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Recreated wipe from ROTS
Hello, A while back I was trying to create a passable version of the diagonal cut left out of the DVD version of ROTS. I think I did a decent job using only the DVD as a source and the old TC Xvid's as a reference. It should be very easy to recut back into the film using the retail DVD and a frame accurate cutting program like cuttermaran. Please let me know what you think of this.
Problems Adding deleted scenes back into AOTC
For some reason pulldown.exe will not convert frame rates from 29.970 to 23.976. To do this you can use two programs, both of which are available through I believe. The first is called Cuttermaran and the second is called DVD Patcher version 1.06. You will first have to demux your mpeg2 video stream as Cuttermaran only works with elementary streams. Because of some unknown but useful glitch with Cuttermaran, the program does not recognize the flags for blending frames in mpeg2 videos and thus will only recognize the 23.976 fps frames actually encoded in the file. Select the entire timeline in Cuttermaran, add it to the cut list, and output the file. The new video will contain only the original 23.976 fps frames, but will play at 29.970 fps, giving a shorter video file that plays too fast. Use the second program "DVD Patcher" to fix this. Import the new video, make sure all settings in the program match the mpeg2 video stream, including the nominal bitrate, vertical and horizontal resolutions and aspect ratio (the program will show the original settings of the video prior to patching). Now change the frame rate to 23.976, check "patch entire file", and then patch. I think there will be a warning about changing the frame rate, but this can be ignored. Now you should have an elementary mpeg2 stream that runs at 23.976 instead of the telecined 29.970 you currently have. Consequently, you could also use pulldown.exe to change the rest of the film from 23.976 to 29.970, as this is necessary before creating the dvd anyway. Cheers