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What Special Edition changes (if any) did people like?

I apologize for not making it clear that what i stated was an opinion and not an absolute fact 

But it is pretty much clear as day a fact at least to me, as long as the original movies no longer exist.  I would not have a problem with the special edition if it did not replace the real films i grew up with.

Lucas is of the opinion that allowing choice is bad and that multiple versions should not compete with each other, not based on his words but based on his actions.

Ridley Scott had a final definitive vision of blade runner but it did not stop him and the studio from releasing the other versions of that film.

Return of the Jedi is the worst by far the picture quality of the blu ray looks worse than the spike tv broadcasts, even though those were not oar.

The lightsaber colors are still wrong, Vader yells nooooooooo!

He did not do that even in the horrid 2004 version.  And of course Hayden is still posted over Shaw for some insane reason.

The stupid cgi ewok eyes and the  Sebulga like Dug in Jabba's palace are not as bad but still unnecessary.

Episode VII: The Force Awakens - Discussion * <strong>SPOILER THREAD</strong> *

Kylo Ren’s Imperial Shuttle flies with TIE Fighters to a Star Destroyer.

Sounds terrible like the Special Edition.  "alert my star destroyer to prepare for my arrival."

Darth Vader’s helmet sitting on a podium. Sounds stupid it burned up in a fire.

No Luke Skywalker. Echoes the rumors that Mark Hamill is only in the film for a few minutes and is also dumb.

A moment of chastisement

Neglify said:

Seriously people, whatever happened to the concept of "You have your beliefs, I have mine, no more needs to be said or debated." Mutual respect motherfuckers.

 Good luck with that in a completely  unmoderated forum.

I find off topic to be recklessly unmoderated, but i think that is what some people find fun about it.

Again it is Jay's site not mine, but i have never seen another place do this.  Everywhere else i have been online you need to be screened before posting and are banned immediately for troublemaking or trollery.

I think that the place is unsafe sometimes, it can become a free for all for bullies in the virtual world but none of this stuff is real. I hope it does not effect peoples real lives.

Unfortunately online posts do really hurt people.

Wonder why Frink never updates his classic lol moments in original trilogy history page.  I know this post will probably go up there.

I apologize to Darth Ender if i have ever said anything that was offensive in any way.

What Special Edition changes (if any) did people like?

moviefreakedmind said:

DuracellEnergizer said:

skyjedi2005 said:

I believe Lucasfilm always intended to no longer make the original versions available again as early as 1994.

I agree. The whole "ONE LAST TIME" marketing campaign with the faces set certainly indicates to me that Lucas wasn't planning on re-releasing the OOT on any format after 1995. 

 Even that was ultimately a lie, no matter how crappy the GOUT was. 

As for Lucas' vision, I think it had more to do with keeping them current and 'updated' rather than actually fixing anything.

 Lucas might have been a better business mogul than filmmaker but even he made investments into projects with little or no returns.  In fact  the Indiana Jones films and the star wars films are the exception and not the rule everything else was a commercial failure.  And the plastic toys made way more money than any of the movies ever did.

The only exception outside of Star Wars and Indiana Jones is American Grafitti the original one not the sequel.

How much capital he put into the unmade star wars tv series and the unmade Lucas sequel episodes and the planning we shall most likely never know.  How much of that investment in dollars he got back from the sale to Disney, and also how much he stands to lose in terms of Disney stock if the new films tank.

The new Star Wars comics - a general discussion thread

I have not read the Princess Leia comics yet.  But i imagine Winter does not make an appearance because she is a legends character and never happened in the current continuity.

Natalie Portman as Padme did happen because  the prequels are canon.

Very unfortunate for those who really dislike the prequels.

I hope JJ does not do any flashbacks to prequelisms in the force awakens.

StarWarsLegacy.com - The Official Thread

mverta said:

We know the ON is incomplete at best, and I do not believe they have intact 3-strip masters, at all.  There are WAY too many lack-of-detail and/or suspect internal color problem shots present in every official restoration for me to believe that.  If they have them, then somebody should be shot, because you'd have to be trying to fuck things up that badly.

 Didn't George Lucas claim to  Christopher Nolan that they found the 3 strip was unusable.

I mean somebody in another thread said they saw that in an interview i have not seen it myself.

What Special Edition changes (if any) did people like?

The worst part about the special editions is that they were considered cheap r&d  for the prequels and Lucas was able to get Fox to pay for it.

That expensive  research which Lucas did not pay for produced cheap looking 90's cgi.

Lucas original vision version circa 1997 was changed twice more,and got worse all the time.  I believe Lucasfilm always intended to no longer make the original versions available again as early as 1994.

What if Lucasfilm &quot;stole&quot; a preservation?

That would be in total reverse of the law they own the copyright.

How can you steal what is yours already.

Star Wars is not a public domain work.  But that was already known or stolen would not be in quotes.

It would be an asshole thing to do but fan projects are something they looked the other way over at least with fan fiction and fan films.

Last movie seen

Interstellar.  Not everyone loved this film and it does have some plot-holes and problems but i loved it anyway.

Even the ridiculous moments that are more like magic than scientifically based.

Cinematography was great. Acting pretty good, music was good.

4 stars out of five.

Had a hard time rating this one it was clunky in a couple spots, but i was never bored during the almost 3 hour running time and actually wanted  to see more after the end.

Journey to The Force Awakens

Looks like they are replacing the Zahn trilogy with the Aftermath trilogy.

The Zahn series never was film level canon.  Now that it is legends it is not even in the same universe it is in another discarded continuity altogether.

Obviously since Star Wars is no longer different tiers of canon but all one canon.

Since the Legends continuity is no longer being published in it might as well be erased from existence.

Going forward there way no way they were going to have competing timelines or a multiverse.