His shareholders went to him and did a presentation on the financial effects of making the PT.  He then said (paraphrasing), "I could have walked away from SW right then and there, and would be free to make whatever movie I want to make, but I would always be reliant on the studio system.  The financial benefits of making the PT is that it would make my company independent and free from the Studio System forever."

Lucas was asked about his plan to make 9 movies again right before Episode 1 and he answered, "Ha-Ha, let me make this trilogy first!"  He could have easily said right then and there that the Saga is 6 movies.

Then I believe Lucas was fed up with everything after the PT, and didn't want any part of SW again in the form of movies.  But again:  Follow the money!

There was still a demand for SW (despite the PT), so he was either going to make Episode 7 and then sell, or just sell altogether and let someone else do the ST.  There is just too much money to made on SW to stop milking this cow, Lucas knows it, Disney knows it, we all know it.

 Lucas wasted all those years developing a tv show that never happened,

and on Clone wars.  He sure spent a lot of time making only star wars for someone who hates it.

I have a feeling he wanted to make the tv series and the sequel trilogy and basically time was not on his side.