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4K83 Released

Arnied said:

Chewtobacca said:

CatBus said:
My Avisynth-fu has never been anything except rusty, but I think that means if you delete frames 68664 and 68665 from 4k83, you’ll get NTSC GOUT.

That’s right. 😃

Arnied said:
Although I don’t see how there can be 2 extra frames after frame 68663.

It’s the two missing frames of the rebel fleet immediately after Luke’s conversation with Ben. Perhaps you are more used to the PAL GOUT.

What are you trying to re-sync, Arnied?

I want to be able to sync any of schorman’s GOUT synced laserdisc tracks to 4k83. So as I understood it somewhere 2 frames need to be inserted. So I want to duplicate the frame before the 2 extra frames 2 times to get an audio file of the correct length, like in the script above.

However, frame 68663 is already past the wipe, so I don’t think it’s the correct position.


I have them all done already. I will be posting them to tswt forums later today or tomorrow.

Edit: Now available!

The Disney/Fox acquisition....

Joel said:

According to Wikipedia, Williams re-recorded the fanfare for Empire Strikes Back and his version was used in the subsequent Lucas-helmed Star Wars movies.

Incidentally, it seems that the “slanted 0” 20th Century Fox logo originally designated Cinemascope as well. Do we know why that particular version of the logo was used in Empire Strikes Back but not SW or ROTJ?

Star Wars has the same logo as Empire. However, some video releases in the 80’s used the updated Fox logo from '81.

Attack of the Clones 35mm found on eBay

Yes, I’ve reached out to him, and have not yet heard back. I’ll post with any further info.

Update: I’ve heard back from the seller, who says he’s unable to sell outside of an auction. It hasn’t been relisted yet, but he says the new listing will start at $299. That still leaves us about $100 short for that price plus shipping.

The Disney/Fox acquisition....

Mavimao said:

It would definitely remove a lot of red tape. Star Wars would now entirely belong to one entity instead of being split up.

  • Fox Fanfare for all movies (why not add them to the sequel trilogy as well?)
  • OT restoration and distribution.

But the final word is up to Lucasfilm or Disney.

My cynical side tells me they’ll just use this as an excuse to remove the Fox fanfare from the one remaining holdout, ANH (or as I usually call it “Star Wars”).