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DTS Encoding - 16 bit?

Do rips of commercial discs read as 16bit? Just curious. You may also want to look for a program called LeeAudBi.exe for a more detailed look at what is in the frame headers. My guess is that the Surcode and eac3to encoders just don’t set the necessary bit in the frame header to describe it as a 16bit source. This source lists the contents of the frame header, and shows that there are three bits describing the source audio bit depth.

My guess is that your encoders just leave it set to 000 or 111, one of which probably corresponds to 24-bit. This is a total guess though. Remember that this is just a description of the source bit depth. Your other sources are correct in saying that bit depth is not really relevant to lossy compression codecs. The decoding of the audio is not necessarily effected, except that some decoders may try to match the bit depth of the decoded output to that of the source.

other info here:

Preserving RotS Theatrical Version - Is there any interest?

Swordless Link said:

Agreed, would you be able to upload that audio? I’d love to have it for archival purposes even if we don’t yet have good visual to go along with it…

I can share, but I’m not going to post it to the spleen just for one audio track. I doubt that demand would be there anyway. Anyone interested can send me a PM.

Preserving RotS Theatrical Version - Is there any interest?

I completed this as a little side project in 2014. Last night I went through and updated the Theatrical DTS decode and added custom PGS subtitles. I’ll be posting to myspleen later today.

I don’t plan to sync any other Audio tracks, but this should be fairly easy for others to do as this project will conform with the NTSC DVD release. The Theatrical DTS audio does not seem to be missing the 36 frames after the crawl, as suggested by Andrea, so I left that as is.

I have not changed the color timing and this will basically be the same as my previous HDTV release, with different Audio and the wipe added back in.


1997 Star Wars Special Edition 35mm Project

althor1138 said:

poita said:

Althor, I’ll put some frames with the IR damage matte up on the share tonight.

Many thanks Poita. I should be able to play around with this and make a script in avisynth that makes dirt removal a whole lot smarter. As long as you have the IR to use as a mask anyway. Dirt on top of motion will probably still be problematic but getting it to hone in on only dirt and not a laser bolt, for example, eliminates half the battle I suppose.

I haven’t used any professional dirt removal tools other than pfclean. Perhaps dirt removal isn’t that big of a problem like it used to be for guys like you with all the right tools.

All the audio work that I’ve done for Team Blu has been synced to the 04 DVD’s. ANH should sync exactly to the DVD, while TESB syncs except for the updated Emperor scene, and ROTJ syncs except for the Naboo shot during the Celebration scene at the end.

The Phantom Menace -Theatrical Version - NTSC DVD- ADYWAN - NOW AVAILABLE

Destinyg133 said:

ChainsawAsh said:

Not popular enough for someone to upload it to a public tracker, and even if someone did I’d be shocked if it was still seeded.

Got my version, “TPM_AVCHD_ADYWAN” 7.85gb, converted it myself to MKV, hopefully that one is with fixed sound?, here is mediainfo from mkv

schorman13 said:

I humbly suggest you download the 5.1 track from my LD audio archive as a replacement. It’s fully synchronized and it hasn’t been re-encoded, as adywan’s original was.

And where can i find this?