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Info: OT Bootleg DVDs
I was surprised that only 1 and a half sides of the dual-layered dvd had been used - and there were the supplemental material on each dvd too!

Nice artwork on the discs and the dvd boxes themselves.

Maybe someone soon will use the full dual-layered disc just for the film - perhaps a menu with chapter stops... and be an anamorphic widescreen version, instead of a letterbox version.

At least we know they they are out there, and the price is comparitve with the single layered dvd set.
my thoughts on originals vs SE...
Hi Stale Elvis,

Completely agree with you m8 - though I don't mind the SE's or whatever version GL will be bringing out in the future (though a hefty discount would be appreciated!), but for me he IS insulting the people who worked on the original edits of the Trilogy - and by not releasing them onto the latest formats denying many people a chance to see them as they were originally meant to be.

I wonder how the people who worked on those films feel now - when they are basically informed their work was replaced as it wasn't deemed up to scratch any more...? or maybe that it just wasn't good enough for GL? The awards they won and the ideas and development from them onto other films and tv series have been lost too - for CGI that will no doubt be outdated itself in another 10 years...

I prefer to see actors act against/with each other on a set with backgrounds already yhtere - not a CGI wall where it seems they're not sure what is going on - ie Eps 1&2 - and it is a shame that this has taken something futher away from the quality, meaning and continuity of eps 1&2.
Idea: Preserving the 1997 Special Editions of the Star Wars Original Trilogy on DVD-R
Millhouse - an intruiging suggestion.

Should the new SW DVDs coming out on Sept 21 be as different as the Special Editions were to the Theatrical Versions we may well see someone making/offering them here on DVD.

For some reason, I don't see them being as sought after as the Theatrical Version were/are - though to have all 3 of the major differing versions would be cool.
The Original Trilogy - Laser Disc Conversion Thread
If someone is do dual layered DVD versions of the OT which LaserDiscs will be most likely used (or best to use) - the 1989, 1993 or 1995 (or other ?) releases.

Will there most likely be 2 differing dual layered sets - one just with the films, and one with the commentatries, priduction notes, and other stuff?

Is it most likely to be an 'anamorphic widescreen' version?

A message to the forum and the Star Wars fan community in general
The Force is with us.

I'm very glad to have come here and found such dedicated people who want to watch the version of the SW films as they were shown back in the cinemas (or as close as) when they were initially relased.

We even have the CHOICE of an anamorphic and non-anamorphic version of the OT DVD off the 1993 Laserdiscs - and now available to anyone - wherever they live at, what IMHO is a bargain price. The more of us fans that have copies out there the better and easier it is for other like-minded fans to get hold of the pre-1997 SE version.

The many DVD slipcovers and disc-art posted here too will no doubt have come in very handy for many of us who like that more 'professional' look for our DVDrs.

I too look forward to hopefully, in time, having a dual-layered high quality DVD version of the OT.

Thank You All.
WE8 / PES Football GameCube Petition...
It annoys me too - I'd love to be able to play X-Boxes' SW:Knights Of The Old Republic or Halo and the old PC classics like Dark Forces or Tie Fighter on my GC too...

I really despise 'system only' games - all games all formats - it should be made into some sort of universal law! lol

If I find an 'all games - all systems' petition I'll be sure to sign it and let you know in them ean time if you could just sign the petition above...