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The NumeralJoker/MechaSalesman 4K HDR Edits Megathread, Clips Previews, and Release Info

Are you also going to make a chronological Kanan/Thrawn
comic cut. I tried to download it on a website that was safe and it said that unregistered users can only download up to 30 minutes and then when I tried to close out of it it said that scam message popped up saying that there was 13 viruses that infected it. When it wasn’t

The Clone Wars: Refocused (v1.5) [100%] - All core episodes COMPLETE! + Thoughts on the new TALES OF THE JEDI

I have something to contribute for E403 that uses the lawless. As we can see her that you can tie in a plot of where duchess satine is held prisoner and seeking out a mandalorian traitor of the shadow collective points out an exact cause. However, there was a deleted scene of where anakin gives Obi-wan a ship to Sundari and how it can relent to it. Therefore, another one I was able to point out is that Maul wants his revenge for the Jedi who cut in him half + to end this civilization of a plot against his former Master Darth Sidious that means you can be able to cut out mas amedda in chancellor palpatine’s office coruscant and it can focus on the fighting in the districts.

The Clone Wars: Refocused (v1.5) [100%] - All core episodes COMPLETE! + Thoughts on the new TALES OF THE JEDI

Missing in Action brings in the old good days of the clone commando CC-5576-39 Gregor as his story was diversed and how he remembered the battle of sarrish. I might not be able to put this in an edit of what I’m doing so it’s best to leave it as it always is. Therefore, I’m able to use some of Edited 1E16 1st chapter lost in spirit intertwine both Ventress, Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi + Cody and Rex fighting of slick at different refresh rates. I will be able to watch lost in mind and give any advice to see what needs to be changed. Although, I made up my mind having to make an edit of Obi-wan encountering the death watch instead of three separate events.

The Clone Wars: Refocused (v1.5) [100%] - All core episodes COMPLETE! + Thoughts on the new TALES OF THE JEDI

Based on what I saw it clearly states that Ventress Returns to her home planet of Dathomir after her defeat on the Seperatist Dreadnaught and goes into hiding to re-evaluating. However, Ventress Ally has forsaken them to know that they want Revenge over Darth Tyrannus.

Upon doing so, Kit Fisto and Jedi Knight Nahdaar Vebb goes to the Moon of Vaseek 3 system to kill Grievous. Therefore, they failed and Grievous still lives.

Based on this summary of the refocused narrative, it would be best to rename this episode to Vengeance as it suits the narrative as a whole.

<em>New</em> 20th Century Fox Intro Templates For <em>Star Wars</em> Fan-Edits <em><strong>(UPDATE: SECOND Expansion Pack RELEASED!)</strong></em>

I saw how you updated the fox logos. However are you going to make a Vegas project file for Skywalker saga/clone wars/rebels/bad batch customizable credits as I’m not sure how to make them based on how I’m making an edit that happens in a long period of civil war.

Clone Wars Stories (Canon) WIP

I’ve also added about a few episodes that point out after palpatine’s office as we know that Anakin is now Darth Vader and he storms into the Jedi Temple just before the tribunal having to leave the council meeting revenge of the Sith/clone wars finale doesn’t have a point to what It states and how Dave Filoni has represent a scene where Ashoka and Bo-Katan farewell after having the captured Renegade Sith Lord Maul who was once introduced in Season 4 being cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi is mentioned. Therefore, it’s not going to be included in this edit. Nevertheless, Episodes 2-16 + Season 2 is in the post clone wars era and it’s going to be separated + TBD episodes names need to be discussed based on what’s important for Clone Force 99 meeting old friends e.g(Rex also known as CT-7567 is a noble soldier in the republic who has an old friend to CC-5576-39 who was known for Captain Gregor was a Clone Commando in the Republic transitions to a Instructor.

Clone Wars Stories (Canon) WIP

Some of them consists of the sacred prophecy for Bardotta/Zardossa Stix as it represents Dogyans Masters having conflict with the sacred magic. Therefore, Mortis will have a few changes. So far I completed Duel at unidentified Outer Rim spaceport which represents maul and savage dueling the Nikto and Finn Ertay as this won’t have a crawl nor credits as these are AI created characters.

