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Any Star Wars TV stuff coming up?
via: Commercial: Orange - Gold Spot - Darth Vader / (Save As Link)
Norwegian Television Ep3 TV Clip
German Ep3 DVD Clip
(Note: is it worth posting this kinda repeat stuff, or does everyone read both sites?)

->MTV "True Life" ep 'I Have Embarrassing Parents'
Apr 29 10:00am (repeats many many times)
Parents do things that embarrass their children; Star Wars superfan
->Return of the Jedi
Sun May 8 3:00pm (at least in the New York area)
->That '70s Show - "A New Hope"
Tue May 10 12:00am (at least in the New York area)
->The O.C. OS via tfn
Thurs, May 12 : 8:00
->Empire of Dreams on A&E
Wed May 18 : 10:00pm (edited)

->Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno
Friday May 6th "Hayden Christensen"
Any Star Wars TV stuff coming up?
The SW fan editing community got a (slight) mention in the AMC program called "BLEEP! Censoring Hollywood"
Steven Soderburgh says in the program: "If I want to sit at home and take the Star Wars trilogy and and do my own version and make it two hours long and watch it in my living room, that i'm allowed to do that, what i'm not allowed to do is sell it or rent it to a friend of mine."

Here's that clip:

The program reairs:
AMC Apr 27 01:30am
AMC May 01 11:30am

Bleep! Censoring Hollywood?
AMC 43 Apr 26 10:00pm
Special/Other, 45 Mins.
The censoring of DVD movies without the consent of the studios or the filmmakers.
Original Airdate: April 26, 2005.

Edit: added show link Edit2: added/revised clip
Any Star Wars TV stuff coming up?
Since George is 'acting' again, anyone got George's last attempt from "Beverly Hills Cop III"?

Here's a forthcoming debacle from thee "Let's abuse the shit outta this phenomenon":

"NBA and Star Wars Go One-on-One
April 25, 2005

Not all epic battles are fought in a galaxy far, far away; sometimes they play out on a basketball court with Jedi of a different sort. Lucasfilm and the NBA have joined forces to show the spirit behind the conflicts between the Jedi and Sith, as well as between iconic players in basketball history. The first week in May, TNT will be airing the "Ultimate Battles" series paying homage to memorable clashes from both Star Wars characters and basketball legends.
The six vignettes (one for each film) parallel the duels between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn and Darth Maul, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, among others, with epic conflicts during the playoffs between such sports legends as Julius "Dr. J" Erving, Bill Walton, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Earving "Magic" Johnson, Larry Bird, Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Shaquille O'Neal, and Kobe Bryant.

Each montage shows clips from the film cleverly mixed with footage from the playoffs during the year the film was released. Fans will not only get to see scenes from their favorite Star Wars films -- including new clips from Revenge of the Sith -- but also exciting reels of some of the most historic playoff moments in the NBA.

Stay tuned to and TNT for more upcoming information on the "Ultimate Battles.""
Idea: Can we make Multi-Lingual OT DVDs?
Don't forget on some of the DVDs there is an "English for the Hearing Imparied" audio track! (was this suppost to be Visually Impaired?)

Here's a short topic on Foreign Language dubs.
The pertinent parts:

"On the region2 DVD's the crawl is shown in whichever langauge you choose, Swedish, Norweigian & Danish.It's quite funny to see.....for a little while."

"Well, I have the Region 4 DVDs and yes, the crawl is in the language you are watching the movie or in the language the subtitles are; at the theater when I watched the prequels in english (can't remember the SE screening) the crawl was in english, when I watched dubbed to spanish the crawl was on spanish... and on TV (cable and national) it's always in english, with subtitles on it (and once there was a narrator!! that was so funny)... oh, by the way, I'm from Chile..."

If your looking to go all out there are also the Commentary tracks. the ones from the DVDs (Lucas, actors etc.) and there are several fan made:
RotJ: used to have a bunch of other fan commentaries, but the site seems to be down or gone...
Idea: Can we make Multi-Lingual OT DVDs?
As a start here's an old article from the OS about the languages the AotC logo was translated into:
Although this page is just the logo, the audio most likely was dubbed too.
Here's a possible list:
Spanish, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese?), Korean, Japanese, Finish, French, Arabic?, Indian Swahili?, German, Greek, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Thai...

Just a collection of the opening crawls in different languages would be neeeto...
another collection possibility is all the language subtitles.

Please post places to buy foreign language versions of english films, if you know of any.
thanks, none
Any Star Wars TV stuff coming up?
Your local news or one of the entertainment shows over the weekend might recap the story of SW fans waiting at the wrong theater.

SW Video games upcoming shows:
X Play : G4 Apr 10 11:00pm & Apr 18 04:30pm Series/Other, 30 Mins. Episode #5002.
``Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords'; ``DragonBall Z Budokai 3.'
Original Airdate: January 18, 2005.

X Play G4 Apr 15 06:30pm Series/Other, 30 Mins. Episode #5015.
``Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed'; ``Grand Theft Auto Advance'; ``Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath'; ``FIFA Street.'
Original Airdate: February 21, 2005.

Screen Savers : Episode #5044 (shows been canceled but maybe it'll replay)
Interview with Feng Zhu RotS Concept Art

a tv schedule site like might have an option to send you an e-mail whenever a program is forthcoming with certain words in the title or description, some TIVO services do a similar thing.

Shows to look out for:
The PBS Joseph Campbell/George Lucas Myth special will most likely reair.

George has been on the Charlie Rose show a coupld times. Maybe his most recent appearance from January will replay as the movie gets closer.

MSNBC has a Headlines and Legends program ( on weekends where they focus on famous people:
Lucas, Fisher, Ford and others have had programs. Probably a block of SW related programing will happen in May.

As we get closer, expect some late night appearances, the entertainment shows, Larry King maybe, the news...

...and MTV/VH1 might have a video to play 4 times in a row as they did with DotF. (since the soundtrack comes with a DVD [here's a list of the videos on the disc:])
Could Fox release the OT?
<- -Speculation- ->
What are the chances that Fox could release the Original Trilogy? (besides slim and none) Fox has a contract which gives them sole distribution rights to the Original Trilogy. If Lucas continues to proclaim that his yet even more special editions are the only version he will promote/release/distribute, could that mean that the OT might be considered in the Public Domain, or in Fox's case be controlled by them for at least distribution? Sure it would mean some mean legal entanglements, but i wouldn't put it past a company to attempt something new with their 'hot' "property", maybe a Netflicks-like distribution. Or maybe Fox will figure out how to 'beam' their movies to theaters directly and beat Lucas to his own game.

Lucas did mention that one of the reasons for the current DVDs was that he felt that online piracy was something to contend with and that if he didn't release them now there might not be another chance to gain as much profit. Of course he might have a multilayered plan for the DVDs, which could include the Original Trilogy in a future, after the first 6 release. Has their been any word if Hyperspace might somehow stream a signifant piece of SW lore?