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Episode VI: Return of the Jedi — The 'Ziggy' Edit (Released)

I have it, it’s very much a proof of concept sort of thing. Some of the film added stands out from the main feature, it’s pretty high quality fanfilm stuff but when added to Return of the Jedi a lot of it stands out.
Sorry just checked, maybe not.
I have three that I snagged all around the same time, tagged on my computer as:
ROTJ radical when it irises out to the credits it says edited by Yads. mkv 1:54:28
ROTJ radical re-edit, when it irises out to the credits it says edited by Yads. mkv 1:49:26
ROTJ radical version 2, again irises out edit by Yads. mkv 1:50:08

I think I am confusing this Yads guy with Ziggy, sorry.
The second one is the one that I mentioned that had the fan film stuff worked in with Boba Fett chasing down Han on Endor. It’s the most changed one of the three.

Cassian Andor - Live-Action Series

We gotta get k2 in s2, I wonder if his motivation in hacking and adopting K2 has anything to do with having an ally that is able to hide in plain view? In E3 of this his robot unknowingly helps the Empire locate him.
Would also dovetail with the scene where Andor talks about how arrogant the Empire is that if you just look like you belong they don’t scrutinize you.

The Book of Boba Fett - Chapter I: The Chronological Cut by Movies Remastered.

I’m not editing so much as making a chronological cut.
Unlike a lot of folks around here I genuinely enjoy these shows for what they are.
I cut one Mando joke and there’s one scene I don’t like that others seem to really like. I have an A/B version of that episode, with and without the scene.
Basically I hate fractured story telling of any kind. My first edit was a Back to the Future in the 1990s using laserdiscs and a version of Kieslowski’s Three Colors (also the LD days) that cut the three movies together into one story.
The Walking Dead and it’s fractured story telling is what pushed me to take the plunge in editing. That project I call “Coast to Coast” and it’s TWD, FTWD and TWD:WB cut into one chronological narrative. Up to about 103 episodes on that one right now.
So the Mandoverse was a natural, quid pro quo here is how I approached integrating the three seasons into one linear story (it’s six episodes that vary from 2-3 hours for me):

Flashback to the Din as a child being rescued by Mandalorians
Present day, agrarian society on planet ambushed by orcs
Mandalorian titles
Boba Fett wakes up in the sarlaac, escapes, looted by Jawas, found by Tuskens
Din and his bounty on the ice world
Din gets the assignment, meets with the armorer
Heads off to another world, learns how to ride a blurgh, meets the IG droid and Grogu
BF tries to escape the Tuskens and has his ass handed to him
Din’s adventures with the Jawas through the repair of his ship
BF heads off to the desert to forage for water fruit, attacked by Ray Harryhausen critter
Din turns in Grogu for the bounty, changes his mind, shoot out and rescue by other Mandos
Din takes off, lands on backwater world, meets Cara Dune
BF realizes the threat of the train, heads to bar and beats up the spicerunners
Din realizes the threat on his world and decides to train the locals
BF shows up at Tusken camp with speeder bikes
Din trains the locals
Battle with chicken walker
Din and Grogu leave
BF trains Tuskens on speeder bikes
Spice train battle, BF triumphant, parties with Sand People & earns his own gaffi stick

The Book of Boba Fett - Chapter I: The Chronological Cut by Movies Remastered.

Do you have a more detailed list of what goes where when for future episodes?
I did my own chronological cut of the three seasons which I am generally pretty happy with, for me one of the stumbling blocks was when/where to place the tusken attack on the train in conjunction with the Mandalorian helping the villagers on the backwater planet. I wound up placing one after the other and it watches very samey.

Return of the Jedi Fan edit

honestabe said:

You could also consider removing the Leia line to Luke where she always “knew” she was his sister. It was over the top in my opinion. There was another fan edit that apparently incorporated lines from Battlefront between Luke and Boba.

My edit of ROTJ handles it like this:
Opens with Luke on Dagobah, talks with Yoda, Ben’s scene is cut, it really doesn’t do anything but regurgiate a lot of stuff already said, some of it spun.
Key thing is that Luke does not know that Leia is his sister.
Then various trims throughout the rest of the film to reflect this.
NOW, like in TESB, it’s Vader who initially sleuths it out via the Force in their duel that Luke has a sister, in TESB Vader revealed he was the father, now in ROTJ he reveals that Luke has a sister.
Gives Luke losing it in the battle a bit more oomph.
The movie now ends with Leia intuiting via her unfolding relationship with the Force that Luke is alive and her brother.
Much more organic.

You're Disney, what do you do with Star Wars?

I would have made a Force Awakens that was a helluva lot more in tone with The Last Jedi.
But what I would really do is digitize and dump.
Cut scenes, dailies, alternate takes, there would be a bonanza of behind the scenes stuff.
Would also clean up the Biggs scenes and add them back to A New Hope.
Make some regional theme parks where the movies are shown regularly on the big screen and have traveling themed exhibits of props and whatnot from the movies, admission would be affordable for average families.

Cassian Andor - Live-Action Series

adywan said:

GuardianoftheWhills said:

NeverarGreat said:

New clip.

This Twitter thread has footage of the first ten minutes of Andor, which was shown with Rogue One in cinemas:

Can anyone clarify if it is the first ten minutes or just 10 minutes from the first episode?

Anyway, it looks good.

I take it that no one grabbed the video before it was taken down?

I have it.

Re-evaluating Revenge of the Sith

The biggest failure of ROTS is General Grievous who is just a godawful mess of a character.
It’s “Ewoks with Jar Jar Binks on their shoulders running around in armor” level bad.
My cut of ROTS removes every visual scene with GG and reduces him to an offscreen McGuffin whose only purpose is to pull away Obi Wan Kenobi to isolate Anakin so that Palpy can mess with his head.

Icons Unearthed - new 6 part documentary on the OT (VICE)

Watched the first episode of this, there really isn’t anything new in here to anyone who has literacy in the history of the franchise, nor is there any new film (I think the D+ series which I haven’t started yet has that from what I’ve read in another thread).
The episode that I watched had two things going for it, really sharp and snappy editing to create humor throughout and some interviews with Marcia Lucas, which are about the only thing unique to this.

Spence's Obi-Wan Kenobi (V3 Released)

To me it seems kinda weird that OWK brings a toy for Luke but how did he get it?
I suppose one could say he went to a store in Mos Espa/Eisley/Anchorhead/where ever but I think the Teeka scene needs to be back in there. It would slow down the pace of your story a bit, just seems weird to me that a hermit literally living in a cave has a toy laying around.