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OBITUARY - Star Wars Fullscreen/Pan and Scan versions. R.I.P.

Hungarian GUILD Rental VHS release (rental rls date: 1993) from EP4, used very old '80 years ITV source?? (TV AIR Date: 1984.12.25 8:00PM) This '84 years ITV-s transfer or use celluloid 35mm copy 1:1 copyed to '93s rental VHS? (Sorry for my bad english.)

20th Century Fox logo:


Opening crawl:

First scene:


Bantha binocular’s:

Han Solo and Greedo:

And Intro video (Check 20th fanfare! Very old? Fastest/different from newest versions. And check very first screens, aka 0:00-0:02s from right over corner, orange trinangle.):

This EP5 GUILD version available in Youtube, this YT censored from movie, cutted 18min, valid length 2hours. (Very, very good colours! 0:00:05-0:00:49s GUILD Intro/copryright issues. 20th/SW Intro: 0:00:49-0:02:45)


Help: looking for... German & Hungarian digital TV-Rips of the original 1999 theatrical version of "TPM" and the original 1997 Special Editions of the Trilogy!

skywalker89 said:

csd79 said:

The hungarian crawls are included on the BD set with seamless branching[…].

Yes, I know, I have them, but I need the originals with 4:3 Pan&Scan picture, but “The Phantom menace” is the most important, because of it’s cinema version and original stereo-mixed DD2.0 sound. I have the 1995 and 1997 hungarian VHS versions and Episode 1&2, only Episode3 and the original Trilogy from 1993 are missing in my hungarian VHS collection, I have the Hungarian DVD from Episode3 and downloads from the Hungarian 1993 Versions, but I prefer original cassettes for my collection. But for the old versions of the Prequels and the Special Edition, digital TV-rips would be the same Version as on VHS, just would have a better quality. If you want, we also can talk Hungarian.


This member called X911 released in few days in EP1-3 Terrestrial analog! TVRIPs, grabbed from VHS, recorded via RTL KLUB TV-Channel and shared from small “VHS fanmade” forums.



“*A képek tetején lévő sortörés az MPC-HC hibája, nem a filmé!” (Try, it use Google translate.)

EP1 NFO text (Hungarian, try it Google translate):

A film ~34.-ik percétől 46:17-ig képhibás, amely a mellékelt “sample1.mkv”
fájlt megtekintve vehettek szemügyre…

Sample1: (V2 RIPs)
Sample2: (V2 RIPs)
Intro: (Opening Crawls and Logos. Source: V1 RIPs, not V2.)

EP2 NFO text (Hungarian, try it Google translate):


A filmet Magyar nyitószöveggel adta le a ker. tv, a 2005-ös vetítéskor.
A 2.-ik reklámblokk után, max ~4-5mp lemaradhatott a felvétel során. (0:58:14-nél.)
A stáblistát is tartalmazza a release és “szerencsére!” nincs flancos
korhatárkarika sem a filmen.

Release Notes

*Az első TV-s vetítés. (A stáblistánál látható filmet, 2005.05.22.-én adta le a TV.)
**Star Wars-os témájú RTL KLUB ajánló/Reklám Intrók és SW: EP3 Kvíz/Wekfilm előzetes. (Extras.)


Question: Puppy or CGI Yoda?

EP3 NFO text (Hungarian, try it Google translate):

Release Notes

Az első TV-s vetítés. (A stáblistánál látható filmet, 2009.10.18.-án adta le a TV.)
És, a Nava-n is, az ekkor archivált:
A második TV-s vetítés, a Nava-n:
A harmadik TV-s vetítés, a Nava-n:
**A film végi stáblista mellett látható, hogy az “Ünneprontók ünnepe” című
film előzetese van.

Ebből, a részből, már 1 képkocka sem hiányzik a reklámblokkok miatt. Viszont, sajnos!
az a ronda korhatárkarika ott virít a sarokban.


EP1 TPM Digital (DVBRIP) version (probably?) not released/brodcasted. This commercial TV channels (TV2 and RTL KLUB) TPM version brodcasted from 2002-2007 use analog technics. This channels not released in hungarian DVB-T platform (MindigTV) before from 2009.06.01.

