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Star Wars 2006 GOUT DVDs - is it still worth buying them?

I bought these when they came out in the individual sets that were packaged with the Dark Horse reprints of the Marvel adaptations of each film . I still have the comics and the dvd’s themselves , but no longer have the cardboard boxes they came in . They are worth buying as collectibles and display pieces . I wish I had waited a bit and got the Best Buy tin pictured in this article even without these extras , the dvd’s make great display pieces by themselves .Just take out the inserts that have some relatively rare movie poster art on them , and slip them under the protective plastic on the outside of the case .This way you can cover up the lackluster photoshopped movie poster remakes on the front .

What do you like about the EU Pre-Disney?

the original Marvel Star Wars comics

Al Williamson classic newspaper strips and collected color dark horse comics of same .

Tales of The Jedi series ,dark lords of the sith and it’s audio drama ,the sith war and redemption

truce at bakura

original thrawn trilogy

droids animated series and Boba Fett cartoon from the holiday special

Rebel Mission To Ord Mantell audio drama and original Han Solo novels , as well as the A.C. Crispin Han trilogy

both Clone Wars animated series

original radio dramas of the ot , on par with the films and sometimes even better

Hand of Thrawn duology and Outbound Flight novel

x-wing rogue squadron novels and comics ,the phantom affair being the highlight .

Dark Empire 1 ,the other 2 were terrible imo . I could accept the emperor coming back once ,but it got ridiculous after that ,and I thought it was handled far better in DE 1 than TROS.

Crimson Empire comics and audio drama

The New Jedi order novels . After these novels , the main EU story beyond the films became too over bloated for me and I had a hard time following it . When I need to read a dramatis personae on every character before starting to read , it gets a bit too much . I know the new jedi order started the trend , but it got way too over blown for me after that .

<strong>The Mandalorian</strong> - a general discussion thread - * <em><strong>SPOILERS</strong></em> *

seeing Luke was a pleasant surprise ,though given all of the other characters added from The Clone Wars and Rebels this season ,I am a little surprised they went there this soon . I kept thinking the Darktroopers at the door to the bridge pounding on the door to the bridge was going to end it on a cliffhanger .Luke looked pretty good to me overall ,but I think they could have done a bit better . I think it was the outer edges of his hair and the shadows on his tunic that needed work the most .If they had went a lot darker with the background behind him ,I think it would have blended in better . And looking at where his hood meets his tunic when it is down , the shadows are a too black …there is light in shadows and reflective light on clothing . So ,put some light in the dark on the figure ,and some dark in the light and blend him into the background more ,and it would have been more seamless. They had already established the room on the destroyer that he was in ,so they had to go with that it seems .Still , I was able to look past all this and enjoy it ,and I do believe the technology will only get better . Now lets see some Legends movies outside the main continuity please. Marvel is doing a What If series ,so it seems feasible to me to have an alternate continuity with a branding “Legends” that already exists outside the main continuity in books etc . I would rather see them do this than the world between worlds angle .

<strong>The Mandalorian</strong> - a general discussion thread - * <em><strong>SPOILERS</strong></em> *

^ This. not to mention , the schematics at the briefing right before the battle of Yavin in the original Star Wars movie were computer graphics … watching this video , it’s not hard to see the early precursor to the techniques in use today