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Episode I-VI: Archival Editions
and these are rumours for...

Episode I: The Phantom Menace

01. The cut scene of Obi-Wan emerging, Apocolypse Now style, from the swamp after hiding from droids has been restored. He tries to navigate the forest without being noticed when a battle droid spots him. Obi-Wan ignites his lightsaber cutting the droid in two. Then two STAPs spot him and as he raises his lightsaber to deflect the attacks it shorts out forcing him to flee. Qui-Gon takes care of them and then scolds Obi-Wan for leaving his lightsaber power on and forgetting to recharge it.

02. A new scene was shot with extras during Episode III showing the people of Naboo in concentration camps.

03. The cut scene of Qui-Gon discovering the probe droid has been restored and a second CG probe droid has been added in the background to witness the attack and report it to Darth Maul.

04. A version of Across the Stars has been added to the scene between Anakin and Padme on the Naboo ship.

05. Yoda is CG.

06. Jimmy Smits shot a new Senate scene as Bail Organa during the filming of Episode III.

07. There's a new scene featuring Count Dooku talking to Qui-Gon via hologram.

08. Count Dooku now shows up at Qui-Gon's funeral. Chris Lee shot the new scene against bluescreen. He walks up to Yoda and Mace and says, "This is the final straw!" and starts to walk away. Yoda follows him and tries to talk some sense into him. Dooku then tells Yoda he will no longer serve a corrupt Senate and that he is quiting the Jedi Order. Yoda goes back to the funeral. Then he says his line, "Always two there are. No more, no less. A master and an apprentice."

Episode II: Attack of the Clones

01. The Senate cut scene has been added to the beginning of the movie.

02. The cut scene in which Padme witnesses Anakin having a nightmare about his mother aboard the refugee cruiser has been added.

03. The complete conversation between Anakin and Padme while on route to the Naboo palace has been restored.

04. The cut scenes featuring Padme's parents has been added.

05. Additional cut footage has been restored to the love pledge scene between Anakin and Padme. They kiss more and Anakin makes his own pledge.

06. More cut footage of the duel has been restored.

07. Jar Jar Binks has been added to the group of leaders witnessing the stormtroopers leaving for battle on Coruscant. Jar Jar has a sad look on his face after realizing the ramifications of his actions.

08. The necklace that Anakin made for Padme in The Phantom Menace has been added to Padme's neck during the wedding scene.
Star Wars - The Edits and DVDr releases thread
Wajas - IIRC you have to go into your Profile and 'turn on' the PM function for PMs to reach you - for some reason the default setting for PMs is 'off'.

Details of both the MagnoliaFan Edits can be found in the 1st post in this thread - both IMHO are very good and worthy Edits - certainly I found these a LOT more enjoyable and inkeeping with the OT than those of Lucas'.

Re- I hear the stories of Duff's signing being only hours away before GH decided against and to strenghthen the sqaud - it seemed like a good idea at the time. Recently ones that Shearer was only a day away from coming to us last season but Freddy Shephed vetoed it as he was worried about the Newc fans' reactions - seems that 'success and failure' are VERY fine in football these days...

GH left Rafa with a good squad and a club in a lot better shape than GH found it in - hopefully Rafa will kick it on another gear or two and we'll make a realisitic challenge for the title soon.
Star Wars - The Edits and DVDr releases thread
Wajas - a few more players would be most welcome. especially in the posiitions you mentioned. Very much looking forward to having Rafa as our manager this season (though I wasn't a GH basher either).

Very much exciting times ahead - even with that new away shirt! lol

Do you post on the forums at or

Any luck emailing Rikter yet?
Hyperspace... is it worth it??
I came across a thread on the official SW BBS that Hyperspace Users could watch a previously unseen AOTC deleted scene - featuring an attack on a control ship by some of the minor Jedi characters, which also had a ground level shot of the dead Jedi in the battle arena.

Various posters said it ranged from great to poor, though I'd love to see it myself - I won't be paying just to see that scene.
Star Wars - The Edits and DVDr releases thread
G'day Wajas - always good to met other LFC fans.

Are you full of hope, despair or somewhere in-between for the new season? It has certainly been an interesting Summer for us Liverpool fans...

Re - the MagnoliaFan Edits on DVDr - email or PM 'Rikter' (bloke who posted just before you in this thread) and he'll sort you out. It usually takes around 4 days from despatch in the USA to reach our doorsteps - which is pretty good going.

Check out the 1st post in this thread to check out all the SW stuff available...
Lord Rikter Blaksvn - Jedi Beat Machine
I was fortunate to receive the CD featuring his Rikter's Jedi Beat Machine mixes a couple of weeks ago.

05 - The Dual Of The Fates - is one kick-ass full-on tune with voice samples of Yoda and Obi Wan throughout, has some great piano work and a beat unsurpassed.

06 - Darkside - a more melodic piano-based tune with samples of Yoda, Qui Gon, Obi Wan, Darth Maul and Vader throughout.

07- DeathStar Decyphered - a powerful beat-laden tune with dialogue and sound effects of the briefing session to Rebel pilots on thier plan to destroy the Death Star and later on with Tarkin boasting of the power of the Death Star all the way to Rebel's dogfight. Close your eyes and you imagine you're there...