The Clone Wars: Refocused (v1.5) [100%] - All core episodes COMPLETE! + Thoughts on the new TALES OF THE JEDI

I haven’t seen you mandalorian episodes although I seen the changes in each and ever single one of them and by the looks of it. Therefore, I’m creating a Clone Wars Stories (Canon) that happen in the time period to make a bit of changes in some of them. Nevertheless, I’m not be able to get as many edits completed by the period as Education is important and schooling. If you’re willling to contribute ideas, as this is WIP project I will accept your offer

Clone Wars Stories (Canon) WIP

With the book of Boba Fett Series Released. I’m going to present clone wars canon events. Which basically puts into mini movies and how most of them use the original Star Wars crawl.

What sources will be used:
Most of clone wars refocused episodes but Make a bit of changes so it can come to that moment, DrDoomBlyat Essential edits episodes 4, 7 and 8, original cg episode 1x01, Darth Zounds Attack of the Clones Edit via NumeralJoker’s clone wars film cuts, Clone Wars Film + revenge of the Sith the dark times/shattered victory

22 BBY
First Battle of Geonosis
Battle of Muunilist (cut a bit of fordo’s legends voices)
Battle of Hypori
Battle of Christphosis uses refocused V2.0 (THE NEW PADAWAN)
Mission To Jabba’s Palace
Raid at Ziro’s Apartment
Relief Mission To Toydaria
Sharing the Same Face
Malevolence Campaign

21 BBY

Rescue on the Tranquility
Skirmish at Vanqor
Mission to Florrum
Battle of Quell
Defense of Maridun
Skirmish on Orto Plutonia
Battle of Orto Plutonia
First Battle of Felucia
Raid on the Jedi Temple
Battle of Devaron
Mission to Glee Anselm
Second mission to Rodia
Mission to Naboo
Mission to Black Stall Station
Mission to Mustafar
Destruction of Felucia Medical Station HCTFF2
Skirmish on Felucia
Battle of Malastare
Zillo Beast incident
Battle of Ryloth
Mission to Cato Neimoidia
Battle near Dorin
Second Battle of Geonosis
Defense of Dantooine
Skirmish aboard TB-73
Capture of Eeth Koth
Battle of Saleucami
Encounter with the Death Watch
Siege on the Coronet
assassinate attempt on Satine Kryze
Sabotage of the Endurance
Mission to Vanqor
Chase on Florrum
Mandalore’s Corruption
Balith Civil War(source)
Alderaan Refugee Conference
Battle of Kamino
Senate hostage crisis
Showdown on Teth
Republic Service for Politics

20 BBY
Battle of Sullust
Duel On Serreno
Skirmish on Toydaria
Devaron Massacre
Mission to Mortis
Battle of Loya Su
Second Battle of Felucia
Skirmish on Wasskah
Distrustful Negotiatons
Skirmish on Naboo
Mission to Aleen
Battle of Patitite Pattuna
Rescue of Adi Gallia
Battle of Umbara
siege of kiros
Mission to Zygerria
Battle of Kadavo
A New Plan
Rise of Rako Hardeen
Siege of Dathomir
Safe Cargo Objective
Mission To Lothol Minor
Duel above Raydonia
Onderonian Civil War
The Gathering
Raid on the Crucible
Attack on Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Fleet
Alliance of Florrum
Battle on Florrum

19 BBY
Duel at unidentified Outer Rim Spaceport
Raid at Cybloc Transfer Station
Skirmish on Florrum
Mission To Mustafar (The Death Watch)
Mission To Nal Hutta
Attack on Jabba’s Palace (The Shadow Collective)
Takeover on Mandalore
Rescue on Sundari
First Battle of Cato Neimoidia
Bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar
Funeral of the Jedi Temple bombing victims
Escape from the Republic military base
Capture of Ahsoka Tano
Trial of Ahsoka Tano
Duel at the Jedi Temple
Battle of Ringo Vinda
Biochip Conspiracy
Mission to Scipio
Invasion of Scipio
Mission to Bardotta
Mission to Zardossa Stix
Mission to Oba Diah
Mission to Moraband
Ashoka’s New Path
Mission to Skako Minor
Battle of Anaxes
Skywalker’s Padawan Returns
Battle of Coruscant
Siege of Mandalore
Battle of Kashyyyk
Battle of Utapau
Conquest of Kaller
Duel in Palpatine’s office

Imperial Era
Siege of the Jedi Temple
Skirmish Aboard the Tribunal
Assasination on Mustafar
Declaration of A New Order
Duel in the Imperial Senate
Duel on Mustafar
Funeral of Padme Amidala
First Mission To Onderon
Escape from Kamino
Some episodes will not be included in the clone wars stories and by the way if you’re interested pm me a request for a document. If you want to contribute ideas to this project you are most welcome to put in this discussion thread.