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Star Wars DVD Covers

For anyone wanting a guide or two on templates & info for dvd covers, boxes, inserts, and discart:-


Measurements for covers to fit a…

1-disc dvd case are - 274mm wide, 185mm high, with a spine width of 14mm - 3240 x 2188 pixels at 300dpi

4-disc dvd case are - 281mm wide, 185mm high, with a spine width of 20mm - 3325 x 2188 pixels at 300dpi

6-disc dvd case are - 288mm wide, 185mm high, with a spine width of 27mm - 3402 x 2188 pixels at 300dpi



Info: OT Bootleg DVDs
Great inserts there DonnieDarko - very much appreciated - I don't want to come across as a tosser, tho I did notice a few errors in the text:-

Ep4 - 20. 'Obi Wan's Home' isn't in capital letters
Ep4 - 61. 'What gooo's a...' (good?)

Ep5 - 16. 'Be careful. You to' (too?)
Ep5 - 30. 'I'm sure it's perfectly safe for driods' (droids?)
Ep5 - 34. 'Well ofcourse I'll... (of course?)
Ep5 - 35. 'My hands are dirty to' (too?)
Ep5 - 48. 'Im' tryin to reach...' (trying or tryin'?)
Ep5 - 61. 'I had no choice. I'm tryin to help' (trying or tryin'?)

Ep6 - 12. 'Leia free's Han from...' (frees?)
Info: OT Bootleg DVDs
I received my DVDs through the post today (didn't realise it was so quick to post stuff from the USA to the UK) - was really impressed with the picture and sound quality of all the 3 films and the bonus disc has some great intriguing pieces on it too.

Some fantastic work and many thanks to DigitalFreakNYC - unlike many others I havn't paid through the nose like on ebay and other similar offers - great stuff that a fellow SW fan has made a concious effort NOT to profit at the expense of other fans.

Well worth getting.
George Lucas' explanation why the OT is obsolete to him
Work in progress, rough-cuts, unfinished work etc and other 'reasons' for the changes over the years...

Why didn't he say at the time (and every time) this version is not the finished one - there's gonna be another (and another)and you lot are going to have to pay for it if you want it?

I wouldn't have bought a picture off an artist if he was later going to tell me it's not finished, he's going to come around in a couple of years time and re-do it a bit - and charge me for it.