08 - Imperial Attack - dance tune with great SW theme undercurrent gradually growing throughout. Then breaks into an Imperial March laden tune. Yoda and weird backwards Obi Wan dialogue feature...

09 - Dual Of The Skywalkers - almost like a laid-back Italian house track of the 90's - features the samples of the Luker-Vader duels.

10 - Force Commander Leviathon - chillout Imperial March tune with fine backbeat and grungy guitars. Han Solo, Vader & Tarkin samples feature.

11 - DarkSide Of The HyperSphere - a more gentle, and yet simple beat-laden track. Maul, Vade and Yoda and some weird bloke who sounds familiar - though I don't know where from, feature.

12 - Jedi Beat Machine - a sort of 'Best Of' remix version of the above tracks. Well worth a listen.

Alos on the disc is his collection of Star Wars oddities:-

The 2nd part of the disc features DiscArt, DVD Covers and Inserts - there is probably just too much stuff to choose from - I found that once I'd made a choice on what DVD covers I liked the most, 5 mins later I'd changed my mind to another set - the selection is SO vast it's untrue. ALL the covers are high quality and come in large jpeg format.

Different versions of the same covers give a near ultimate catalogue of artwork to select from - nearly all the pieces have an option of the anamorphic or letterbox (TR47) versions. There are also covers for the Special Editions, 'Five Star' versions, Cerbero's great cover work and that of Rikter himself too, as well as various others too.

Rikter also has his 'Classic Poster Inspried' sets, 'Complete Trilogy MultiCovers', the excellent 'Faces' (inspired by the Laserdisc set), covers for The Phantom Edits, as well as other rarities I've never even heard of - let alone seen.

Not only are the OT covers here, but those of the Holiday Specials, the Clone Wars series, the two Ewok films, the 'Troops' spoof, the 'Making of Star Wars', 'The Story Of Star Wars', 'Making Of A Trilogy' and the Star Wars Extras - Making Of' also feature.

For the 'Special Edition' fans there are also a selection of various covers to choose from.

For those people concerned about the amount of colour ink they have remaining in their printers, this cd features MANY differing versions of the Japanese inspired artwork (white 'InkSaver Edition') covers.

Also here are Star Wars fonts, posters and 'components' - enough info to start work on your own covers - should you feel the urge to contribute a set of your own...

Scripts of the films in various stages of development and drafts are included too - they make for a very interesting read and it's intriguing to see the different stages of development and choices made to make it to the final drafts.

The opening crawls to the OT are here too... as well as a 'lost scenes' folder (havn't yet looked at).

The only 'blemish' on the CD is that there is little in the way of DVD labels for the discs themselves - though apparently there doesn't seem to be much of a calling for such work. IIRC only Lars4MF (in my very short time here) has provided the with dvd labels (for Eps 4, 5, 6 and the Bonus Materials) - and though his work is of a very high standard, look great and are in keeping with the OT Definitive Collection it is only one set - so there isn't much in the way of a choice - at the moment...
Info: OT Bootleg DVDs
Would you prefer an anamorphic or letterbox version?

If you look in this thread:-

on the 1st post of the 1st page scroll down and look for thse two releases...

Star Wars: The Original Trilogy - The TR47 Version (Letterbox)

Star Wars: The Original Trilogy - The Anamorphic Widescreen Version

there may be enough info for you to decide which version you want.

Hope it helps.
Star Wars - The Edits and DVDr releases thread
Originally posted by: MagnoliaFan
Here are links to the cover art for "Balance of the Force" and "The Clone War".

Sorry m8 - all I get when I visit the pages are:-

"Sorry, but the page or the file that you're looking for is not here.
• Please check to see that you've entered the correct URL.
• The owner of this site may have chosen to delete their membership.
• The site may have been removed due to a violation of Tripod's Terms of Service.
• The site may have been moved to a different URL."

Should Star Wars Purists Shut Up?
By reading through your site I take it you don't like TPM and AOTC much?

Maybe your site could do with more in-depth reasons as to why your dislike of Eps 1 & 2 - whether it be the pacing, editing, the look of the film, acting, content etc - and maybe even what you did like or enjoy about them too (if any).

I have to say that I too was disappointed with the results I saw at the cinema - not so much with the story (which could have been done a lot better), but by the general look and editing of the film.

For me some of the actors do not deliver decent quality scenes when they have no or little sets to act in - the CGI world of Lucas has taken away something of world they are acting in - and their ability too...

The editing of the film left it almost detached of being an SW film - some of the characters were the same, but it felt that they were in a different franchise. The MagnoliaFan and Phantom Edits, to me, are both works that show how badly the pacing the editing of Lucas' version of TPM and AOTC were. Though you may not like the story of Eps 1 & 2 I hope you find the MF and PE version more in keeping with the OT.

If you havn't seen them, give them a go and seek them out and let us know what you think.
Dpends on what you mean by UltimateEdition:-

the Sept 21st Offical dvd release

a possible 30th Anniversary Edition due in 2007

a 6 disc-set due sometime after Lucas has finished collecting money off the singular Ep3 dvd sales

Or mabye do a Lord Of The Rings and after the 'Cinematic Edtion' set release an Extended Edition set?

I'm sure he has other ideas on releasing his stuff too... maybe a BlueRay DVD release where we start all over again...