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BTS Star Wars Ebook question

It’s the only version on the iTunes store. Just search on itunes.

Additional Info:

Ok, I could be mistaken in my above post. While it’s true that the SW and TESB ibooks were updated in 2018, I’m unable to find my original file backups from back in 2013 when they were initially released. I can only say that I remember both ibooks being near the 1.2 Gb file size mentioned on the iTunes store listing.

After investigation, I noticed that my PC was only downloading versions in the 600-700mb file size range for those two books, while the files on my iPad and mac book are both in the 1.1-1.2 Gb range. I figured that must be due to a difference between SD and HD video files, but after a little effort to move the mac files to my PC, I’ve compared the video files in each version, and they seem identical.

Unless someone backed up the v1.0 or v1.0.1 releases of TMO SW or TESB, it’d be difficult to say if they ever included HD video. It is certain that ROTJ has never been updated and the video files are 720p rather than 480p.

BTS Star Wars Ebook question

Bobson Dugnutt said:

Every video file is also tagged with “SD for Apple Devices”, so it seems unlikely that there are any HD versions out there, unless anyone wants to test the Google Play versions, but I will not be sadly.


There definitely were HD versions available when these were released. If you look at the store pages for the different Making of Books, you’ll notice that the SW and TESB books were “updated” to version 2.0 in December 2018. I don’t know what was changed at that point, but I only seem able to download the newer updates that only have SD video.

You may also notice that ROTJ is still v1.0, and has HD videos included still.

I wonder if it’s possible to access the v1.0 or v1.0.1 versions of SW or TESB from the iTunes store.

Request: Sequel Trilogy - For Your Consideration soundtracks

GamerGene04 said:

schorman13 said:

I’m assuming it’s mp3. As far as I know the lossless versions of TROS have never been shared online.

Yep, that is correct. Just from what I found on my search, it seems that for all of the ST FYC soundtracks that were posted online on Disney’s FYC site, they were only uploaded as mp3 files (160 kbps for TFA, and 192 kbps for TLJ and TROS).

No, there are CD rips of TFA and TLJ available.

Info: Preservation of Localized Texts in the Star Wars (1-6) Saga

There are many localized crawls available on the Different Blu Ray versions of the first six films, from 2011.

The US releases have crawls in:

Latin American Spanish
Quebec French (Episodes 1, 2, 4, 5, 6) *Corrected
Parisian French
Brazilian Portuguese

Western European Blu Ray Set I have has:

Castilian Spanish
Hungarian (Episodes 1-3)
Portuguese (Episodes 2-3)
Catalan (Episodes 2-3)
Polish (Episodes 1-3)
Greek (Episodes 1-3)

Japanese Blu Rays have:

Chinese (I think Cantonese) (Episodes 1-3)
Thai (Episodes 1-3)

Eastern European Blu Rays have:

Russian (Episodes 1-3)
Turkish (Episodes 1-3)
Czech (Episodes 1-3)
Slovak (Episodes 2-3)

None of them make any alterations to the English end credits.
There are likely some additional versions that I have not mentioned. Also, I have not checked the 2020 discs thoroughly yet, nor the Disney films.

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

No, it does not. “The Beginning” is not on the 2011 Blu Ray set at all. Keep your 2001 DVD.

Also, I wanted to mention to any collectors out there, the UK 9 DVD set is PAL, rather than NTSC. I was under the impression that even European DVDs were being made NTSC at this point. Certainly, nearly every one I’ve bought in the last 9-10 years has been NTSC. Granted, these have typically been music releases, but still.

I guess they just assume anyone that still wants a DVD must have an old analogue PAL tv.

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

Yes, but it’s not just an .mpls hack, like for the other films. You’ll need to actually split the two version of the clip containing the first group of burnt in subs.

You need to join the first half from the English version with the second half from the French or Spanish version, if you want to maintain the English planet names.

FWIW, that only applies to the UHD. You can just edit the .mpls to remove burnt in subs from the BD version.

BTW I’ve only had success using MKVToolNix to split and rejoin HEVC video streams without re-encoding.

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020

adywan said:

I noticed that the on the uhd discs for ANH & ROTJ they have hardcoded subs for the alien language parts, while the foreign language versions have these sections without hardcoded subs , via seemless branching. Going to be a pain in the ass for editors wanting to use them as a source. I don’t know if the blu-rays are the same though.

If you backup the whole disc first, you can edit the .mpls playlist with a hex editor to include whatever pieces you want.

The easy thing to do is pick the French or Spanish playlist, 801.mpls or 802.mpls, and just substitute the first .m2ts piece from the English playlist, so that you get the English crawl, and no other burnt in subs.

It may be worth noting that the Force Awakens UHD only has burnt in subs, while Solo and TROS only have soft subs.

There are web rips of TFA with no subs from Disney+, and of TROS with the theatrical subs burnt in from Amazon. Solo has theatrical subs available on Amazon and Vudu, but I’ve not seen a WebDL version before.

The Rogue One UHD also has both options, but some editing is required to remove all the burnt in subs, due to the planet names being in another language on one of the segments.

Info: The Force Awakens - Home Video Version; NOT Theatrical Cut - differences?

Ok, I’ve received my copy of the first version of the German Blu Ray for TFA. I can confirm that it does not have the BB-8 beeps or the Bazine Netal dialogue.

I have created a reconstructed version of the theatrical mix using the German Line recorded audio to supplement the center channel of the English 7.1 DTSHD-MA track.

I’ll be posting a link on the star wars trilogy forums later in the day for anyone interested in this version.

Info: The Force Awakens - Home Video Version; NOT Theatrical Cut - differences?

Ok, I did a little more investigation on the German version mentioned by @none.

My guess is that someone synced a line recording from the theater with the leaked version of the Blu Ray.

This is from the .nfo file:

GERMAN TiTLE…: :Star Wars: Episode VII - Das Erwac
ORiGiNAL TiTLE…: :Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force

RELEASE DATE…: :…22.03.2016
THEATRE DATE…: :…17.12.2015

ViDEO-SOURCE…: :…Bluray
RESOLUTiON…: :…1920*800
FORMAT…: :…x264

SUBS…: :…

SiZE…: :…11000 MB

RUNTiME…: :…136 Minuten
GENRE…: :Action, Abenteuer, Fanta

I can actually remix this back into the English 7.1 pretty easily. I’m going to wait to see if the actual German Blu Ray has this audio before I share anything though.

Info: The Force Awakens - Home Video Version; NOT Theatrical Cut - differences?

That’s not been proven yet. The file @none checked was from March 22, 2016, which is about 5 weeks before the German blu ray release date. Further, the audio is stereo and appears to be from a streaming source.

I have checked my copy of the German Collector’s Edition Blu Ray and both sounds are absent. I’ve ordered a copy of the initial German release just in case.