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Theater Performance Preservations

Help please, find more infos its releases from old time (NFO files):

Star.Wars.3.Revenge.of.the.Sith.HUN.TC.DVDR.2005-pePPer 2005. 06. 14. 21:18:39
Star.Wars.Episode.III.Revenge.of.the.Sith.TC.XviD.Hungarian-LUMiERE 2005. 05. 31. 17:45:03
Star.Wars.Episode.III.Revenge.of.the.Sith.DVDRip.XviD.Hungarian-LUMiERE 2005. 06. 08. 17:45:29

Star.Wars.Episode.III.Revenge.of.the.Sith.TC.DVDR-METEOR 2005. 05. 29. 16:45:34

Its METEOR release, different than TUN versions?

Find hungarian dubbed pirate dvd from my archive. Its opening credits, homemade subbed/rendered and not narrated or missing than vhs/tv versions.

One frame taken from DVD, the cue markers:

Its, probably used TUN release video from hungarian pirate DVD?? Or any source? Audio, its taken from theater. (LineDub?) *.VOB files dated from 2005.06.04. 16:xx timecodes. Help from identifying.

The Original Trilogy restored from 35mm prints (a WIP)

Half-OFF: Found of this Youtube:

Audio its hungarian dubbed.

This really hungarian 35mm print scan or other international versions mixed from hundub audio?? Colours darker than oldest vhs releases. (VHS which better.) Please analyse, identifying 35mm print.

One frame from video:

International Audio (including Voice-Over Translations)


Any users had access from cesky voice-over dubbed vhsrip releases?? Found very good quality vhsrips from fileshare site with password protected links. (2*CZ Rychlodaing releases) Get have my copy from stuffs.

3 more screens grabbed from fileshare site preview images:

and found vhsrip sample:

Help: looking for... Original Trilogy Hungarian Bootleg Narration Voice (for sound preservation, editing to the 2006 GOUT DVDs)

Found second version hungarian voice-over bootleg VHSRIP sample from ESB movie. 😃 (A Birodalom visszavág egy másik narrátoros változatából egy részlet.)

This voice-over dubbed translation ~1:1 copy from original cinema release.


Found 6nd variant hungarian voice-over bootleg VHSRIP sample from ROTJ movie. (A Jedi visszatér egy újabb fellelt narrátoros változatából egy részlet. Ez, már a 6.-ik hangalámondásos szinkron, ami már előkerült.)

Már, csak a Csillagok háborúja lóg ki a sorból ilyen téren. Valószínűleg van abból a részből is, ha már ennyiféle verzió létezik, a másik kettő filmből. (ENG: Its probably availbale hungarian voice-over bootlegs from ANH movie. Video sample not available in latest time. Waiting in future…)

This voice-over translation partially different than original first audio dubs.


Superman I-III extended TV cuts & Info - Where have the Preservations gone? (Released)

Superman-The Movie: Extended Cut The Music Mystery

“The audio people for “Superman-The Movie: Extended Cut” partially restored what was originally intended for the film, without doing it completely or competently, creating an all-new music edit for the opening titles of the film, one which was never intended by the composer or the filmmakers.”

Superman I-III extended TV cuts & Info - Where have the Preservations gone? (Released)

Found from net in few hours:


Written exclusively for CapedWonder™.com by Bill Williams

Posted 08 August 2017

There was once a time when movies hardly needed to be expanded beyond what was released in the theaters. Whatever the edit was that came out in theaters satisfied moviegoers, and that was that. The thought of deleted scenes and cut footage was something that hardly crossed the average moviegoer’s mind. I grew up in the era of the 1970’s. Whenever films were shown on television, they would generally be edited for content, language, violence, sexuality, or time constraints to fit within a two- or three-hour time slot, depending on the length of the film. Like most other people, I didn’t give a first thought of anything missing from a movie, whether it was shown in the theaters or on television.

Toward the end of the 1970’s and the start of the 1980’s, something changed. For the first time, you could see a movie with footage added into the context of the film to expand it to a longer running time. Some of the earliest films I recall include Black Sunday, the 1970’s thriller about a zeppelin attack during a football game; Golden Girl, Susan Anton’s feature film debut about a young woman genetically enhanced to compete in athletic games; and Midway, the docudrama about the Battle of Midway. In the case of Golden Girl, I recall seeing a reference in TV Guide that some forty minutes of footage had been added to the 105-minute run time to fit a three-hour time frame. In the case of Midway, twelve minutes of footage had been exclusively shot for incorporation into the film’s television broadcast.


Posted 05 February 2017

In 2009, a team of Superman movie enthusiasts came together to create the longest known version of Superman-The Movie, containing cut footage from the 1982 ABC-TV broadcast, the 1994 KCOP-TV broadcast, and other sources. The assembly of footage resulted in a robust 188-minute version, appropriately called Superman-The Movie: The Restored International Cut. It is a delight to watch and is presented in pan-and-scan format with mono audio, as originally broadcast on television. Experiencing this edit is like going back in time when television broadcasts of our favorite films were considered “events”.

