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Bootleg DVDs
A seemingly great idea that you technically minded ppl are doing - the 4:4:4 transfer etc, tho I have question:-

Just how much better in picture and sound quality will this version be - say compared to DigitalFreakNYC or TR47's versions? Will the average Joe (me) be able to easily tell the difference in quality? (if this version will be 'available' to people here)...

Star Wars DVD Covers

For anyone wanting a guide or two on templates & info for dvd covers, boxes, inserts, and discart:-


Measurements for covers to fit a…

1-disc dvd case are - 274mm wide, 185mm high, with a spine width of 14mm - 3240 x 2188 pixels at 300dpi

4-disc dvd case are - 281mm wide, 185mm high, with a spine width of 20mm - 3325 x 2188 pixels at 300dpi

6-disc dvd case are - 288mm wide, 185mm high, with a spine width of 27mm - 3402 x 2188 pixels at 300dpi



Bootleg DVDs
Great inserts there DonnieDarko - very much appreciated - I don't want to come across as a tosser, tho I did notice a few errors in the text:-

Ep4 - 20. 'Obi Wan's Home' isn't in capital letters
Ep4 - 61. 'What gooo's a...' (good?)

Ep5 - 16. 'Be careful. You to' (too?)
Ep5 - 30. 'I'm sure it's perfectly safe for driods' (droids?)
Ep5 - 34. 'Well ofcourse I'll... (of course?)
Ep5 - 35. 'My hands are dirty to' (too?)
Ep5 - 48. 'Im' tryin to reach...' (trying or tryin'?)
Ep5 - 61. 'I had no choice. I'm tryin to help' (trying or tryin'?)

Ep6 - 12. 'Leia free's Han from...' (frees?)
Bootleg DVDs
I received my DVDs through the post today (didn't realise it was so quick to post stuff from the USA to the UK) - was really impressed with the picture and sound quality of all the 3 films and the bonus disc has some great intriguing pieces on it too.

Some fantastic work and many thanks to DigitalFreakNYC - unlike many others I havn't paid through the nose like on ebay and other similar offers - great stuff that a fellow SW fan has made a concious effort NOT to profit at the expense of other fans.

Well worth getting.
George Lucas' explanation why the OT is obsolete to him
Work in progress, rough-cuts, unfinished work etc and other 'reasons' for the changes over the years...

Why didn't he say at the time (and every time) this version is not the finished one - there's gonna be another (and another)and you lot are going to have to pay for it if you want it?

I wouldn't have bought a picture off an artist if he was later going to tell me it's not finished, he's going to come around in a couple of years time and re-do it a bit - and charge me for it.