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Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

oojason said:

‘General Leia Organa is a revered figure amongst the Resistance. But early drafts for the sequel trilogy suggested that Carrie Fisher’s alter ego wasn’t beloved in all quarters. In a treatment outlined by Michael Arndt, it was revealed that Leia’s status as Darth Vader’s daughter sidelined her while the Rebellion tried to transition into building a new Republic.’

^ I think this would have been a welcome addition to what we saw on screen - especially for the lack of world-building and awareness on the ‘lay of the land’ / current state of the Galaxy in The Force Awakens… especially in regards to the plight of the Resistance, the New Republic, and also the status of the First Order itself.

^this is the whole premise of the book Bloodline by Claudia Gray . One of the few Disney books that I thoroughly enjoyed .
and this would have been awesome too…

How many times have you bought the movies?

the ones I have bought …1992 Special Collectors edition widescreen VHS set , I plopped down 120 bucks for it after seeing it in Suncoast Motion Picture Company and it was the first time I saw the film in widescreen outside of the times I saw them in the theater . I had the pan and scan tapes beginning in 1987 after they were given to me in clear plastic cases from someone I knew who ran a small video rental store and got extra copies of the tapes…1997 special edition pan and scan gold box set …2000 Vhs Box set Pan and scan because it was cheap and I liked the packaging . 2004 DVD silver box set .All three of the Walmart exclusive GOUT with the comic adaptations . The widescreen vhs collectors edition of TPM . The DVD of TPM ( it was my first dvd and I bought my first dvd player with it , an APEX which I still have) AOTC widescreen DVD , ROTS Widescreen DVD TFA blu ray ,TLJ blu ray and a friend bought my a basic blu ray player with the 2015 blu ray box set as a gift that year.I also bought the 95 faces vhs pan and scan box for 10 bucks from a dear departed friend in 2010.

Strong Female characters in the Star Wars universe

^ "wars not make one great "- Master Yoda . I think she is both . She started out as a senator from Alderaan . I liked that the early EU , before EU was a term for it , addressed the issue of Leia being torn between being a diplomat and a military leader in the wake of ROTJ in the original Marvel Star Wars comic …

Episode VIII : The Last Jedi - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

NFBisms said:

Here’s a pretty detailed rambling about the Force from George himself:

Lucas talks about the dark side as selfishness versus the light side as selflessness.

From video: “And you want to keep it in balance.” ^(following left/right arm movements reminiscent of a metronome)

Selfishness is dark side. The dark side itself is not the anger, greed, hatred, fear, jealousy, etc. - those are all just extensions of self-preservation and greed - manifestations of the extent you are passionate about what you desire. How angry or scared you are, defining how far you’re willing to go in your actions. What you want, how much you want, as correlative to what you’ll do to keep it. Serving only yourself and those desires - following a path paved by those intentions - is imbalance.

And it’s easy because at their basest level those feelings are natural, “biological pleasures” as Lucas puts it. You can want innocuous things, you can even want good things. That’s what makes it dangerous, that’s its power. Where the Light Side requires discipline to maintain, passion and desire is human.

Lucas talks about it as motivated from those tangible, quantifiable things - not occult magic. No side of the Force actually corrupts or controls you. Not any more than a child learning and pushing the limits of what they’re capable of, men earning money and status, or a politician with “power” in an authority sense. If anything, you corrupt it. The Force within yourself.

Lucas says that Force remains in balance when you follow its will. But he makes it a point in the video’s opening lines to say that you still have free will. A choice to reject it if you want to.

TLJ adheres to that point and tries to reiterate that almost to a fault (since a lot of ppl don’t like Luke’s arc in it. Or Poe’s. Or Finn’s. Even Rey’s for that matter). Luke talking about the “balance in nature between light and dark” is in a conversation all about the Force within oneself. The natural balanced energy that Rey could feel throughout the island as well as within herself. Luke specifically says this doesn’t belong to anybody, nor is it a power you wield. This entire point you brought up as a fundamental misunderstanding, is slavishly adherent to Lucas’s ideas.

great observations here ,also , I think Irvin Kershner should get more recognition for bringing these concepts into Star Wars as well . He is quoted in many interviews as wanting to bring concepts of Zen Buddhism into the saga and it neatly parallels those themes. From The A to Z of Buddhism by Charles S.Prebish The Scarecrow Press Inc . 2001 on Karma -" Sanskrit technical term, literally translated as “action” and referring yo the Buddhist notion that any volitional activity accrues retribution appropriate to the nature of the deed . In the simplestsense,Buddhists believe that any act that is volitional in it’s basis creates a karmic “seed” that will eventually ripen and bear fruit . Volitional acts may be judged to be “good” or “bad” while non volitional acts are generally designated as neutral. For an act to be negatively motivated,it must be motivated by one of the so-called three poisons on Buddhism 1.lust 2.hatred 3.delusion .The opposite of each of these three motivating factors are then necessarily considered as the basis of positive karmic acts .Invariably ,eack individual is presumed to manifest free will in each experiential moment of his or her life ,thus suggesting that one’s station in life is intimately linked to the motivations behind one’s actions.- that sounds a lot like the Force to me ! see also… Now I should read some Carlos Castenada…

The Random YouTube, Vimeo etc. video finds thread for Beyond the OT

well , here is a bit of a rare find I stumbled on to while searching for " Star Wars VHS " on youtube…

VHS rip of Behind the Scenes of Star Wars Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace’:- - 65 mins

Exclusive to the UK Star Wars fan club.

Features some rare footage and the wonderful Steve Sansweet

<strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> — Official Review and Opinions Thread

adywan said:

liamnotneeson said:

  1. I’m sure you’ll respond with some quip about how I’m not a really fan or part of the community or whatever but I’ve never heard debates about whether or not Leia should have been Luke’s sister.