Thanks to all who worked tirelessly to make this Superman-The Movie: Restored International Cut fan edit a reality, including “Phineasbg” (the main editor), Alex Serpa (the man who first notified me of the project, first heavily promoted the project on-line, and did some early editing), Chad Stevens, and two other contributors. My contribution to the project was a digitally transferred and color corrected file of my personal 16mm film print that contains many key cut scenes. Read more here about the history of this fan edit.


Note: This Extended Cut lenghts: 3h 08m 42s with 29.75fps. Used 16mm and vhs/tv recording sources from preservation.

Written exclusively for CapedWonder™.com by Bill Williams

Posted 20 February 2017

When we think of fan films, we think of underground projects done with very little to almost no money, done for the love of the project with a tip of the hat to those films that inspired us. For me the very first one that comes to my mind is Hardware Wars, a hilarious takeoff of the original Star Wars that in and of itself became a cult classic. In the 1980’s three boys set out to make their own homemade version of Raiders of the Lost Ark, which they did over the course of seven years and only in 2015 were able to finally complete. By the time of the Internet and digital era, fan films took on a new life, with projects such as Star Wars: The Phantom Edit leading the way for the slew of restorations, fan-made extended versions and recuts of beloved films that expanded upon or shortened films for those people with selective tastes (or distastes) for certain projects.

And then there was Superman II.

We are all familiar with the many production troubles that befell the sequel during production in 1977 and later in 1979 and 1980, when Richard Donner was unceremoniously removed from the production and replaced by Richard Lester. His directorial bent towards comedy resulted in a shift in tone for the sequel in numerous places, which to this day are still noticeable when going to the debates. In 1984 fans were first introduced to the extended version of Superman II on ABC, which saw some fifteen minutes of footage added to the film’s broadcast. Over the next few years different versions of the film would appear in various markets around the world, containing even more unseen footage shot by both Donner and Lester.

By this time my parents and I had our first VCR, and I was very fortunate to have recorded the ABC broadcast of Superman II in its second airing in 1985 [the first was on February 20, 1984], and then in its third and final broadcast in 1987. For some reason, something inside told me that I should record the third broadcast – and my instincts were right. In that third and final broadcast, even more footage was included toward the end of the film that had not been seen in its two previous broadcasts. (In later years, during the Internet era, some fans would argue that the added footage at the end of the film was there all along in the first ABC broadcast, but I remember better, for in those pre-VCR days I had recorded the audio from the film, and the footage was not there.) Little would I know at the time how important recording that final broadcast would be.


Note: This S2 Extended Cut lenght: 150+ minutes. Used vhs/tv recording and overcropped LD/DVD? sources from preservation.

This full movies available in site. (Download size infos: S1 MP4 file very oversized, huge ~7GB. S2 MP4 its minimally correct, ~3GB. 2xDVD5 its ok. ~8GB/movie)

Apocalypse Now - Workprint (now available) (Released)

Please help me fixing various versions and time lenght informations.

Found 3/4 different format and time lenght variants from net.

  1. This ONE or TWO Workprint VHSRIPs available from net?
  2. 3/4 different version available from net, this formats:
    a. 3xDVD5 (This world best version)
    b. 4x700MBs Xvid AVI (This AVI filenames contain 289min lenght info and extras included)
    c. 4.30GBs MP4 file (5h7m14s lenght, timecode/black bars cutted, this movie ~4h49m15s only without extras)* UPDATED
    d. 4.35GBs UNIQUE release MP4 file (different and longer than “2.c.” version? Encoded from 3*DVD5 source?)

*This final scene from WP ‘2.c.’ version:

  1. Three different time lenght infos found from net: 289min, 307min, 330min. This REAL playtime from WP version?
  2. Any differences from 289min vs. 307min versions?


General Star Wars <strong>Random Thoughts</strong> Thread

Please help!

This difference quality/source change (Telecine-Telesync to VHS-UMatic-BETAMAX) is '80s years TV broadcast releases only??

Star Wars '85 Australian TV broadcast sample:!7KSbo8izvPBU/star-wars-atv-10-1-11-85-mkv
Star Wars '84 Hungarian TV broadcast sample:!tRX0FB8tRWBQ/sw-84-hun-tvrip-sample-mkv
(Password: OT)

Info: Back to the Future - without DNR &amp; EE

HalF OFF: Any VHSRIP or classic TVRIP (taken from VHS! or BETA master tape not DVB source) available?? (One PL VHSRIP and not classic TVRIP found from net.)

Various TV Edited version difference from DVD/BD releases?

Found VHSRIP footage:
and EP2, very goood:
This classic tvrip fotage from VHS?:

Help: looking for... German &amp; Hungarian digital TV-Rips of the original 1999 theatrical version of &quot;TPM&quot; and the original 1997 Special Editions of the Trilogy!

ccfilms: Get my copy from Hungarian TVRIPs?? (This stuff available in few months from Usenet.)

OMFG! Check years date and hungarian description from movie. (Very first hungarian TV Broadcast this SE versions from years 2004!) TV Guide Page from online archive. “Halálbolygó” (Deathplanet)

TV Guide Page