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The original Marvel Star Wars series

they also used concept art in several other issues of the series , off the top of my head , I remember in issue 25 they used some of Johnston’s Death Star trench sketches for the background of Jorman Thoad’s used Starship lot , in issue 61 , the rebel tech who explains the T.I.E. fighter modifications to Luke and Shira is based off of Ralph Mcquarrie sketches in the art of Star Wars books , and in issue 59 , Lando’s outfit is based off of ROTJ concept sketches . I am sure there are more examples .

<em><strong>Dark Empire</strong></em> (Fan Web Series)

I really dug this , I noticed the animation style did change closer to the end of the video . In the comments , the creator of this said he improved as he went along so I hope he does the whole 6 issues and goes back and remakes the first half of the first part . I loved Dark Empire when it came out and would have loved it if they had made it into a film at that time when the actors were the right age to play the parts . Dark Empire 2 and Empires End sucked in my opinion though, so just the original Dark Empire for me thank you.

Strong Female characters in the Star Wars universe

oojason said:

This may be of some interest…

The ‘365 Star Wars’ website has a category dedicated to women in Star Wars:-

^ Not just for the Original Trilogy films - but for all the GFFA movies, tv series, animated series and EU content too.


The blurb…

'365 Star Wars started out at the beginning of 2018 as 365 Star Wars Women. In this project I highlighted a new female character, actress, writer, producer, or artist from Star Wars films, TV shows, books, comics, and more every day.

At the end of the year I had (as promised) 365 posts including 42 new interviews. You can click here to see highlights of all 365 posts. I also wrote about what I learned while doing the 365 Project on Medium – you can read that here.

For 2019 I wanted to both continue to update the 365 Star Wars Women project as well as write about all aspects of the Star Wars Universe. This new site – 365 Star Wars – will include articles about 365 Star Wars Women, analysis articles, reference posts about Star Wars characters, droids, planets, and creatures, and issues of the Dantooine Digest.

The Dantooine Digest will highlight a variety of Star Wars content that caught my eye in the last week or month as well as some fun odds and ends. Think of it as more of a “What I saw and loved this week” than a collection of Star Wars news articles. Other sites cover news so well already.

If you’re looking to for a monthly overview of my writing on this site as well as the official Star Wars site (plus other projects) please subscribe to the 365 monthly newsletter.

You can also follow 365 Star Wars on Twitter (@365_StarWars), or on Instagram (@365StarWars).’

^ very cool !

Small details that took you <em><strong>FOREVER</strong></em> to notice in the <em>Star Wars</em> films

took me a few years to notice this one and just remembered it while watching Star Wars 77 tonight …right after Kenobi is cut down by Vader and Luke starts shooting , a stormtrooper has his shoulder armor start to fall off, he ducks behind his comrade and then tries to quickly move out of frame to the left but does not quite make it 😃

The Place to Go for Emotional Support

Mike O said:

My grandpa is going to die soon. He’s 85 and ill. I don’t know how much more pain and loss I can deal with right now. My uncle is adamant he won’t go to assisted living, and if he does, it’ll probably be even more sad. The stress of my job is getting out of control. I’m tired of my life.

^sorry you are going through this ,I have lost a lot of friends and family over the past year and it is a difficult thing to go through , my father is almost 80 and I know he won’t be around forever and that scares me . As we get older , it seems inevitable that we start to lose people close to us , but we may always carry them in our hearts .I am coping through trying to make new connections while carrying those memories with me .I also know how hard job stress is to deal with when going through these things . Just wanted to let you know you are not alone .