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JW Titus' SW Episode III Fan Novel
JW Titus' Episode III Fan Novel

On a mysterious poster - known as JW Titus - has been earning rave reviews for his 'work-in-progress' Episode III Fan Novel.

Above is the link to a thread containing links to the novel. I have to admit I'm not usually into fan novels but the quality of writing pulls you in and immerses you into the Star Wars universe and gives an insight of what Episode III MAY well be like.

Hope you enjoy...
<strong>The &quot;Dr. Gonzo&quot; Trilogy DVD Info and Feedback Thread</strong> (Released)
This was my 1st OT set - and still my favourite too, probably because of the presentation within the discs and the fact that they are anamorphic.

Although a lot of ther people tell me that the TR47 set has a better pic and sound, but for me the difference is negligable - though I don't really have the ear or eye to notice these things that much.

Kudos to Dr Gonzo - this is some piece of work he did on this set.

Lack of humanity in prequels?
Seriously, I was under the impression that Padme is meant to be an intelligent woman - that has been elected Queen, was asked to stay on as she did such a great job, was then asked to be a Senator to the Republic.

Just what does it say about her (let alone just why DOES she fall for Anakin?) that she starts a relationship at a time when she is thinking of starting a family - with a Jedi who has some authority / killing issues, stares at her rather creepily and blames his 'father figure' for holding him back?

I'm only surprised that Lucas didn't have Anakin tell her that he's been having dreams that end with him and a m8 ruling the galaxy after offing all his pals/everyone he likes (or stares at) for all not having the same views as his...

Sometimes, in films good characters and actors can help iron over some the failings in the script - though Portman and Christiansen so far have failed, along with a very poorly thought-out script. I hope that Ep3 can rectify or rescue something out of it - or maybe there's a whole host of deleted scenes where their relationship is done justice.

Though I very much doubt it.