This EP1 TV AIRs Dates, chechked from NAVA.
2006.05.27. 7:30PM, Theatrical?
2007.06.23. 7:35PM, Theatrical?
2009.09.26. 7:30PM, Theatrical?
2010.08.22. 8:00PM, Theatrical?

This EP2 TV AIRs Dates:
2006.06.03. 7:30PM,
2007.06.30. 7:35PM,
2009.10.03. 7:30/7:35PM,
2010.08.29. 8:00PM,

This EP3 TV AIRs Dates: Check EP3 NFO text rows.

This, small commercials pay TV channels, AXN and VIASAT3 brodcasted OT/PT trilogy from years 2015. HBO TV AIR Dates: N/A

PS: This “NAVA” (Hungarian National Audiovisual) analog/digital AIRs TV-Channels archiving site, recording 7/24, various TV Channels broadcast. Started from 2006.01.01.

Its Hungarian TV AIR dates:

Very, very old time, first StarWars TV AIR, called name “Magyar Televízió 1-es csatornája.” (Hungarian television Channel 1) broadcasted(?) SW: EP4 in 1984.12.25. 8:05PM (
Wait, wait 18 years! from next SW episodes:
EP1: RTL KLUB, 2002.05.12. 7:50PM (First TV AIR Date. 2nd or 3nd TV AIR Date: 2003.09.28 8:00PM
EP2: 2005.05.15. 8:00PM (First TV AIR Date, 99%)
EP3: 2009.10.11. 8:00PM
EP5: 2002 or 2003
EP6: 2002 or 2003

Its 1993s SW: GUILD TRILOGY VHS Pack “aka: Star Wars GUILD Trilógia”, Rental! version, (not releeased Retail public version before year 1995! (distributed by InterCom) Except, EP5 only distributed by MOKÉP WideScreen “Theatrical?” version in released from years 1984!) Full 4:3 VHSRIPs released, in 4+ years by “Bőrarc”, available in Hungarian private torrent-sites and “VHS fanmade” site.

Extended infos from Hungarian VHS versions:
Star Wars GUILD trilogy:
Star Wars First Public THX (1995) release:
Star Wars SE (1997) release:

Star Wars EP4-6 GUILD Trilogy VHS Cover:

This EP5 Guild version available from youtube, the YT censored/removed ~17minutes from the movie.

And Bonus info: SW: EP6 Hungarian narrated! Pirate VHS-copy (released from '80s years!) available in hungarian private torrent/various warez-sites and Youtube! Yes, 2 (duplicated and full VHSRIP) copy available from Youtube. 😄 Open YT site and try it use find movie and watch it now. 😄

The 'Star Wars Holiday Special' - 2015 EditDroid version. (Released)

New SWHS version leaked from ~2days from various open torrentsites. (Originally released from Usenet only, in 1 months.) This member called EditDroid released this movie from DVD9 discs and included many extras.

NFO text:

Here is yet another release of the Star Wars Holiday Special. But we at EditDroid feel this one is indeed special, due to its excellent video quality. Extensive restoration work was performed, including the removal by hand of several hundred one-line video glitches, as well as judiciously applied noise reduction.

The program contains English and Spanish soundtracks, as well as an English subtitle track.

Extras include:

  • CBS promos
  • The full cartoon shown in the Special
  • Interviews with Harrison Ford, Anthony Daniels and Peter Mayhew
  • Interview with Stan Winston
  • A look back at the Special in segments from TV Land and Fox News

The DVD is in a dual-layer disc image format, with an MDS file containing the layer break
information. Drop the MDS file into ImgBurn and all will be well.


Release date…: December 18, 2015
Title…: The Star Wars Holiday Special
Running time…: 98 min.
File format…: DVD disc image, dual layer
Disc image size…: 7,797,669,888 bytes
TV system…: NTSC
Resolution…: 720 x 480 standard
Frame rate…: 29.97
Video…: MPEG-2 MP@ML
Video bitrate…: VBR, 6,314 Kbps
Audio…: Dolby Digital @ 192 Kbps: English 2.0, Spanish 2.0


Artwork…: Label and outer wrap artwork included