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<strong>Ahsoka</strong> (live action series) - general discussion thread

To expand upon the last comment, Thrawn is really a nothing burger ultimately.
This show is set between the OT and the ST.
Thrawn is clearly not a problem to the galaxy at large in the ST (not even mentioned once).
So basically Thrawn and his crew come back from some nether reaches and are quickly put down in Season 2 or the movie that ties these all together.

Looking for a specific fanedited scene of Revenge of the Sith

With this scene I think it’s important to focus on available information.
In RotS there is a Death Star under construction.
In R1 and ANH there is a completed Death Star, 20 years later
In RotJ there is a mostly built larger Death Star, a few years after ANH.

There are no contradictions here.

We honestly don’t know if the DS at the end of RotS and the one in R1/ANH are the same one.

It’s very possible that while building it and running a test that one was destroyed, it’s also possible that it was sabotaged (Tarkin in A New Hope - “there’ll be no one to stop us this time” What is the other time he was talking about and what was stopped that time?).

<em><strong>ANDOR</strong></em> - Disney+ Series - A General Discussion Thread

Genevieve O’Reilly is a MVP on Andor.
As much as I lover her work as that character I understand her not receiving the nod, the attention on this really grounds with Cassian, his associates and Ferrix.
I suspect that she and Kleya are going to have larger roles in Season 2.
One vlogger I follow has a theory that Kleya is a former handmaiden of Padme’s.
And they revisited for filming season 2 a location that was part of Naboo in the PT.

<strong>The Empire Strikes Back</strong> - a general <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> thread

Marooned Biker Scout said:

timdiggerm said:

This could almost fit into the small details thread, but I don’t think it’s particularly obscure.

I wonder why they (Kershner?) decided it was so important to make sure Lando demonstrated proper safety protocols by wearing a safety harness & clipping in when getting onto the Falcon’s roof and grabbing Luke under Cloud City. It’s also such a shame any shots of Lando actually on the roof of the Falcon grabbing Luke were cut.

That was strange. Were the film companies at the time doing some “safety” promo work for the government around that time? Obi-Wan and Luke were shown to to belt up in the Falcon in Star Wars too. I think there was an anti-smoking advert with threepio and R2 around the time as well?

And the old joke about Ewoks having handrails everywhere in ROTJ, so they were actually more advanced than the Empire!

Around 1978 in my market they would play an anti drinking and driving PSA on TV using film from the Cantina.

SSWR's Attack of the Clones - Alternate Timeline Edit (WIP)

Bingowings said:

SomethingStarWarsRelated said:

Pagan Editor said:

Is that JK Simmons laughing at the beginning of the video? 😛 A part of me thinks that you should make a duet of your homestead song with Jar jar, who won’t stop singing with improper english. 🤣

When it comes to your edits, I like the fact that Anakin knows Owen. I think I would preferably also cut Cliegg’s introduction, because I guess it would make sense that they’ve already met. Perhaps AI could make him say “Hello, son” or just “son” since I think he later says “Your mother’s dead, son”. Then he would still say that they’ve got a lot to talk about. I’m also a big fan of cutting the bar scene with Zam. Before I saw that clip, I don’t think it occured to me that it was even possible! 😉

You mean sound effect with my logo? ha ha no…it’s some anime sound effect I found.
I hadn’t thought about changing any of Cliegg’s lines…hmmm…perhaps…

Someone in my comments pointed out that if they are actually brothers, Owen’s last name would be Skywalker and not Lars (which, of course, it is in ANH). I felt quite stupid after that was pointed out! lol
So, I’m thinking I might rework Anakin’s dialogue to mention his cousin Owen. That would work, right? Cousins?

And yeah, the cutting of the bar scene: I still think it’s my favorite cut I discovered while playing around in editing.
Thanks for the feedback! I’m honored to be the first thread you posted in here!😁

That sir was me sir. It made sense to me that Beru was Anakin’s sister, that way Owen was his brother in law.

The old Decipher Card Game had a card for ANH character that was identified as Vader’s sister. Let the arguing about cannon begin.

<em><strong>ANDOR</strong></em> - Disney+ Series - A General Discussion Thread

I am so glad you enjoyed it. The next season seems far away, estimated for a release around Autumn 2024 but that was before the WGA strike, so I’ll be happily re-watching this a couple of times until then.

I’ve been riding with this franchise since I was 12 back in '77.
Andor was fantastic.
If I have to wait a few extra months for more of it with the same quality level I don’t care.
I’ve already done lotsa waiting for more SW stuff. Couplea months is nothing.
Treat the creatives equitably and make another great season. Take your time.

25 Years of the Special Edition

Something that amazes me with all the tweaks to the OT is the scene in ANH where Vader is talking with Tarkin and he stops talking and then a few seconds later he is shaking his hand to accentuate what he is saying (but he is no longer talking).
The first time I saw Adywan’s Revisited I jumped to that scene to see if it was fixed.

<em><strong>ANDOR</strong></em> - Disney+ Series - A General Discussion Thread

Spitballing ideas into the void here…

I would love to see in S2 of Andor an attempt to assassinate someone like Tarkin, Krennic even Palpatine ala the Wolf’s Lair attempt on Hitler.

I am guessing via the absence of Palpy in most everything that he is this Howard Hughes style paranoid living in seclusion…which really doesn’t make much sense considering he is the Sith Lord of the day.

It would be nice to see a story arc that provides a reason for him to be living the way that he does.

IF he is living like a Howard Hughes paranoid can we at least have a scene of him shuffling around his office with Kleenex boxes for shoes?