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I was really excited to see Battle of Five Armies really wanted to love the movie.

Well i have finally seen it and it is the worst of all six Jackson Middle Earth movies.

Incredibly bad cgi that is cheap looking.  Still looks lifeless and flat like the other two movies because it was shot on video and not film, and the orcs are cgi and there are no bigatures.

Almost all the changes in part three from the book are bad and of no improvement over the source.

Movie looks unfinished barely holds a consistent narrative is severally disjointed like its badly edited.  I might give it another chance with the extended, but i am not sure this movie was really tedious and unnecessary.

I feel like they could have easily told the story in two films.

Martin Freeman is totally wasted in the third part.  The emotions feel forced and not genuine.

Return of the King was a superior movie in almost every way. 

2 and a half stars out of five.

Film cells from a Technicolor print on ebay

Well that sucks that leaves the film all but lost and no film level restoration can ever be done.  Just a video restoration. No wonder its stuck at 1080P.

Having to actually use release prints that is shocking.

Even if only for sections.  So what the other sources the IP/IN were unusable?

I suppose what was used to strike the original release prints is in worse or similar shape to the camera negative.

Blu-ray (or HD-DVD) questions

HD-DVD is dead.  Even an acquaintance of mine a stanch defender of the format finally caved and got blu ray player about 4 years ago.

He convinced me to get a player and an HDTV once the prices came down dramatically.

That being said i doubt they are going to come to your house and take your player and working discs away, if you enjoy them then so what if they don't make them anymore.

I am not  a Sony plant of troll i don't even own a PlayStation beyond the original.

One thing i hate about the format though is that some discs won't play on some players even if they are updated to the current firmware. Its only happened to me once, but once was a nightmare.  99% of my discs work.

Imagine dropping 40 dollars on a box set and it won't play because the region lockout says you are trying to view it in another region, yet the disc and player are region A.

Episode VII: The Force Awakens - Discussion * <strong>SPOILER THREAD</strong> *

I hope the rumors are totally false because i want a fun movie that is pure escapism and i can leave reality behind for 2 hours.

I don't want something that is overly political nor do i want moral relativism.  Two things i despised about the prequels.

The so called rumors sound like 1980's American politics  with the politics of ten years ago and the politics of now.

The good guys not really being the good guys sounds like moral relativism, i suppose the empire never really was nazi like either and the rebels invented Palpatine's atrocities.

The way Han dies sounds like bad Eu like when Jacen Solo Murdered Mara Jade. Luke being a recluse sounds like bad EU like before the storm where luke becomes a hermit and builds a castle to hide from the world like a coward.

I am not a JJ Abrams hater, i am sure it will be visually interesting and entertaining despite if the plot is good or bad, or not my cup of tea as the expression goes.

The plot was wonky but i liked Super 8.  Halfway enjoyed  Trek 2009 even through its not star trek and enjoyed some of the dumber parts of into darkness for their sheer entertainment but again the plot was really bad.

Any Star Wars TV stuff coming up?

The actors thought the dialog George wrote was bad.

I suppose they found the replacement lines by the co writers more satisfactory.

George never wrote Star Wars, Empire or Return of the Jedi without other people writing on the movie.

He mistakenly thought he could write a script without help the first such script since the rough draft screenplay for star wars.

As much as i see the rough draft as an interesting oddity all the flaws and weaknesses in Phantom Menace were already there.

This Movie must be stopped!!!!

I don't have tons of faith that Rambo V will be any good.  The stuff about Rambo supposedly fighting drug cartels in Mexico is garbage.

What a trip down memory lane the Evangelion movie never happened.

Waiting for the fourth film of the cgi animated remake to be released in Japan.

Ghost in the Shell is getting made in live action form unfortunately and Americanized and whitewashed. As Akira would have been if it had been made.

Yet another Pirates movie?! I can't be the only one who is sick of these.

The last one was b movie quality but it certainly was not so terrible for a rental.

I thought it was not as bad as part three.

Let them make a fifth or sixth movie and someday i will rent it for a  few bucks if i'm bored and there is nothing else to watch.

Still surprised Disney would take the risk after the epic fail that was the Lone Ranger, in terms of box office receipts

The new Star Wars comics - a general discussion thread

I must be the only person tired of the just after star wars, or between star wars and empire strikes back stories.  I want stuff after Return of the Jedi.

 If they were allowed to do their own material and ignore Del Rey.

So the new comics are Canon and all the Dark Horse and Marvel stuff from the old days is not?

Episode VII: The Force Awakens - Discussion * <strong>SPOILER THREAD</strong> *

I don't like the idea of killing Han.

On the other hand if he dies hopefully it is a meaningful death,  and they don't come up with some stupid crap to bring him back to life in a sequel.

I would also like Luke to die in a supreme sacrifice than be a loser hermit with no wife or girlfriend. 

Luke becoming a hermit and a recluse betrays everything about the character arc in Return of the Jedi.